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5 months ago
Friendly and helpful staff
Staff is very friendly and helpful.
7 months ago
I adore my Dentist, Dr. Selzer. He is very personable and caring. I have NEVER felt comfortable with any dentist and I must say Dr Selzer and ALL the girls in the office are awesome. Definitely would recommend this office, most definitely Dr. Selzer!
1 year ago
Selzer also told me at that appointment that he did not want me at any future appointments. He was annoyed when I said that I would be at all future visits. My mother thought about the situation overnight and decided that she did not want Selzer to continue the work. She had had enough and just wanted her life back. Two years of weekly appointments had taken a toll on her; even Selzer commented numerous times that my mom was losing weight. She was – from all the stress of dealing with him. He then tried to blame my mother for cancelling appointments and that that is what caused the work to take so long. Yes, she did cancel appointments due her lung cancer and her COPD and when the weather was bad. However, he also cancelled on her many times – sometimes not informing her until she had gone to the office that same day. My mom asked for her money back and Selzer refused saying he needed more time and that we should let him do his job. He said we should be patient. We said that we had been patient for 2 years and that enough was enough. He said he had to discuss the matter with Gronowitz and get back to us. After several days of back and forth phone calls, he then refused to get on the phone with us and had the office manager Gail deal with us. She offered to refund $3,500 of the $7,500 my mom paid. We refused saying that my mom did not have $4,000 worth of work done. Gail stated that they had paid the oral surgeon $3,000. We had called the oral surgeon at one point and he said that he had been paid just $1,300 We asked Gail to show us a copy of the cancelled check proving that they had paid the oral surgeon $3,000 and she refused. She said she had the itemized invoice in front of her for all the work that was done by both dentists. We were never given a copy of this invoice. I have a feeling he wrote it up after we refused to have him continue the work. I filed a grievance with the insurance company regarding the invoice my mom received in January for work Selzer never did. At that time, I was shocked to learn that he had also put through another claim for an exam, x-rays and a cleaning. This claim was insurance fraud as he never did any of this. He got paid approximately $50 for this. All these services were supposed to be included in the $7,500 he had already gotten paid for. I informed the insurance company of this and told them to add this to the complaint.
1 year ago
On March 27th of 2014 my mom went to Bay Parkway Dental Associates located at 8502 Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, NY 11214 owned by Dr. Ira E. Gronowitz. Dr. Benjamin Selzer was the dentist who took care of her. He talked her into 2 implants with an upper permanent bridge and lower dentures. My mom was 80 years old at the time and she has lung cancer which he was made aware of. He also talked her into taking out a loan thru CareCredit for $7,500 - with a payment period of 6 months which was the time frame he decided upon. She paid it off within 6 month as per the terms of the agreement. Selzer sent her to an oral surgeon (a friend of his) who extracted several teeth and put in the hardware for the implants. We had no problem with him or his work. Selzer made a temporary upper so my mom would not be without teeth while the extracted teeth healed. The 1 implant rejected and had to be redone. She had to wait another 3 months to see if the implant would reject again. It did not. Selzer took countless impressions over the next 2 years which I have been told is not normal. I kept asking him what was taking so long and he gave me flippant replies. He said my mom was 81 and had nothing else to do with her time. We went to numerous appointments during this period and still the teeth were not completed. In January of 2016 my mom received an invoice from Selzer. She asked him what he was billing her for as her bill was paid in full. He took the bill and told her that it was a mistake, to not worry about it and that he would take care of it. He brought the bill to the front desk. That night we got a call from the dental office asking what insurance we had. I told the woman that it did not matter as my mom had paid the $7,500 and was not to be billed any more than that. We thought that was the end of it but then we received a notice from the insurance company denying a claim for work Selzer said he had provided. In fact, he never did this work. The only reason the claim was denied is because the work Selzer said he did was not covered by my mom’s insurance. When I called the insurance company I told them that the claim was fraudulent; they put me on hold and called the dental office. I was on hold for quite some time before the customer service representative from the insurance company came back on the line. She said Selzer had gotten on the phone with her after hearing what was going on and tried to explain the bill away. Within minutes of my hanging up with the insurance company, Selzer called us in a panic and asked me to call the insurance company back and tell them that everything was ok. I refused. At the next visit, he explained that he billed the insurance company BEFORE he actually did the work. I told him that he never should have billed them at all. He said it was his mistake and that he took full blame. I I got really upset on March 11, 