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6 months ago
High Quality, Professional, and Friendly
Advantage Roofing is an amazing company. I bought a new house and in less then three days I had a brand new roof. Roof looks fantastic and there was no mess after it was completed. The company is very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof!
8 months ago
He has excellent workers, until they leave because he treats them like crap. Condescending is too nice of a word. My crew worked for hi. Because I am a female, he didn't want me to drive to crew. He made a bullshit*t excuse that a client complained. I've had my crew for over 12 years. Never once have I had anyone say anything about me staying on the job fact, most clients will conversate with me and ask questions that I can help them with about their roof, and if I can't, I get the answer. Sexism still exists. Smdh
Response from Advantage Roofing Inc.
"Hi Michelle, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As a family business, we try our best to set a good example and maintain positive relationships with the people we work with. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we had to go our separate ways. We wish you the best, Advantage Roofing."
1 year ago
Re-Roof after Hurricane Irma. Nightmare Roofing company
Every homeowners nightmare! This could be an extremely long story considering it stretched on for 5 months, and 3 thousand more than quoted coupled with material we paid for going back to their company. So here's the situation. Contract was signed in Nov 2017, material and so were to be ordered and work was to start in January 2018. Roof damage occurred from Hurricane Irma. The materials were not ordered, and it was when no one showed up that I called the company. The true nightmare begins here. I'll skip some of the constant calling on my part, and all the bull that was tossed my way by Alex there sales rep and foreman of the job. This guy in any other company would have been fired, but he obviously is related to someone. I'll just list all the nightmarish unnecessary garbage we dealt with. Contract not honored, material not ordered, yard and home treated like a county dump to the point I am still picking up cigarette butts from their crew, no one on sight overseeing the crew, eaten food and bones left in yard, and garbage in neighbors yard and road, broken sprinkler, light fixture left hanging from the wires because they would just drop the shingles, nails, nails, nails and more nails, dryin inspection not ordered, inspection cancelled by company, roof having to be reopened by our city because the first inspection wasn't done. Just FYI I had to go to the city to let them know what this company was doing, and for any homeowner that may not know this when the inspection isn't completed the permit cannot be closed leaving the homeowner with an open permit. What does all this mean? It means your home couldn't be sold if you desired to do so. Let me continue; nasty eaten rib bones left in my yard by the crew, gates left open which my Hospice therapy pets escaped. Had to fight to make sure we got our lien wavier from all parties involved because homeowner beware if you do not they can and will put a lien on your home. Not just the company, but those that they purchase the materials from and /or laborers. It was so bad I contacted an attorney, and had to put a stop payment on the check until the work was completed, and where were the higher ups in this? Not protecting their company name that's a fact! I asked repeatedly for Alex the man those chose to put on this NOT to return, and they totally disregarded my requests. The reason I know we were charged for material never used on our home is because we have camera's and counted the material left laying in our driveway. I pointed this out to the owner Neal, and Alex, but it didn't matter. My compensation for 5 months of **** was $500, although it was $3, 000 plus more than the quote. They try to say rotten wood, but is this true? I will never know because Alex does what he wants, and feels the homeowner is ignorant and the company can just soak them for more money, and how do you refute what you aren't shown? Homeowners please be careful, and do your own research so you can protect your sanity, wallet, and dignity, time and investment. This company may have been a reputable company, but since the original owner died they have taken another mans life work and turned it into garbage. Angie's list also makes me question their reliability as this is where I picked this company from. I have plenty of pictures to help researching homeowners make a decision. Description of Work: Re-roof from Hurricane Irma Services Performed: Yes Cost: $16,542 Work Completed Date: 03/21/2018 Hire Again: No OverallF PriceF ProfessionalismF PunctualityF QualityC ResponsivenessF
Response from Advantage Roofing Inc.
Hi Penny, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'd first like to apologize for your inexcusable experience. This kind of behavior and service is unacceptable, and we can assure you it will not be tolerated moving forward. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can fix this. Thank you, Advantage Roofing
1 year ago
Broken promises
Had reroof done after hurricane damage. Every timeline the salesman gave me was delayed. Crew was not very knowledgeable and roof did not pass inspection initially. Damage was done to neighbors house from items falling off roof. Many of my screens were damaged from roof debris. Salesman promised gift card for displaying sign in my yard and still have not seen that 3 months after. Also have a section where drip edge was not installed properly and still waiting for someone to come out. I DO NOT recommend this company.
