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3 months ago
Worst Camp Ever
I wish I could give zero stars. PARENTS BEWARE!!! My 7yo son was there only one week and experienced multiple incidents of bullying and harassment. The final straw was him getting punched and pelted in the face with basketballs simply because 2 kids waited for him to get a basketball just like all the other kids were but because he was new they demanded that he give up his even though there was other basketballs available. My son was in a group with 7 and 8 year olds. No one helped him while these kids attacked him. How is that possible if he's supposed to be supervised. Not only did this happened but I found out from my son on the ride home NO ONE on the STAFF even bothered to inform me of this incident!!! In addition, my son didn't get lunch on 2 different days because no one informed him of lunch time!! He was starving by the time I picked him up!! In the span of his first week there my son has had to endure being taunted, called names, missed meals and being physically assaulted. No child should have to experience that especially not a 7yo little boy.
8 months ago
Great camp
Great camp coach Chris makes it great he loves the kids and treats them like his own! We love all sports and love coach Chris
3 years ago
Bad business Bad leadership
When we first came to this facility we saw they did not offer all sports as the name suggested. We offer professional wrestling and spoke with the owner about either running a program or hosting shows. Initially the agreement was for us to host 6 professional wrestling shows where she wanted 30% of our door making (understandable) AND 20% of our concessions that she did not provide any food for or assistance for. Because we are a growing company we agreed because we saw the opportunity to grow both our businesses hers and ours. (one hand washes the other right?) The agreement also stated on the behalf of the facility they would assist with the promotion of the shows via their social media and 1200 plus clients past and present. (Which was something she was so proud of and eager to mention) We provided flyers for at least the first 3 shows and had a banner in the front of the facility. Only one email was sent out and that was for the first show. We witnessed during set up for the first show only they were giving out the flyers to the kids. Made one announcement because I was physically there to ask for the 3rd show. We had 2 of their kids dropped off by accident because the parents thought it was their parent night out program not because they knew we were hosting a show you had to pay for. The parents were embarrassed and didn't even know there were shows running out of the facility. Even one of their own summer volunteers didn't know we were having shows there. Although her staff is nice you can see on their faces they had no interested in getting involved and she keeps them on a short leash. Our last show was the absolute worse experience. Previously we were allowed to set up the night before because we have a lot of equipment to set up. For this show on the other hand she chose to book a party right before our show was to take place. Allowing us less than 2 hours to clean up after the party that left a mess behind and set up our own equipment. After speaking to the parent who rented the space we found out that the owner had booked the party 2 months ago and offered them the date 4 months ago having full knowledge of our event. (my God it was on the banner in front) The parents had offered to come in earlier and she told them no and gave them time that would somewhat interfere with ours. The parents were understanding and said they would never do business with her again. She never took the time to meet with them and they never got a tour before renting. As for us she would only contact us for her money. That she very well did not earn. The little money we would make would always go to her. We recently had a death in our family and unfortunately we had to take funds out of our rent to travel. When I got back in town she didn't give me a minute to grieve. I told her we would have her money as soon as we got situated and apologized for the week delay on payment but I was out of town. Which lead her to treat us like straight garbage on the last show. We were not even allowed in the building until 5:30 pm on the dot. We had families that traveled from out of state and one family with 5 children and one being a newborn. As I said the family throwing their party left in a hurry and left us a mess. At the end of our event we ended up cleaning their mess as well as ours. Suffice to say she is very money hungry and less concerned with how she treats people. Had she did her part in the assistance of promoting the events she would have seen a better profit. She was very aware we were a new company and just building so this should not have come to any surprise to her. She had accused twice of either something damages or broken to find out later on it was other people. Maybe her way of trying to get more money... She has security cameras that I kept referring her to look at. 1 time out of those 2 her assistant Celina confirmed it was one of their own staff members. She attempted to doing the same thing after our last event. We made it a point to clear out all of our equipment and clean the best we could with what was left for us. We tossed out our own equipment we used as props for the show as well. There were no working vacuum cleaners and had to sweep rug. (do you know how hard it is to sweep rugs?) We tossed as much garbage out as we could as the garbage cans were left full from the party before us. We had NEVER left that facility dirty or anything broken or misplaced. I would absolutely not recommend this place to anyone to rent and from looking at some of the reviews to leave your children their either. From what I've witnessed at times to either set up or check on our equipment those kids get rallied up like cattle and are screamed at half more than anything. I know I wouldn't send mine... #SorryNotSorry #BadBusinessEtiquette #MoneyHungry #Unconcerned #NeverAgain
3 years ago
The most incredible CAMP!!!!
