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2 weeks ago
Long time patient
I have been coming to this office for over 10+ years. Dr. Joe had taken over the office from a prior dentist, who I didn't like (and actually felt uncomfortable going to). Having switched from another dentist previously I didn't want to switch again, so I took in stride when Dr. Joe took over, and have been extremely happy! I hear about how other dentist offices charge when they shouldn't or collect money when not necessary and have never run into that issue with his office. My teeth are great, thanks to the care and regular visits, and I trust their work. Seeing the negative things said is disheartening; everyone has their opinion and apparently a different experience, but I would never trust another dentist or office--based on dentists I went to prior to Dr. Joe and friends' experiences. I actually had 'repairs' made by Dr. Joe from the prior dentist and always felt work done was in my best interest--I further believe in the long run it has paid off because luckily I don't have any issues--not in the years since Dr. Joe made things 'right'. You never look forward to going to the dentist, but when all is said and done, the experience always ends well and I look forward to being a patient for a long time.
3 weeks ago
Excellent care
I get nervous going to the dentist. Your office was caring and comforting. Everyone I dealt with was great! Thank you, I’ll be back soon.
1 month ago
Professional and friendly
I'm so happy with the people and the service at Coastal Dental. They are a great group and I can't recommend them enough! Tamara is the BEST, so friendly, easy to talk to and she is gentle. Dr. Zicchino is a wonderful dentist, caring and professional. Thanks for another great visit!
2 months ago
Excellent, professional and friendly
My experience with Dr. Joe and his amazing staff is always top notch. The facility and the equipment are clean and up to date. I’ve never had to sit in the waiting room for my appointment - they are always on time. I have had extensive work done on my teeth by Dr. Joe and I am very satisfied with everything. I would recommend Coastal Dental to anyone. I have a lot of confidence in this team and their work ethic.
2 months ago
High quality care
I absolutely hate the thought of making an appointment for the dentist. But, going to Coastal Dental, I'm fine with making the appointment and going! The staff and Jessica and Dr. Joe are so caring and welcoming. I know I'm getting the best care. I actually enjoy myself when I'm there.
2 months ago
Professional & efficient staff.
Dr Joe is truely the best at what he does. Tamara is a excellent cleaning expert & as pleasant & approachable as anyone I know. Can’t wait for my next visit!! Thank you
3 months ago
SCAM & Money
Everything possible that could go wrong happened in this office, so bad that the one dental assistant told me personally that her other task is ”taking care of removing any bad reviews on these sites”...even hired an attorney to help stop the negative reviews. His lieing, & his girlfriends lieng, & girlfriends sisters lieng is deploring. He feels this is a “revenge attempt” on my part... revenge? For what? Obviously him writing that proved he has a guilty conscience cause he knows ALL the things he did wrong, it’s so sad that so-called drs who take OATHS could edit survellience footage, it has the same time stamp on it about 2 mins long, if that, yet it was really up to an hr, shows my husband walking in first, yet I was there first. The whole staff went to an attorney & alleged horrific evil things about me. In the end, he will soon be in front of the dental board again $ I most certainly will have all documented proof. I’m a nice person who was a paying patient to this office, it all went downhill after a fake review was conjured up, & someone didn’t wanna fix the work that’s he said “he stands by” without more money.
3 months ago
I noticed all these 5 star reviews after about 1 yr ago, his review status on all review sites were very low. A lot of horrible stuff has happened in this office, including the police there for Dr.Zicchino fighting. I am not the only person whom Jessica (the dentists' girlfriend) didn't like the fact that he had to fix all the horrendous work he did on me & failed. Jessicas sister who works there also, as a dental asst, she told me herself- "Part of my job is monitoring any bad reviews, & getting them removed"..after researching, I found out its very easy for someone to contact Google to have a bad review flagged & asked to be removed, & they are ON TOP of this! But simply go to Healthgrades where it isn't so easy for bad reviews to go away, that's why he has a 3.6 on there. I am SICK over the award-winning act this staff puts on, its a scam, they are overly nice at first & Zicchino will go over everything u need to be done tediously in a caring manner, ITS FAKE, once the treatment plan is printed up & the $ is owed, they will do ANYTHING to get your money, even call Care Credit & apply for a loan for yourself! The dentist didn't finish the implants he said he was going to do after the crown he previously did erupted, he never finished, I went there to find out why they were avoiding me & work it out amicably like adults, only to have him rip his scrub off to challenge my husband to a fight outside. He claims my missed appts is why... Then my sister sends me this link from The Dental Board proving Dr Zicchino outright got caught in a lie & was penalized for it. You can cut & paste it- I NEVER in my life dealt with such deploring people, I was hurt mentally & crying leaving the office. I am STILL dealing with this because after telling me I need to send a check for $100 for my charts, he refused my certified mail, I put a complaint in with the dental board and he lied to them, went & hired an attorney to mail me a "scare" letter, a cease & desist letter which is not legally binding, him hiring an attorney to send me that letter demanding me to stop writing bad reviews, is actually considered "retaliation" to the Dental Board. After I knew he was stalling on my work, I actually had to resort to being sneaky & I took cell phone pics of a few pages of the office notes, cause I know he was in trouble for lieng & thats how he was caught, they found where he was going to do the work for someone in the notes, as you will see in that link. I have NO reason to do anything like this, but I truly cannot imagine & feel sorry for anyone who he does this too in the future. He also told me he was going to pull my gum down, since it receded in about a month & u can see the post in my tooth, come to find out, Michele tells me he does not do gum surgery since he is only a General Dentist. All the endless appts ending with him saying "Are u excited next week to get your implant?!" Yet 4 months after, no implant, instead I had a good Dentist, Dr. Ruiz do it in one day. There is SO much more to this, I just need to warn all of you, all those 5 stars are people his girl staff are telling people to put 5 star for him. please trust me, there are plenty of good dentists out there. Lastly, clean office?? How many times did I walk into the exam room and there was bloody spit in that rinse sink? OMG
3 months ago
All about the MONEY and unnecessary work done!
WHY? WHY? I believe I am an intelligent woman, seen as I've worked in the mental health medical field. But I was conned. These are the things that you realize after the fact. I know my teeth were not bad by far, MAYBE 1-2 fillings I thought. My experience started by the front desk girl named Jessica coming back into the exam room along with Dr. Zichinno and sat on the side. By the way, I have ALL my natural teeth, except wisdom, no toothaches whatsoever, and I constantly receive compliments on them. Well the Dr just started rattling off all the things I needed fixed, filled, pulled, bridged, you name it. When the dentist left the room for a moment, that's when I did "the test" I do with any new dentist I ever go to, I asked the asst Jessica if my teeth were the worst she had ever seen. Ofcourse EVERY dentist I've ever been to always would look at me like I'm crazy and reply "Noo way, you have no idea of the things we see with some patients!" But that was not the answer I got, she actually shook her head in the YES way and said "You NEED to get this work done and then skipped right to bringing me up front and asking me how much if I had enough $ to pay for the treatment plan, I said "Not now", then she asked if I had Care Credit, I was skeptical and wanted a 2nd opinion, but they both made it sound as if I didn't get all this done I would have serious health issues, she even took it upon herself to loudly ask me for my SS#, that's when I realized, O.M.G.- she was actually on the phone with Care Credit trying to get me a loan!!! Luckily I spoke up and said Absolutely not. As I was walking out they were mumbling stuff, as it turns out, I went to a 2nd opinion and was told I had immaculate clean teeth and only needed 3 composite cavities, big differance very very scary.
4 months ago
Tamara Rocks!
Had a great check up! Thx Tamara!