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2 weeks ago
Outstanding and totally profesional
I've been a client for decades and eventually my family members have become patients of Dr Shah. Besides being a total professional, Dr Shah (and staff) really cares about her clients and always gives the best and most honest suggestions/recommendations. A simple example of her attention to details: at today's visit while sitting in the dentist chair she was (correctly) concerned about the location of my cell phone on my belly and suggested I place it on a more stable location. I can't come up with enough superlatives!!
2 months ago
Great Service
Dr. Shah was friendly and professional as always! She is always giving me helpful tips to help me take better care of my teeth!
2 months ago
Top notch
Top notch in every aspect, esp the knowledge of Dr. Shah
2 months ago
Dipika is the best and Paula always goes out of her way to accomodate
I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Shah and Paula. They are great people and I am so happy to have found them. Dr, Shah has a genuine passion and love of dentistry and is a great dentist and person
2 months ago
I would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone and everyone
Sorry this is going to be long but I feel I need to explain all this for you to understand why to me Dr. Shah deserves a 5 star rating or MORE! All my life I have dreaded and feared the dentist. As a child I wasn't really taught how to care for my teeth. Even the dentists I went to, up until I was in my 20s, just ignored that I never flossed (didn't know how or that I even had to), that I'd always have food getting trapped between multiple teeth, or that I had really bad gum disease! Over the years I've had many toothaches, tons of fillings, a root canal, an extraction, an implant, etc... All of the dentists I've ever had pretty much ignored my complaints about my crooked and uncomfortable cross-bite (should've had major orthodontic work but was never assessed for it), a clicking jaw and bleeding gums. As an adult, I went to a periodontist on my own to address my bleeding gums and had to have extensive surgery with bone grafting. It wasn't very long before the bleeding was back as before. When my dentist retired and a younger dentist came in I thought my concerns would finally be addressed. I was wrong. They repaired a crown, capped a tooth and wanted to root canal them both when I was having pain after that work was completed. I was afraid to go back. I spent the next year doing the best I could to brush and floss but not eat on that side of my mouth. Then after we moved to NJ I took my young boys to Dr. Shah and I was so impressed with how gentle her and her staff were that I decided to be brave and make an appointment for myself. I am soooo happy I did. Dr. Shah did a thorough assessment and cleaning. She said that she didn't see any reason why the 2 capped teeth would need a root canal and advised me to start eating soft foods on that side and she was right- they're ok! At the next visit she replaced a very old silver filling and found decay under the filling. She said she was surprised I didn't complain of pain on that side. It's not that I didn't have any. I was told by the last dentist that the pain was from my sinuses and not the tooth. Well since she replaced the filling, it's been pain free for the first time in YEARS!!! I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually look forward to my next apportionment for her to replace another old filling to see if it's the cause of pain on that side of my mouth and not the capped tooth. As for my bleeding gums, my cross-bite and clicking jaw, she working on a plan to address these issues as well! A dentist that is finally addressing my concerns and not making me feel like I'm only there to practice their drilling and Novocain shots! It's a miracle! And that's another thing, I've have dentists give me multiple (as many as 4) shots to get me numb for dental work in one area! To my surprise, she only needed ONE, and she even numbed the area topically first so that the injection intolerable! I was also offered a bite block for the first time in my life! If you don't know what that is, it holds your mouth open so you can kind of relax your jaw. In the past, I'd leave the dentist with a raging headache and feeling like I had lockjaw. Well not anymore! Sorry this is long but I am just blown away by how amazing this office is. I won't even tell you about her comfy procedure chairs, I'll let you find that one out for yourself. ;)
2 months ago
Amazing Dentist for the whole family!
My 4 year old son had never been to the dentist and is VERY attached to me. He will barely go with family members, never mind a doctor/dentist, so I was in shock when he had no problem when I left him with Dr. Shah and her wonderful assistant to go wait in the waiting room! The immediately started talking to him about vehicles (his favorite thing) and showed him how the chair went up and down like a mechanic's car lift! He skipped out to the waiting room when they were done, so proud of how brave he was and so excited about his "presents"- a green toothbrush (his favorite color) and a little green toy car. He couldn't wait to tell me about Mr. Thirsty and the chair and how they cleaned and counted his teeth. I had promised him a present if he was brave for the dentist and but he told me Dr. Shah already gave him presents! I can't thank Dr. Shah and her staff enough for how wonderful they were with my son.
3 months ago
Second visit for my 6 year old was a huge success!
Dr. Shah and her staff made quite an impression on my 6 year old son, Peter. When I told him it was time to go back to seal his back teeth, he was excited to go! My younger son, who is 4, refused to stay home with my mom because he said he liked it at the dentist too. Peter waltzed into the office as if we'd gone there 100 times (it had only been once before), and walked away with the dental assist without even looking back! James made his way right into the playroom. My sons don't really like going to the doctor (who does?) and are usually shy, even with me being right there with them with adults they're not very familiar with. The staff made them both feel totally and completely comfortable. I'm shocked and happy. The sealants didn't take very long and Peter walked out all smiles, telling me that they didn't clean his teeth this time but he can't wait until his next visit in 6 months, so he can get them cleaned again and visit with Dr. Shah and Mr. Thirsty. The assistant, Monica, informed me that Peter was actually a little chatty with them! He told everyone at home about the dentist and how much he loved it! I'm so thankful.
3 months ago
We couldn't be happier! I am so glad we found Dr. Shah!
My 6 year old son, Peter, had only been to the dentist once before we moved to NJ, so I was worried about how he would be at the dentist. The staff was soooo nice and accommodating. Dr. Shah made Peter feel at ease immediately with her calm and cheerful tone. I feared that he wouldn't cooperate but she knew exactly how to engage him, and I was shocked that he didn't even care if I was in the room or not. My younger son played in their small playroom while we waited for Peter to have his exam and cleaning. They allowed me to peek in on Peter frequently and he was really having a great time. Afterwards, he was so excited to tell me all about the tools (Mr. Thirsty) and the chair, and the glasses the let him wear so the light didn't hurt his eyes. We made him a second appointment to seal his molars and he was actually excited to be coming back! I am so happy!
4 months ago
High quality professional and friendly service
I highly recommend Dr. Shah she is exceptional. I had many cavities as a child and I have always been truly scared of the dentist but Dr. Shah was very gentle and I finally had the courage to replace all of my silver fillings. Everyone in this office is kind from the moment you walk in you will love talking to Paula she is knowledgeable and makes you feel welcome. One of the best things I noticed about this practice is that everyone is on the same page when it comes to service and procedures. Dr. Shah takes the time to communicate with her staff with kindness and treats them like a team and in turn that is passed on to the patient.
4 months ago
Dear Dr Shah: Your treatment of my two lower front teeth was excellent, effective and expeditious as usual. Thank you, John