This is the most amazing summer for my son NIcholas!!!’ He so happy!!! As a working mom this makes everything worth having my son feel loved and safe!!!!
5 years ago
Employees are not consistent and contradict much
Issue 1 –My daughter could not find her shoes, she came home with no shoes because another child placed them in a different cubie, her shoes were found the next day. Children should not be allowed to take off their shoes in case of an emergency (fire) where they would have to leave the building. Issue 2 - This camp lost my $210 weekly payment; I was considering putting my two children in the “year round program”...speaking of the “year round program” it was to my understanding that we were in the summer program (my children were only attending the camp for the summer), this was not the case. Last week my husband asked the camp "director" Selena if we would have to pay a full week of camp if our children were only to attend for two days, as we were going on vacation. Selena told my husband that if our children attend 3 or more days out of the 5 day week then we would have to pay the full week, cool! We paid only for those two days. This week my parents wanted to spend the remainder of the week with their grandchildren. I went to tell the camp and make a payment for the two days until I was told I could not do that, but wait my husband just did it last week? While going back and forth with Selena I noticed a lady sitting down in a chair (I'll get back to this). Selena told me that I would have to pay the full week and that she told my husband that last week was a onetime thing. I called my husband and he stated she did not or else he would have told me to just wait until the weekend for the children to spend time with their grandparents. I asked Selena to show me the contract where it states I have to pay the full week. It took Selena a minute to find the policy section in the contract where it stated that I had to pay the full week; First Selena showed me the one (1) week “vacation” policy which she stated DID NOT apply to me, as I was NOT in the “year round program.” Then Selena read the “refund” policy where it stated that I had to pay a full week, even if my children only attended a couple of days; however, it says “all tuitions are based upon the total yearly cost of the program.” This made no sense to me as again I am not in the “year round program,” so I asked her again how did the vacation policy not apply, but the refund did? She then contradicted herself and said the vacation policy did apply to me. Selena then went on and said I signed up for a weekly rate and not a daily rate – What? I asked her where, she couldn’t show me. The lady sitting in the chair turned out to be Julie, the owner. I did not know she was the owner until my daughter said her name in the car. Julie did not look concerned, nor did she try to intervene to explain the policy and try to keep my business. As a business owner I would do the best I could to understand, work, and resolve any questions or concerns my clients have; Unfortunately, not all business owners have this mindset, this is why I canceled my children’s care and will be taking my money somewhere else. I will also spread my concerns to friends, families and colleagues about this business establishment.
5 years ago
Awesome place!!
Awesome place for kids who love sports and being active one of a kind place! My kids have been going there for just over a year and every day they come home telling me how much fun they had, and how they can't wait to go back! The coaches are amazing the staff is A+! Coach chris there supervisor is wonderful my kids love him! When we were doing there birthday invitations first person they wanted to give one to is coach chris! "Which he showed up to there party and made there day!" The place has everything basketball courts, foot ball field,gymnasium floor and much more! Best part is it's all in door! Would recommend this place to anyone with kids!
5 years ago
I came across All Sports Kids for spring break camp 2016 and have stayed with them ever since. The staff is super friendly, very professional and constantly go above and beyond. They are very attentive and nurturing with my two kids. I have a son and daughter ages 8 and 6 who love it at All Sports. They cant wait to see all their coaches and friends daily. The activities are age appropriate and the field trips have been amazing during the summer. My kids come home daily super excited to tell me about what they learned and how much fun they had. The director Judy is so easy to talk to and accomadating. All the coaches do a great job!!!
6 years ago
This place under the new management and director Julie have greatly transformed the program and activities including constant renovations. The place is very clean compared to the old management, who obviously did not care about the children well-being.
My child refers All Sports as his second home. I saw coaches actually coaching how to play a sport rather then let the kid play incorrect. This is definitely the place for our kids!
6 years ago
All Sports have a team of coaches and professional dedicated to the children. They offer different type of activities as well as helping children doing their school homework, which they are being supervised by certified educator.
All sports has been under a new management owner, who has transformed and greatly improved the facility in terms of completely rebuilt both girls and boys' bathroom, the cafeteria, floors etc. They organize field trip, which my child has been enjoying with a passion. Which by the way they have also a great summer camp program. Depending which schools your child attend, All sports provides ground transportation from school to the facility.
6 years ago
my son spent this summer at All Sports, he said it was the best summer he ever had, and he cant wait for next year, he loved it !