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10 months ago
Had an extraction and it went much better than expected. The staff is friendly and caring. I was very pleased with everything. Dr. Sibley did a great job and he answered any and all questions. I would highly recommend this facility and its people.
11 months ago
Very professional staff. Muy buenos!!!!
I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Dr. Fallon did a great job. He explained in a very clear and professional way everything. I did not feel any pain (not even realized when I had my anesthesia It was fast and very easy. Of course now I have to follow on to get a fast healing, but that's ok. I'm really very happy with the results, and I will recommend Dr Fallon to my friends and co-workers who might need his service. Thank you Dr. Fallon! Courteously: Arcadio Sanchez (from Reading)
11 months ago
Good luck!
BEWARE!!!!! I had never had such a bad experience with a dentist,doctor etc! I went here a year ago to for consultation of getting 2 implants. Was told I needed a bone grafting before I could get implants. I paid over 5,000 dollars for that. I paid a few hundred dollars more to be asleep during procedure. Had my surgery done and all was well. Came back a few weeks later for check up and we tried to put in my old retainer with two false teeth and it didn’t fit. The doctor tried sanding down my retainer. Broke the tooth off it. So they needed to make a impression so he could make a new retainer. Please note my mouth was not fully healed and stictches still did not dissolve. While taking impressions the doctor literally pulled the stitches right out of my mouth which then turned into a bloody mess. They then rushed to inject my mouth with novacaine and began working immediately to restitch my gums closed. Please note the novacaine had about 5 mins to work and I could feel everything. I ended up missing a week of work. So why did I pay to be under sleep for this procedure if I’m literally having it done with only novacaine and even that wasn’t doing anything? Continuing on the doctor was able to make a retainer and it did fit well but was the cheapest most thin material ever and broke (only wore them during day and did not eat with them) within the first month. I went back and he made another one and that one broke a few months later. I did just glue together to the retainer so I didn’t have to get off work again and just now I recurved a 600 bill in the mail and called to ask what this is for and they said I need to pay that because it’s for my next surgery. So basically they lock you in by sending you a 600 dollar bill that you have to pay but they said it will be taken off the next surgurgey when I have it done. Long story short I called them to schedule my next surgery and was told because I cancelled a appointment a few weeks ago I need to pay full amount of surgery up front. This place is ridiculous and has new clue what there doing!
1 year ago
Another Miracle Worker at Berks Oral Surgery
I had a good feeling about Doctor Fred. Perhaps it was because he recognized the genius of Nikola Tesla, the inventor without whom we would have had the nationwide power grid a century after we began using it. Every faultless drop-in carbon button in our telephone handset uses improvements conceived by Tesla. But the world knows little about Tesla; perhaps Nikola didn’t work well with others. At the age of 74, and still recovering from cognitive and balance problems, I needed a wisdom tooth removed, so I asked for Dr. Fred. Dr. Fred saw me at 1:40 for tooth #1, a wisdom tooth that had frequent fillings and was sensitive again, but my restorative dentist declined to do another filling. A tooth with the entire crown essentially filling, and new decay along the gum line is not a good candidate for a simple extraction with its three roots. Plus elderly patients often have poor ligaments (PDLs). My ligaments are good, so Dr. Fred pressed against the face of the tooth first; the crown didn’t break off. Next this gifted surgeon pressed the other way, perhaps repeating the process. Ok, he said, it looks ready to come out… and it did! With a slightly pink gauze pad pressed against the socket I drove home; it was 2:40. A nice clot had formed despite the 81 mg aspirin I took that morning (I skipped my Omega 3). I pressed the nice reusable ice pack in the comfort bag they gave me against my cheek then and again before bed. I also took 1,000 mg acetaminophen an hour before bedtime. I dozed on the couch for 2 hours, then went to bed at 10:00 and awoke at 4:00 to void (8 hours). I took a little sliver of 5 mg Ambien (about 2 mg) and returned to bed for another 4 hours. Since my stroke, 10 hours after a hard day usually refreshes me. I was ready to go again the next day with 12 hours sleep, less a short interruption. I’m eating solid food two days after having a wisdom tooth removed. Amazing! Almost forgot. Berks Oral Surgery takes your BP before and after procedures. I’ve been bother by elevated BP since the weather turned cold; I blamed it on lack of aerobic exercise. Kendall, Dr. Fred’s assistant asked me if I could remove my fleece lined outer shirt, which I did. My BP was 140/72… sitting in a dental chair awaiting surgery! Afterwards it was 141/73. My BP has been elevated because I’d been taking it with a wooly shirt every time. (Nurses in doctor’s offices don’t ask you to remove anything; 120/72 every time. Yea, right.) My PC always takes mine himself after we’ve chatted a bit. (Last night my relaxed BP was 112/69 (without my wolly shirt), back to where it should be.) Thanks Kendall… and a big thanks to Dr. Fred.
