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2 months ago
Proceed with Caution
*Update* Donna from CDH called today (1 day after the below mentioned appointment) She informed me that she will be sending us a termination letter due to yesterdays appointment. I guess once a parent knows they are a fraud, they will cut you off. I am shocked at the level of professionalism they have shown over a mothers concern for the care her child received. I've been taking my 5 children to the Wyomissing office for a few years now. I always had questions in the back of my mind but after todays visit, it has all been confirmed for me. On a normal basis, we seem to be there for hours for simple cleanings (rarely any cavities) Before I go on, I will say. The ladies at the front desk are the BEST part of this location! They even interact with my children, the laughs are contagious. Today my 13 year old daughter was in to have a 12 year old molar filled. She came out with the dental assistant who explained that my daughter could benefit from laughing gas for any future appointments. She was in distress the entire time, highly uncomfortable and was unable to relax during the dental appointment. We NEVER have this issue with said child. My child then goes into how awful it was, she felt all the dental work being performed, how much pain she had and that the novocaine was the least painful thing about the entire experience. She states that the entire front lip/mouth and tongue is completely numb. That is where the red flag went off for me. Remember... She got a MOLAR filled. At this point, the dental assistant was very uncomfortable and said she'd be right back. She returned with the dentist... That's when it all went downhill. The dentist, Dr. Robyn Ivker explained to me that my child was never in any distress and expressed no signs of discomfort during the procedure. I understand the "fear" of being sued but lying right to my face when the assistant approached me directly afterwards recommended my child receive the laughing gas next time if needed. I stated the facts, my child spoke up for herself and yet everything was shut down as she did no wrong. HELLO, my child wasn't even numb in the correct place in her mouth! I am very disappointed after todays visit and seriously question if they even filled the correct tooth! Proceed with caution if you have the desire to take your children to this practice.
3 months ago
I took my daughter there for the first time three weeks ago. Mind you she is five and has been to the dentist before. The first visit she had ever been there they let me go back. Between the waiting 45 minutes after our scheduled appointment to the 2 hours we were back in the room constantly waiting and waiting for someone we were there for a total of 3 hours! For a routine visit. They ended up telling me she needed to come back because she had a cavity that needed to be filled and one that may turn into one. They then did xrays. We went back on Wednesday January 30th 2019 to get this one cavity filled and I was not allowed back. I began to tell them if my child needed laughing gas to come get me immediately before proceeding. They then called me back to tell me she has five more cavities for a total of six. In a matter of one week she gained five cavities. Then they told me she would have to get put to sleep to get them fixed and have survey and that if they saw anything else why she was asleep they would not ask my permission and would just continue. I will be getting second opinion. My cousins child who goes to the royersford office got told the exact same thing word for word. And we go to the wyomissing office. This is an insurance scam. Do not go here. My child will not be going through with this surgery. I am not the first person this has happened to. If you are reading this I give this place negatives not just a zero. DO NOT GO!!
4 months ago
Long wait, not very friendly.
Took us back after 25 minutes waiting after appointment time. The receptionist had her own kid there that was very loud and all over the place. After being taken back the nurse had laryngitis or something and couldn’t even talk. Not someone I wanted my kid to be around that sick. The hygienist came in and was very quiet and “cleaned” his teeth, how is brushing teeth cleaning them? Waited and waited then went back for X-rays then the dentist came in and was such in a hurry didn’t act personal or anything, looked at teeth for 30 seconds, slapped on some fluoride and walked out. Won’t return
5 months ago
Long wait times
We have been sitting here for 45 ninutes past our appointment time. The waiting room has 14 other families sitting and waiting. I would not recommend going to one of these “appointment farm” style locations.
