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4 years ago
Call Always Helpful first for your move!
You guys are beyond great! Miguel, Nick, Eddie, and Kyle solved a spatial puzzle and got more stuff in a packing pod than could be believed. Showed up on time, quick, engaging, professional, and fun! Our 2nd time using you, we don’t ever want to move again, but if we do, it’ll be Always Helpful! Recommending you to everyone, thank you so much! Jim and Elizabeth
4 years ago
Saved the Day!
ALEX and ANTHONY absolutely made my day! I had made arrangements with a different furniture mover to have a large, heavy desk transported from downtown KCMO to Independence. After waiting two hours, I discovered that he had "canceled" -- by not showing up. I called Always Helpful Movers and spoke with Alex who, with Anthony, came and completed the move for me -- right away. When they arrived, Alex told me that it was important to him to come as soon as possible because he understood that I was in a bind. He even quoted a very reasonable rate, without taking advantage of my desperate situation. On top of it all, they were professional, considerate, and an absolute pleasure to be around. They went completely above and beyond the call to get the job done. I really felt like my friends had come to help me out, and was sorry to see them go! If you ever need to hire a moving company, do yourself a huge favor and call Always Helpful Movers. If I ever need to hire a moving company again, I will DEFINITELY call them again.
4 years ago
So out the blue a gentleman came to offer help to put patio furniture in to my car . I did not do the best of measurements from the many attempts that I tried to place it in my vehicle. But, Neno tried!! With no other options left the nice gentleman asked his boss to see if they could move it to my home. OMG I can not thank them enough for bringing to my home it was so very hubble of them. So if you are just moving across the country or just across town count on Always helpful movers, they are wonderful !!!
4 years ago
Very professional and excellent service.
After being fleeced by another moving company over Labor Day weekend, I was left stranded in Illinois. A colleague recommended these guys and they showed up all the way from Missouri to move my stuff to Maryland. They were polite, decent, friendly and their charges were reasonable. They never scratched or broke a thing and everything was done on time as promised. I was so happy and definitely recommend them to anyone.
5 years ago
Outstanding Job
Having moved eight previous times, I have come to have a great understanding of those movers that are not so good and those that go the extra mile. In the case of the team at Always Helpful Movers, the statement "going the extra mile" would not be strong enough. Let's start with the estimate. I called in three companies and AHM's representative was clearly the most knowledgeable and offered the best price hands down. My decision was made. Then there was the initial move, which involved loading and storing my furniture in their Lee Summit location. On time, respectful, conscientious and thorough would best describe the team!! In fact, John the owner went out of his way to establish an indoor storage spot for my baby, a 1985 Mazda RX& in which I am the original owner!! The move was completed about a month ago here in Loudon, Tennessee, and again it was seamless. Another in fact, which is this time I had to change the moving date a couple of times due to a delay in the closing!! No hassles, no penalty fees, nothing but a full accommodation of my requests!! What's more, having rained the night before the move, the AHM team went out of their way to purchase plywood to ensure that they had a big enough landing to ensure that nothing was tracked in the house. You guessed it, nothing was tracked in the house!! Having used the big moving companies in the past, I was a bit unsure of how this would turn out!! Not only was the experience my most positive one, but I really felt good about supporting such a devoted team of individuals. When it comes time for your next move, Always Helpful Movers should be at the top of the list!!
5 years ago
Always Helpful Movers - Great Job!
I presented Allways helpful movers with a challenging move. I had 2 pick up locations on separate days, plus a halfway cross country move from Kansas City to Columbia, Sc. And they where spot on! The guys where all pleasant to work with. They where respectful of my items. And regardless of the challenges I presented to them they did a great job.. Thank you for the hard work! Great Job!
Response from Always Helpful Movers
Thanks for the review, Joe, and God bless your new endeavors!
5 years ago
Evreything was fine until a problem arose then the compnay turned into the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.
We needed a across town move into a new home. This company wasn't our first , second or even third choice but the original mover double booked and left us out of choices and we had to take what we could get. The move was simple. Load into a truck, store the loaded truck ( don't unload it) in there warehouse for 2 weeks, and then move us in on our scheduled move in date. Everything went fine loading we were 100% happy, and unloading went great( a few wall dings but that's expected) until literally the last 5 minutes when they were asking for the money... they said the broke our real( not fake) formal marble/travertine dinning room table and it was at their shop getting fixed and should be ready tomorrow. They said they have been watching YOUTUBE videos to learn how to fix a 1 1/4 in think full 71" marble table... this isn't a joke. This company hides behind a Christian façade, so I even tipped the workers knowing there is a huge broken marble table to be handled.. Why? because they blamed the break on the warehouse guys, it wasn't even on the truck so I know it wasn't them, and they guaranteed me the owner would handle it. Boy was I wrong. And why was it ever off the truck to begin with , we were guaranteed it wouldn't be unloaded. When signing the paperwork is does state in small print for unfixable damage they only cover .60 cents per pound,... I didn't see it. When they said they were fully insured I wasn't thinking to look into that deeper. But the problem was, it was FIXABLE and they didn't even tell us or let us make a decision on how to handle the table.. they made it worse by trying to fix it themselves. Nobody would fix it, even though he didn't even try any company outside the eastern Jackson county area and KC is huge and there are great shops everywhere. So he used some guy who's business number for marble an stone repair is out of business and he is mainly a carpet cleaner. Well, I gave him every opportunity to make it correct but he wouldnt. He said he didn't have the money. This is scary, running a company on a budget where $1000( 300 insurance will cover)and I got an estimate of $1300, will break you. you cant run a company on margins where you cant cover $1000 unforeseen circumstances. He claims the manager gave my wife an estimate on boxing, crating, etc... he didn't. He told her they wrap them up in thick blankets and its never a problem, just like they did. There story is changing everyday. He claims my tip proves they did a good job? They broke the table. I was assured he was going to handle it by the workers because hey are a Christian company and never do wrong to people, so why punish the workers who didn't touch it? Again, my mistake. This company is a severe mess and it all starts at the top. I believe the workers are good guys, but the owner in my opinion has no right running a business. This is why he is always in court, and has bad reviews everywhere now I dig deeper. Please do you due diligence before using them. They delivered the table at 7pm over a month later and it looks horrible. He was taking pictures form weird angles 7 feet away on the opposite end of the main damage. I made the remark , anything looks good at night 7 feet away. Now he says I thought it looked good? We are going to court next month since he wont settle , im not even suing for a entire table, but just the top which wont even match, im trying to compromise, he wont. If there's a way to leave pictures I will, they tell the whole story on how bad the job was.