2016 and told Selzer and his boss (Dr. Ira Gronowitz) that my mom was going to sue him if the work was not done by 3/31/2016. Gronowitz said that was fair and that it was a good thing March was a long month. During the next few appointments Selzer gave varying excuses as to why it was taking so long to get the job done. One excuse was that the top dentures needed more porcelain. Then it was that they need to bisque bake. We asked repeatedly to see the dentures and Selzer refused to show them to us. The bottom dentures were ill fitting and caused my mom pain and had to be adjusted. That was never done. March 18th Selzer cancelled my mom’s appointment saying he needed more time with her – an excuse we had heard many times before. The weather was bad on March 21 so my mom cancelled her appointment. On March 23rd Selzer took out the implant hardware and filed them down. Then he took yet another impression. Again, I asked him why this process was taking so long. He yelled at me and said that he was not going to answer any more of my questions and that I was being a bully. On March 30th, Selzer pulled one of my mom’s bottom teeth. He had added 2 teeth to the bottom dentures that were hers to begin with while the ones he made for her were being adjusted. Now it is March 31st and the teeth were still not done. Now we were told the dentures would be ready by April 15th. On April 1st he filed the implants again and took another impression. At no point during this 2 year period did Selzer blame the lab for the delay in getting the work done. He did say that they were in business for 30 years and were good at what they did. At the next appointment (after he had stalled for as long as he could) Selzer attempted to put the teeth in. He was quiet for a while and then asked us how mad we would be if he told us the teeth were too big and he had to redo them. We were in such shock we agreed. TO BE CONTINUED
1 year ago
My experience was actually a good one. The receptionist were nice and friendly and the dentist was engaging and actually funny. I would definetly recommend someone I know for this business.
1 year ago
Excellent quick service
All the dental work doctor Gupta performed on my teeth was excellent. They look good, feel good, and reasonably priced. One of the finest dentist I have used and will keep using her. Had extensive dental work and found doctor Gupta to be kind,patient,passionate,and eager to please her patients.
1 year ago
Friendly Fast
Did not have to wait so far for the first and second visits. Dont know how it will be for the future
1 year ago
I think all these glowing reviews are fake. My mom had the worst experience with one of the dentists here. Benjamin Selzer is the worst "dentist" ever. He is incompetent and a liar. He strung my mom along for 2.5 years and in the end he failed to do what he was paid a hefty sum. She paid cash for implants and never got them. He insisted she not go thru her insurance. He talked her into taking a loan to pay for the implants. After 2.5 years of weekly visits, he asked my mom how mad she would be if he told her he had to start the whole process over again. He has no idea what he is doing. My mom is a cancer survivor which Selzer knew. He put her thru hell for 2.5 years. He even commented many times that she was losing weight. She was - from all the stress he was causing her;. He called me a bully when I kept asking him why it was taking so long to complete the job. He actually said that my mom had nothing else to do with her time!! Week after week, all we got were excuses until he no longer stall. My mom had to threaten to sue him to get a partial refund. She never did get the implants. He is a disgrace and the man has no conscience. I would advise you to stay far away from Selzer and Bay Parkway Dental Associates. They are liars and crooks who commit insurance fraud. Selzer billed my mom's insurance company for work he never did. He did so after my mom told him 2 separate times NOT to bill the insurance company for anything since he was already paid in cash. He went ahead and did it anyway and he got paid by them too. He even worked on my mom's mouth WITHOUT wearing gloves a few times!!!! The whole place is old and dirty. The floors are cheap. dirty and peeling in spots. Nasty place. I would not let Selzer or anyone at this place work on my dog's mouth. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO.
1 year ago
Benjamin Selzer is incompetent
Benjamin Selzer is the worst dentist I have ever been to. He is dishonest, incompetent and a liar. Billed Medicare for services he never provided. He has no conscience at all. Personally. I think he is mentally ill. No one could do what he did to my family if they were mentally all there. All he cares about is the money he can SCAM YOU OUT OF. We had to threaten to sue him to get a partial refund of the CASH we paid him. After 2.5 YEARS of him trying to do the work he was paid for he said we had to start all over again. He never completed the work we paid for. He insisted we not go thru our insurance for the work he agreed to do but he still billed our insurance and got paid by them too. Many times he neglected to wear gloves when he worked on my mouth. Office is not updated and is dirty. Horrible experience. I would not let this man work on my dog's mouth. DO NOT USE THIS MAN AS YOUR DENTIST. HE IS TRULY A SCAMMER.
1 year ago
Terrific check up and cleaning by Dr. Gupta
This was my second time to this office. This time I saw Dr. Gupta. It was a pleasant experience particularly for me who is usually very tense when visiting the dentist. She took her time, was thorough and answered all the questions I had. I will definitely be returning!