6 months ago
First time visit
We arrived 30 minutes before my son’s appointment time to fill out paperwork,like asked. I completed the paperwork 10 minutes before the appointment time. My son wasn’t brought to the back area until 20 minutes after his appointment time. That immediately gives off a bad first impression. The assistant brought us both back to review my son’s medical and dental history and the purpose of our visit. I told her we were there to have a tooth pulled. She asked if I wanted them to do xrays and a cleaning as it’s been a while since last time it was done at our old dentist. I agreed. After the xrays and cleaning were done I was called into the back. After being told my son had no cavities (yea!) I get told we have to make a separate appointment for the tooth extraction; which was frustrating as this was the first time being told this! The dentist assured me as there wasn’t no abscess or infection, it’s not an emergency; and it can wait til another appointment. When asked why it couldn’t be done during the current appointment, I was told they didn’t have time; even though that was the main purpose of my appointment! My son really liked the office. He says the staff were great. They treated him with respect. Even though I disagreed with having to make another appointment, they were respectful and polite to me as well. Everyone I encountered was very professional. The office waiting area is very clean. When I went to the back area I was very impressed with how clean the area also was. my son liked getting the coins he could then use in the gum ball machines. We will definitely be going back for the tooth extraction in two weeks.
6 months ago
Lacks respect for parental authority
I'm thinking Children's Dental Health Associates is doing some things a bit askew. I was starting to think this office wasn't going to work for me when I realized how many parents were in the waiting room...without their children, but...I was willing to see what was up with that. It turns out that their cleaning chair arrays are set up SPECIFICALLY AS A PHILOSOPHY, to exclude parents from the treatment area. They say they do this starting at age 6... (and I quote): because children need to not be afraid and they're better without their parents. Um...nope. Regardless of how YOU think my child reacts without me there...this is my kid and the way *I* parent dictates that I'm going to be in the room. PERIOD. Partly to watch and protect them...b/c I have ZERO obligation to trust you as a stranger...but mostly b/c I STAY INVOLVED IN THEIR CARE. Always. This is how it works. Then they insisted on doing bitewing x rays if I even wanted a cleaning. Again with the nope. My kids have never had x rays and have had tons of cleanings. This isn't a crazy request. The first dental assistant told me that they are required by law and directed me to call the state dental board to verify...but then told me I couldn't use my phone in the exam room. *sigh* Turns out that 17 seconds of googling very quickly verified that NO, they are not state mandated...she was very thoroughly mistaken...and it's just CDHA practice standards that require it. I spoke to one of their doctors, asking very plainly if they were willing to accommodate my requests...and they were not. I then thanked her for wasting all of our time. No office policies trump my parental y'all are clearly not the place for us... so much so that I am compelled to leave this feedback for other families. If nothing else, my kids learned a lesson today about advocating for themselves respectfully....even if this PEDIATRIC DENTAL OFFICE (created specifically to provide dental care to children)...couldn't clean their teeth.
6 months ago
My kids can not stop raving about this location!
Typically we have always gone to the limerick office. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately our schedule clashed so we took an appointment at the wyomissing office. (Limerick office is also a great location) The wyomissing office the staff was amazing!!! They were extremely friendly, playfully joking with eachother and the kids! My kids had such a great time they said they were very comfortable. We had some hiccups but the staff went above and beyond to smooth things out! Definitely recommend this office!!!!
6 months ago
Friendly,very nice builder, kid friendly, great employees.
Great experience, very clean, great employees, organized, Hoping arcade machine is fixed next time for my daughters since that relaxes them before they go in.
6 months ago
Professional, clean
This was the first time ever going here with my three year old and to be honest I would have given a 5 star but I thought the receptionist was very rude. As I could barley understand what was being Told to me and got a little huff when asked if it was self pay or with insurance. I said with insurance and she said well we require that to Ben submitted 24 hours in advance. I kindly said I hadn’t no way of filling the new patient form out at home and I arrived a half hour early like asked if I had to do it at office. Everyone who took care of my daughter was very professional and very nice.
6 months ago
Staff that has patience for each patient
I'm always impressed to see how well the staff works with ALL children, unhappy, special needs, fearful....they are kind and gentle with each one. Which makes the dental appointment go better than expected.