Response from Always Helpful Movers
To all concerned: In response to this customers complaint, I the owner will address his ONLY complaint against us. The customer appears to have had a very positive experience with his move, and the movers themselves, and the fact that every piece was moved flawlessly--except the limestone top--and he even tipped the movers. And he tipped the movers AFTER he was told that we would not be delivering the limestone top, due to a damage. First, my general manager Alex, went over the additional insurance options with this customer and his wife SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE THE MOVE. (The customer did NOT tell the truth, when he asserted that it was only in the "fine print" {which anyone who signs a contract, would still be held to}, that he was told there was only .60/lb given on any non-repairable item--this was a total fabrication of the facts). My general manager went over with the wife, several days before the move, the option to purchase additional insurance for his move, for his whole move, and this would therefore apply to every piece that was loaded on our truck, and stored for 2 weeks--and they declined. And the customer knew, both verbally and in written form, that the government regulated base insurance, would only be .60/lb, for any NON-Repairable item, if they did not purchase additional insurance--being made fully aware of this both verbally, and in written form, he declined to purchase additional insurance! Second, both of my managers said that, at very minimum, the stone top should be crated (which was going to cost roughly $200 more for his move--the limestone being approx. 7' long, and 4' wide and 1" thick), and he did NOT want to pay for the one additional hour of labor ($120) , or $80 for crating materials (for total of $200)-- We highly advised this, and the customer declined. So the customer verbally, and in written form, declined the additional insurance, AND declined the small additional cost for the crating of his "marble" top. So, the contract that was in force, with no purchase of additional insurance, was that our company would repair the piece, or he could declare it "non-repairable" and the approximate 300lb piece, (and this the customer corrected me on, and I accepted the new weight), would then be compensated at .60/lb. So, both the customer and I decided, we would find a professional repair facility. Third, the customer swore to us, up and down, that this was marble. So, we searched for marble repair shops. The 2 companies that originally looked at it, were marble retailers. Both of these companies told us two things. First, that they SOLD marble tops, but made it absolutely clear to us, that they did NOT generally do repairs or specialize in repairs. And second, that this piece was probably NOT marble. So, we searched for and found Campbell's Restoration, who has been doing these repairs on Travertine for 25 years (which he went into detail of the difference between marble and Travertine with myself and customer--who refused to hear it.). He also expressed to me, that Travertine is a little more difficult/time-consuming to repair because it comes from limestone (unlike granite/marble). Campbell's Restoration did complete the repair; and granted, with his current schedule, it took him about 3 weeks. But the table was PROFESSIONALLY repaired, and I truly wish that I could upload a picture of the table here on AL, but that is still not possible here. (However, if a potential client would like to view the repaired travertine, it will be posted on our website,, and click on "Testimonials" and scroll to the bottom of the page) Customer stated that I said, "It looks good from 10 feet away. . . " This is not what was actually said, and I had my co-worker there as a witness. The customer was standing about 8-10 feet from the table, and said, "Yeah, it looks good from 10 feet away. . . ." and I simply AGREED with him. (So, just to remove any doubt about how good the repair really looks, I took 2 photos from 2 different angles, of the damaged corner from about 3 feet away, once it was placed in the customers home. You can view these on our website, and click on "Testimonials" and scroll to the bottom), We expressed regret to the customer for it taking longer than any of us expected, and made him a compensatory offer for it taking a little over a month (mainly because of having to work with Campbell's schedule) to repair. We, like all moving companies our size, have a base level of insurance. We state this verbally, and give it to the customer in writing also. Then also, (kind of like with car insurance), with companies our size, you can purchase additional insurance, based on goods "valuation". And we are the only moving company that I know of, that also gives up to $3,000 in repairs (and .60/lb when an item is deemed NON-repairable, no replacement value if you choose the default insurance, and our insurance company, Transguard, will go strictly by what level the customer signs off on, and compensate accordingly). There was nothing dishonest in our dealings with this customer, and although he yelled at me frequently and cussed me out, I did not lower myself to either of these. We completed the repair as soon as all involved could possibly complete it, and I again encourage anyone to look at the Travertine, to see that we did, what this customer first told me, was a "decent" repair. And we are happy to answer any and all questions about the levels of insurance available, to any and all potential customers!
5 years ago
high quality
In august had a excellent move from lees summit to harrisonville it was a two day move would use them again
Response from Always Helpful Movers
Thank you Terry :)