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1 month ago
Where are the bad reviews?????????
Tons of bad reviews left yet all deleted, what are you running from???
1 month ago
Puppy Store
Coming - commercial breeder at Yorktown Center.
1 month ago
Seems unbelievable
That a business model in today's world includes generating backyard breeders to maintain your supply of puppy mill dog. How much money do you need to make on the backs of puppy mill dogs or back yard breeders. It's bad enough to give a free dog in exchange for becoming a backyard Breeder (kinda like you are a pimp) but to have that as your plan for generating income while THOUSANDS of dogs are dying in shelters or trapped in puppy mills is crazy.
1 month ago
Extremely disappointed with new business model in Yorktown
Extremely disappointed and disgusted by the launch of a new store front at Yorktown Mall. Locally sourcing puppies and breeding them through your customer base must be one of the most outlandish business plans I've ever seen. I will NEVER visit ANY of your business locations again. Your greed and business model do not fall in line with the type of business I support.
1 month ago
Was once a highly recommended training, boarding and grooming business. Now they're getting in to in house breeding at their new Yorktown Mall establishment. What a shame, a good business ruined be becoming a fancy named puppy mill, while thousands of dogs die in shelters close by their locations. As a rescuer, this is 50 steps back in all of the progress the animal loving community has made in the Chicagoland area. You should be ashamed for contributing to the problem!
1 month ago
Disgusting Puppy Mill!!!
Your move to sell dogs from puppy mills is disgusting and abhorrent!!
1 month ago
NOTE: I would have preferred, to have left it with ZERO stars! But, HAD to pick something... so went with the lowest Choice possible, of 1 star. And, they DON'T deserve that! There are SO many things wrong with this is hardly possible, to know where to begin! Starting with, the fact- that they clearly care MORE about "profits"... above, true comfort of the pet & proper use of prong collars! Especially, using on small dogs! Anyone who truly knows dogs, would "Know better"! That's used, as a "last resort" to help contain a HUGE, SUPER STRONG DOG! BUT, IS TOTALLY, UNNECESSARY & INAPPROPRIATE FOR SMALL/MEDIUM SIZED CANINES. BET, they also SELL those prong collar items, too (i.e. maximizing PROFITS)! As sm. Breed dogs, are highly susceptible to throat damage, & having permanent problems with their breathing - due to a collapsed trachea! Please, notice SO many pics with nearly every dog wearing a "prong collar"? Vast majority of these dogs, probably DON'T even need them! They're clearly, training by fear & pain, forcing an animal into "compliance"! Rather than, training by positive reinforcement methods, instead! THIS, whole approach to "dog training", is tragically WRONG, & very misguided! There are "right & wrong" ways to do it... and, this is CLEARLY, the wrong path to training!! Not to mention, portraying "that" as an acceptable way to use a collar... and having ignorant people think that's acceptable! IT IS NOT, "OK"! Now compounded, by the fact, they're apparently also trying to OPEN a new pet store, too (Yorktown Mall area)! In order, to SELL dogs... of which, they're apparently BREEDING, ON PURPOSE!! In order, to supply the store. WHILE, every single one of the breeds shown in their website pics... has an abundance of PUREBREDS available TODAY in local Shelters & Rescues, as I type! AND, for only a couple hundred dollars! Instead, of typically THOUSANDS OF $$, or needing "FINANCING" to BUY a new treasured family member, in these types of places! PLUS, when ADOPTING... the new pet is coming completely "Vetted"! Including: Spayed/Neutered, Microchipped, and all their vaccinations, etc. And, IF for some reason it didn't work out... you can usually "return" a pet to a Shelter or a Rescue... Where, if you BUY a VERY EXPENSIVE puppy from 1 of these places... that once they have the $$, they don't give a crap about doing the "right thing", for the dog!! And, they usually don't let you return them! And, if u do... they generally, just euthanize them! As they're just another "widget" to be sold, for profit! There, is probably 500++ dogs (many of which, ARE ALL "pure breds") - available TODAY, via Adoption!! AND, that's probably only between 2 or 3 Shelters, in the local area. AND, NOT EVEN COUNTING, A-L-L OF THE SHELTERS/RESCUES IN THE LOCAL AREA!! SO, THERE'S LIKELY EVEN M-O-R-E TO CHOOSE FROM, TOO! Places like, CACC (Chicago Animal Care & Control) &/or, AWL (Animal Welfare League -Chicago Ridge). This is NOT INCLUDING, those in Foster based Rescues, either! Besides, a "purchase" of all of those puppies, would be essentially be a "Puppy Mill" dog!! As they're often, riddled with Emotional, Psychological, & Physiological defects, as well. Due, to being too finely inbred! BUYER BEWARE!!
1 month ago
Breedimg is breeding
I dont see it advertised and im wondering why. What happens to the mama dogs after they no longer can proce puppies? I saw you on WGN it didnt mention breeding. Imwould have asked innprivate but i can no ponger grt to the fb page.
1 month ago
Your new puppy mill
I am sickened to see your opening a puppy mill. You should have to walk the halls of the high intake city shelter in your area before going back to breed your poor dogs for profit. Sickening. I will never use ANY IF your services and I will make sure no one else does either. Luckily here are so many other places to groom or board your dog! Good luck sleeping at night
1 month ago
Prongs are wrong
They use prongs even on dogs that have no need for this kind of training. Prongs om puppies amd small breeds can damage the treacha leaving your dog injured and suffering for life. Thousands im speciality surgery. A friend had her dog there and they yelled all day at the dogs. No beach at all, more like a prisoner camp.