2 years ago
Okay but challenges
I had this company replace the flat roof at my old house twice with no problems. However,when I contracted withe them for a shingle roof at my new house, there were several unfortunate challenges. First off, the crew arrived very early in the morning and began yelling, laughing, playing a radio and just generally creating a nuisance. Only one crew member spoke English so I had to call the contractor to put a halt to his foolishness. When the job was done, it was found that the ceiling in the garage had fallen thru to make a 4 foot hole, the lightning rods and their cables were damaged, the flagpole strap was removed, and hardware was left in the driveway. All of these issues were addressed and reconciled but I was dismayed at the owner's summation that in the future they will not re-roof if lightning rods are present; they will have to be removed by the homeowner. The crew at my old house handled them sufficiently; it was a matter of a substandard crew ruining them at this house. They hired incompetent workers and then made a policy change that I feel is unfair to the homeowner. In view of this uncooperative attitude, I feel I cannot recommend them to anyone in the future, as I've done in the past. I also had to contact the city in order to obtain a copy of the permit and successful inspection for insurance purposes as the contractor failed to do so even tho he promised me he would take care of it. IMHO this is dropping the ball and I feel it is inexcusable. I'm sorry that this all happened as the job contractor is a fine young man whom I always admired in the past.
3 years ago
Absolutely the BEST!!!!
Wow! What an experience these guys provided for me. I'm a very patient person and always do lots of research before any big purchases. I shopped and spoke with over 10 different roofing companies here in Central Florida, no one even came close to providing the service and giving me the experience that Advantage Roofing provided. These guys were always on time, neat and tidy, extremely professional and organized. I will never let any of my friends or family use another roofing company, EVER. The roof ended up being more affordable than I thought and looks better than I could've ever dreamed. Please save yourself the time and brain cells and use these guys. Thank you AGAIN Advantage Roofing In.!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
High Quality
Advantage Roofing not only gave me a great price, but did thorough quality work in a timely manor. I am very pleased with my experience with this company.
3 years ago
This is the second time I have used Advantage. Everything done as promised.
3 years ago
this is john johnston in responce to your solution great that your going to stand up and fix the holes your company put in the ceilings ...yes its an old home that had a good roof one that did leak but theer was no other damage till your company put all the weight from the shingels and other materials that crushged the framing thats why your guys removed the material first thing next morning all the frame work that was destroyd was where your material was set and still trying toi figure out why one of your employess thought i should know that he just got out of prison.
4 years ago
well the county finaly passed the roof that you had to redue sence your company crushed the trusses the first time when you put materials on roof and then removed as soon as one of your employes seen the damage .Thanks for redoing the roof after your guy decided to try and pass the damage roof and the county would not pass youe work.Now my question is are you going to pay for the holes and crackes that your company put in the ceilings in my bedroom both bathrooms kitchen and liveing room one of your owners has already been here and seen the damage plus the saw cuts .I hope to here from you soon at this moment i rate you at a 0 take care of the problems you have created and ill gladly up grade you thanks.
Response from Advantage Roofing Inc.
Hi Mr. Johnston, We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have made every attempt to rectify this situation on a mobile home that has been neglected for several years. We ended up replacing the entire decking and adding 2x4 supports due to to mobile home being built with 1x2 trusses and paper thin plywood which over the years ended causing huge dips in the roof structure and several rotten sheets of plywood as wells as trusses and fascia, not to mention a metal roof over a shingle roof that has not been changed for over 20+ years. This was all done to satisfy the county. This work is above and beyond what was contracted to do and we were not even compensated for this extra work due to the funds that were not available by the owner of the mobile home. We as a company have made every attempt to fix the situation and we are still in process of contracting a drywall company to fix holes from rotten trusses coming through drywall. Which again due to the condition of the current roof was already damaged and was impossible to walk or work without damaging the existing drywall which was explained to you prior to us replacing the existing decking. We can only work with what we have and try our work through any situation. I just wish you could understand all that we have done to this point and understand that we are not running from the situation but doing everything we can to fix the issues. Respectfully, Advantage Roofing