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2 days ago
Dental Visit
I was very happy with my visit to your office today. The staff is friendly , I was seen on time, my hygienist was very thorough!
1 week ago
Exceptional service
Had an urgent dental problem- was fit in next day. Have had several occasions to need local anesthetic shots- Dr . Dobracki does such a good job-almost painless and mouth has never been sore after any of the work he's done. Amazing- highly recommend him.
3 weeks ago
Wrong Email Address
Hi There, This email belongs to John's wife and not John himself. His email is and as he is retired he does not see it every day. You also are using my cell phone to call for his appointments when you should be using 734-347-2623 for John Dumbeck. You can use his cell phone to text him if that works for his appointment information. Otherwise, I'm relaying all the information I get to him and marking our calendars as he does not always remember. We were hoping for a quicker solution to his infection as this has gone on now for three months. Dr. Mead cut him open to clean the area and stitched it up last week, which caused major swelling of his face. I used essential oils both inside and outside and got him to increase his vitamin C which all helped. Then he had 2 stitches out on Monday and he said Dr. Mead pocked around in there as well. It was either that night or the next day he was really swollen again and worse than the week before. Again I had him using essential oils and doing pulling which helped last night. We were hoping you'd pull the tooth to get rid of the infection. However, I'm hoping you explained to him why there is another 1.5 week delay in going forward. I think he has had enough pain and is getting frustrated with the whole process. Perhaps other than telling him the swelling needs to come down you may need to explain to me if not him the next procedures. He's just in pain and frustrated. Thanks
2 months ago
Very disappointed/planning to leave
The front office person working was rude to my daughter, and kept telling her she was very late to an appointment scheduled for what I thought was 4 pm, but was actually 3:45. Justin said that the appointment was actually 4. She was seen at 3:50, and her cleaning/exam were complete before 4:30. Dr. Stephanie is unprofessional, and provides an incomplete exam. I personally thought her exam was one of the worst I’ve ever had. Justin is a great hygienist, and he’s the only reason we have stayed at this office this long after all the turnover of hygienist staff. We are looking to leave this practice. Dr. Dobracki appears to have disappeared from this office, as we never see him anymore for appointments. The turnover of staff is a sign of poor leadership and other systemic issues. We had high hopes to stay at this practice after Peter Drescher’s untimely death, but we no longer feel comfortable at this practice.
2 months ago
appreciation and 2 suggestions
Things were generally great as usual at my April 5th appoinment at 4 pm.....except for something I'd like to comment on. My hygienist, Amy, was so eager to be so thorough that she did not realize something obvious that did cause unwarranted distress. She squirted water in my mouth at the same time she used the 'vacuum'. Consequently, the water was sucked out of my mouth BEFORE it could do its job, namely that of swishing around my mouth to remove grit, etc. BEFORE it would be sucked out. Net effect: no grit was removed from my mouth so I had to keep "telling her" SEVERAL TIMES-- best I could with those implements in my mouth!-- that I needed more water. Next time, I hope Amy will consider that it is a good idea to FIRST give the patient a few seconds minimum to allow the water to swish around in the mouth AND THEN have the patient use the vacuum. Both implements in the mouth simultaneously is not only literally and figurativel a mouthful, but it did not work. Better yet, since I am still a perfectly competent adult*, please do not treat me like a child who needs to have the squirting and vacuuming done for me. To me, that is kind of insulting. Whereas I am in my 60s, I am still fully functioning. So, instead, allow me to squirt the water into my own mouth and if that is not standard operating procedure, at least allow me to use the vacuum AS I NEED. After all, I AM THE BESTJUDGE as to how much water is needed in MY MOUTH and I AM THE BESTJUDGE as to when the best moment is to vacuum it out. No matter how good the technician's intentions are [and I am sure she had good intentions], she cannot possibly know what is going on inside my mouth under these circumstances. Please also understand that when the patient is reclined, the likelihood of the water seeping back into the throat is greatly increased and thus so is the chance of choking on it or at least so is the chance of evoking the gag reflex. I was particularly aware of that at this last visit. I'd appreciate being allowed to sit up [as I eventually 'empowered myself to do' when no one else did] when water is squirted into my mouth instead of risking the gag reflex and/or choking. I am surprised both issues that I raise here are not more obvious to what seems to be an otherwise highly competent staff who does these things multiple time every day. I'd also appreciate a response to this input especially if I need to become aware of something I do not yet know about this scenario. Thank you. I appreciate that Amy was diligent to write in my file something like "Patient prefers to sit up when swishing water in mouth". Thank you for that. But then "Dr. Stefanie" [I'd LOVE to know her last name, too] misread that and thought I need to sit up for her exam. Whereas I do appreciate Dr. S's intent to accommodate me, what's the point of writing supportive info down if it's not read correctly? I don't need to sit up for the exam---I just need to sit up when water is in my mouth and it is starting to choke. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate that you seek input from your patients. Everything else at the visit was great, as usual. Sincerely, C. T. *MS, *MA, *MA, *PhD ps: I'd sure like to see Dr. Dobracki in his office again. It's been a while. I affirm all is well with him and his family.
2 months ago
Tooth extraction for 7 year old
My 7 year old daughter had two teeth extracted by Dr. Dobracki today, and it went much better than I could have imagined. The dental assistant was so gentle and thoughtful with my daughter the whole time. The way she spoke with her and guided her was great. Dr. Dobracki was able to gently and cleanly remove my daughters teeth without her getting upset. Only hours after the procedure she was able to eat and play again. I received a call from Dr. Dobracki this evening to see how my daughter was doing. An exceptionally good practice to say the least.
2 months ago
Excellent Cleaning and Visit
Yesterday I had a routine cleaning with Justin and he did a great job - as he always does. He is very professional, efficient, knowledgeable and explains what he is doing so you are not surprised by anything. And he answers my questions. Dr. Dobracki is excellent too. The front office also sent my visit fees to my insurance company - before they always required the costs they calculated my insurance company wouldn't cover to be paid at the date of service. I like that they are sending the costs to insurance first and then I will pay what was not covered by insurance. Jessie at the front desk is very friendly and efficient too. Great office! The only con I have with this office is that they are more expensive than other offices, but I believe they are truly providing the best dental care they can for each patient and I'll pay extra for better care.
2 months ago
Teeth cleaning
Justin is awesome. I had a great experience of a thorough painless cleaning. Justin is informative, helpful and very professional. Everyone I've encountered have been great! Thank you!
3 months ago
Was very caring and careful with my teeth.
3 months ago
Great service
Justin's level of care and professionalism is excellent.....Thank you!