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9 months ago
Scott Kanavos is the best attorney ever and he will win your case
I’ll tell you what he is truly one of a kind I love his strong personality and he is a well educated attorney he knows Exactly what to do and say I give him a 10 when it comes to Scott Kanavos as your attorney if you want legal assistance he is the one and he’s worth every penny I have used Scott as my attorney and he was so supportive and always there for me most of all I won in court and he’s the only attorney I will ever use so I strongly Recommend him to everyone I know so does everyone I know and they all feel as strongly as I do when it comes to Scott Kanavos
3 years ago
THE LAWYERS OF "GERALDINE" SCOTT KANAVOS[SERIOCOMIC CRIMINAL DEFENSE]:'WE KNOW THAT NOT EVERYTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE.'(Aforementioned slogan reaps its inspiration from LGBT community's rainbow flag,no doubt!)...
to:Scott Kanavos date:Sat, Jun 2,2018 at 1:37AM This above was shown reverse side printed off a postcard standard-size solicitation which addresses me personally prior then[PITNEY BOWES]postmarking,at there I bit onto their tainted love fishhook;yet shortly discovering next yours truly could have joyride fared helluva heap rejuvenator better if my wound up "catfished" over some Internet social page. Keep in mind,fellow Clevelanders,these bar licensing turds(whose lewd law firm serves us manyfold beneficial should 121 Broad Street[SW] fast become landfill converted)gone ambulance-chasing moi for business,negative our other way around:Nix,sir nor either Nein,ma'am --Otto Karl's fault out here can only deduce pegged with how while dry run testing any them quite haughty,sonuvabitching bastard[legalized whore]liars on one such mail fraud ruse! Ah,second thought,permit me through backtracking...Why,just what way Att. Kanavos presumed it okay to use 'Otto' as though we are both Sour Green Apple Martini sipping brethren,added,cellular phoning whole lot later than those regular office hours website listed(even an incredible weekend Sunday text message response about his feigning that Joe/Jane Blow colleague done went conveniently croaked:I let said elephant-in-the-room go but did subconscious wander might this corpse cronyism offhand obituary list Witchfinder General Steve`o "Dump" Crump)---yours truly's firstborn erection were thoughts of perhaps he[lawyering G. Scott]prides himself also a closet queen middle-ager across which past cyberspace advances once saw spurned around where my multiple posting craigslist 'personals'!!!(Very nonsensical him damning sheer on another who mere practiced good taste:Att. Kanavos looks smack square B movie genre,underground laboratory,hybrid aftermath from self-preservationist Dr. Moreau's sperm nucleus formulation concocting one White House["chief","senior","advisor" plus "planner"]Newt Gingrich DNA together against an oceanarium held beluga whale egg.) p.s. When read about NBC's WRCBtv 3's coverage...Cleveland law firm[Chancey,Kanavos,Love & Painter]shot up overnight(inspirits Wednesday;September 14th,2016)...'Kanavos admits their line of work can be controversial,and he wants to find out who fired a shot -aiming at his chair- before it escalates any further.':regardless there the "who" or they whomever,moi simply wants to hear is how come wildling's fruit[male(s),maybe moll(s)]hadn't much more promotional staved off Wild West fanning away similitude until somedeal approbative like first thing business open?(Only proposed a question out here,for all you ruffling discourse analysis anal-retentives,stomp atop of disciplinarian querulous if one must AND THEN take back up with development at life in itself still again!)
4 years ago
Kanavous's Advice
Met with Kanavous to discuss representation for my son . His advice based upon his personal judgment without even discussing anything concerning my son was to let the public defender represent him and not worry about a grown man in jail . That he knew 3 things when he met people 1 When they are poor 2 Prison 3 Death And if I wanted his representation to bring him$1500 in cash only that if I could not afford to make my sons $7000 bond that I definitely could not afford an attorney. Absolutely no questions about my son or his case only that he was a grown man acting liking a boy that he would be okay in jail to let the public defender help him . Now you can consider this the honest cold truth or take it offensively. That's your choice I personally would not recommend him because he never one time considered discussing my sons case ! He voiced his opinions and that was the end of our consultation and the advice we received .
4 years ago
They support a man one of there lawyers who on social media publicly called a 15 year old kidnapping victim a slut and outher vulgar things when she was aledgadly​ groomed by a 50 year old man who was her teacher in to a relationship
4 years ago
NOT a professional firm
A partner at this firm openly victim-blamed and called a 15 year old missing girl a "slut" several times on Facebook.He did not apologize for his actions, and his firm did not seem to publicly reprimand him for it. Would not support a firm that condones such behavior.
4 years ago
Kanavos is a sick man! He has publicly called a 15 year old kid napping victim a slut among other things. His firm decided to defend him. I wouldn't trust him to defend my dog! His arguments were half cocked and week at best.
4 years ago
Victim-blaming rape apologists
15 year old is kidnapped by her 50 year old teacher, and Scott has the nerve to call her a slut, publicly on a now deleted Facebook post. Then his firm defends him. Don't give them a dime.
4 years ago
Kanavos is a rude POS who supports pedophilia and rape. Kanavos stated, in regards to a 15 year old girl who was kidnapped in TN: "I hate to differ, but that girl is a SLUT, and SOCIETY needs to be protected from her and her parents." and "When DAVID, King of the JEWS, was dying, what did they bring to his bed? A doctor? No. A pill? No. A thirteen-year-old virgin? Yes." DISGUSTING
6 years ago
Highly effective and superbly professional
Our experience with Franklin Chancey was one of complete satisfaction. He told us going into our law suit that there was less than a 50% chance of winning. But Franklin went above and beyond the normal requirements before taking the case to court. His professionalism and preparation won us the case. His coaching and court preparation was exceptional. We highly recommend this law firm to anyone. The secretaries were great, they called us by name and treated us like humans. I cannot express how happy we were with everythng.
6 years ago
Honest, Compassionate and Knowledgeable
My wife and I recently met with Franklin Chancey about a possible malpractice case. Franklin took the time to thoroughly review the medical records and discuss with us our next steps. Franklin’s review concluded that, while we were not 100% happy with the results of the procedure, we did not have a sound case. He was very empathetic and honest with how he handled the situation. Often you see commercials for attorneys and it feels a little “ambulance chaser-ish.” My wife and I never felt that way dealing with Franklin. He is someone you can depend to give you honest advise. When was the last time you heard that about an attorney?