2 years ago
Great to find Berks Oral Surgery in Exeter Twp. and now Hamburg too
Since Berks Oral Surgery was recommended for removal of our children's and my wife's third molars, I have been there a half dozen times. Fred Ciabattoni removed a flap of oral mucosa that had been biten inside my mouth; it never bothered me since. But the most amazing feat of dental legerdemain was when John Ciabattoni (they call them Dr Fred and Dr John) extracted tooth 17, commonly called a lower third molar. He reached inside my mouth and said "Let's see how this is.", then whipped his hand around his back. I said "Oh, it feels better already." He showed me the tooth and told me that I had good ligaments (the connective tissue that holds your tooth in place). That was it; I hardly felt a thing. Stephen Fallon is my current dental surgeon. He has done three extractions, two implants and an apicoectomy. (My whole extended family has few natural teeth left) I've seen doctor Fallon for consults as well and he always has the right answers. I still lose teeth occasionally, but at least there is now a permanent solution. My reconstructive dentist is great, but there is a point where she asks me if I want to make an appointment with Berks Oral Surgery. Update: The week before Thanksgiving I lost a crown and post on tooth 15. Our reconstructive dentist looked at it and I was scheduled to see Dr. Fallon the following Wednesday when he is ordinarily in our area; the day before turkey day. Aside from the 10 minute wait for the local to take effect, I was in the office about 10 minutes. One crack to separate the roots and I felt him draw one side out then the other (two roots). This is an upper tooth half way in the back! You might think something that easy could be done by anyone, but just the opposite is true. Dr. Fallon's experience and skill is what made it go so quickly. With no 'fooling around' I had almost no discomfort on Thanksgiving day, and no swelling, and will very likely not have any discoloration. I had candied sweets, mashed potatoes, soft filling with gravy, cranberries and 'uncle' Richards turkey that almost falls off the bones. Update 2: Back to Doctor Fred; he was in the Exeter office when I needed help fast. There's not much I can add to my review above: Dr. Fred put me at ease immediately and took an interest in me personally. The whole staff at the new Exeter location is great. Dr. Fred's explanation of the procedure was through, and I was able to get an appointment with my restorative dentist, Kathy Gurski-Becker before the procedure. so an appliance to fill the gap in the front of my mouth would be ready when needed. I had a front tooth break off at the gumline fifty years ago, but I was 25 years old; a lot of children get teeth knocked out. Adults don't have missing teeth unless they don't have good insurance or a personal relationship with dental practices. I have both and it is a great comfort to me.
3 years ago
Professional, Caring, Compassionate
I will be the first to say, I am not a fan of Dentists. But it is one of the necessities in life we cannot do without. I believe that most of us have a slight fear of going there. Not because the Physicians are mean, or the staff. But because we just do not like people poking around in our mouths. I will say the staff at Berks Oral Surgery made me feel very comfortable. The Physician was Caring and explained each step of the process. The procedure on a scale of 1 to 10 for Pain, was about a 1 - even the local anesthetic wasn't bad. My wife and children at one point in life had to use their services. All of them we're pleasant experiences. Though the check-in staff said they would return my x-rays to my Dentist with a Thank You letter for the referral - what they did not know is that Berks Oral Surgery is the only Oral Surgery I will use or bring my family to. We have several "chain" Dentistry's within a 1 mile of our home. Berks Oral Surgery is an 18 mile drive. They are worth that 30 minute drive.
3 years ago
Very Pleased
Dr. Sibley did a great job (coronectomy) removing the crown of my wisdom tooth and avoiding injury to the nerve. He and his staff explained everything thoroughly and were very competent, kind and friendly.
3 years ago
Competent, quick and professional
They were able to accomdate me in the shortest time in comparison to other local oral surgeons. Office is beautiful, staff friendly, everything explained as it went along. Had a tooth pulled and was in and out in 30 mins. Felt nothing.
3 years ago
Professional and friendly
This was my daughter's first experience with having her teeth pulled at BOS. All the information that the staff provided to her was based at a level a child could understand. This definitely helped to put her at ease. I was 100% confident and pleased with the whole experience. Thank you to everyone.
3 years ago
Staff was very courteous and friendly. Doctor was truthful, polite, professional and accommodating.