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Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

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4 months ago
Friendly, On Time, Clean
I highly recommend this office. They are so friendly, and explain everything in easy-to-understand language. Appointments stay on time, and the office is so clean! I only wish I had made my first appointment much sooner.
5 months ago
The way Chiropactic care should be....
I am not new to Chiropractic care but new to the area. I found Dr. Harris/Group and could not be more pleased. The center is beautiful and inviting. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Dr. Harris addressed the issues quickly and effectively. I am amazed at how fast I recover and am pain-free. My previous Chiropractic group have pressured me to buy special pillows, herbs, diets etc. There is no pressure here for anything. If I ask about something they tell me about it and that's it. She leaves it up to me to decide on a follow-up appointment. What a lovely way to care for your patients. I am grateful I found this group and enthusiastically refer my friends and family. (this practice is in-network for my health insurance, my out of pocket cost has been around $35 per visit)
5 months ago
Very professional, wonderful staff
I enjoy the new facilities and the staff is wonderful. Dr Harris knows how to adjust me gently and Mike seems to find the right spots to keep this 70+ body going. Vanessa is always pleasant and can find the appointment that works great for my schedule.
6 months ago
YOU READY!! Worth the read if you want healing!!! My journey started in Oct 2016 when an annoying, intermittent static/crackle sound started in my left ear. It really did not feel like it was in my left ear, just that my left ear was picking up the noise from somewhere in my left jaw/neck area. I of course began with my primary care doctor & told him my whole story. He did not have an answer or a direction for me to go in, so I left with no answer :-( I, however, felt strongly to see a chiropractor. As anyone does now-a-days, you go to Google & HF Chiropractor was an option. I went to their website & checked things out. I liked what I read & made an appointment. I felt like family & comfortable within minutes. It all starts with their awesome & very smart Receptionist Vanessa! She is so much fun & is a joy. She truly is connected & part of your healing process! Then you move onto Dr. Harris, who truly listens to your whole story over & over again if you want to keep telling it...heehee. She worked on me a bit my first appointment & I felt better, but the noise not staying away. After a few visits, she turned me into the direction of an ENT just to make sure it was not strictly an ear issue. I went and no tinnitus & actually have great hearing & ears are great. The ENT suggested something is affecting the trigeminal nerve & to keep seeing the chiropractor. I was having other issues in my left jaw, neck & arm area. The noise was the most bothersome, but I started getting some numbness type feeling as well. Dr. Harris also recommended to me that I go see a neurologist & I went. I liked she was not opposed to seeing other types of doctors. She wants to make sure she knows what is going on in your body & how she can best help in the healing of it. She is truly awesome! Had a small nerve study & a scan of my spine done. A pinched C8 nerve, but not the direct cause of the noise, but the direct cause of the left arm numbness. Dr. Harris ran with that information & realigned me & took care of that C8 issue. Dr. Harris never stopped working on the noise issue & was making progress, but she could only do so much & the fix for me just was not sticking & she NEVER gives up. EVER!! Dr. Harris recommended a massage place that specializes in TMJ massage (Replenish Wellness & Massage Center) & I started in that direction. That truly was making a difference, but still something else was needed. I was also still seeing Dr. Harris. I needed it all! As I said, Dr. Harris NEVER gives up!! In the meantime Dr. Harris brought on staff Mike Holda & I was gently handed off to him in October 2017 & he was the VERY added ingredient I needed. I cannot begin to tell you what he has found out about the muscles, etc. on my left upper side, because it is a lot. Fused muscles (I hope I got that right Mike) and cartilage issues. It at times hurts so much when he is working his magic, but the end results are OH SO GOOD!! With confidence I am sure that my very freak rolling skating accident in March of 2009 (by the way, I am an excellent skater, let me say that for the record) where I broke both wrists by hitting my elbows so hard, that the force radiated so hard & fast to my wrist that they both broke (one worse than the other). Can you guess what wrist broke worse? Yep, the left one. The side my issues are one. I hit all of my backside when I fell. If you were to stand & just fall backwards into someone's arms, that is how I fell onto the skating rink floor, but with great force in less than 30 seconds. How you ask? A piece of hard bubble gum on the skating rink floor as I was skating backwards was an instant brake. There is so much more to that skating story, but let's move on. My broken wrist was the only focus to get fixed & my left wrist had to have surgery. The wrists were also the only focus in my PT place I went to at that time, to get my wrist to move again once the cast were off. The rest of me that needed looked at was missed. I did not realize there was a rest of me that could have been affected, because I too was only focused on the wrists moving again. Well it is true what I have heard people say, "that an accident from 10 years ago can cause issues later, that may have been missed". Well things were missed & caught up to me last October 2016, but because of Dr. Harris in her direct part & her part in leading me in the direction of all the other players in my healing process, I now have way more quieter days in my left ear now. My manifested healing is way on its way and I know through the work of Mike's hands and Beth (the TMJ massage person), I will be totally rid of this. Oh, I do think I will need to go a few times a year for some maintenance touch up, because the stress of living this life never goes away and affects the muscles, tendons, nerves, etc. and will need to be gentling worked out. I know that Harpers Ferry Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center is amazing and a God send to this gal!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 months ago
Teriffic Care
After suffering all weekend with a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, I called Harpers Ferry Chiropractic Monday morning around 9. I made an appointment for 11 the same day. Dr Harris worked on the muscles in my back, and made an adjustment to my spine. I experienced immediate relief. I was still sore for a couple of days, but it felt like the knife in my back had been removed. I thought I'd be laid up for a while, but, I'm back to work. My experience was better than I expected. I found Dr Harris to be knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. She seems like someone who would go out of her way to help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
10 months ago
Dr. Harris and her staff are always pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent service Love the new offices!
10 months ago
This was my first visit to a chiropractic, and I didn't know what to expect. I had two different issues and Dr. Harris was able to address and resolve them both more quickly than I could have imagined. She also showed me exercises for how to strengthen/stretch the problem areas to prevent recurrences. Dr. Harris has a very relaxed, caring demeanor and her competence and professionalism put you right at ease. The office staff is friendly, warm and helpful. I'd recommend this place to anyone.
11 months ago
Dr Harris is very knowledgeable, and able to get to the root of the problem quickly. I highly recommend this practice.
12 months ago
Wonderful Visit
Wonderful experience. The receptionist was kind and warm and helped me fill out the paperwork quickly and efficiently. Then Dr. Harris was the best chiropractor I have ever been to. She listened and took the time to really understand where I was hurting and why. She then cracked me from neck to lower back and I feel wonderful. She even had me move around and asked if I was still in pain, I was so she continued working until she could resolve my immediate pain. Repeat visits will be necessary to completely fix the problem, but at least now I don't have a stabbing pain every time I bend. I didn't feel rushed or like I was wasting her time, she listened and cared! Great visit!
12 months ago
High Quality service, both friendly and professional
Always nice to find those in the business -of- healing, like Dr. Harris, who first emphasize the Healing, not just Business. She cares who you are and quickly hones in on the core issues--the actual sources of discomfort, and her skill at gently but firmly addressing them is impressive...I also appreciate having my questions answered so clearly--since I apparently paid no attention in Health class and know little of muscles/joints, and did nothing at home to help avoid or relieve pain. Dr. Harris is great at suggesting what's best. In addition, her homeopathic knowledge adds a dimension to all-around care. Finally, I enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere--I start feeling relieved the moment I enter, knowing that the smiles are genuine (thank you Vanessa, and Alicia)...and that I'm going to feel a heck of a lot better when I leave.