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2 months ago
Very rude
The phone staff are rude and dont give you anytime of day. The dentist told my daughter to stop crying or stop complaining if she didnt want jer baby tooth pulled (she was 8 at the time) they are very insensitive and are just there to make money. You can tell half of them dont even like there jobs.
2 months ago
Very rude staff
When trying to get in and make an appointment the receptionist was giving me a hard time, by over talking me about my insurance, when I finally was able to get a word in about insurance had changed , she then ignored my conerns, about the pain I was experience that was the main reason for the. appointment. I tried asking for office manager , which was just as rude and unprofessional as the receptionist, don't bother with even trying to make an appointment at this place.
2 months ago
Very poor service
Do not go here. I repeat, do not go here. I have been to this office twice now and regret going both times. The front office people are not customer service save. I signed in as soon as I walked in the door. There was no one around and when they did finally come to the window they didn't greet me or anything. Two more people came in got checked in and called back to have their teeth cleaned before me. So I asked if I even had an appointment that day. She said yes and that was it. No good morning or anything. The dental hygienist said that she didn't know I was in the waiting room at all but she can checks from time to time to make sure no one is waiting. When the dentist came in to discuss my teeth I politely told her about my experience and just wanted her to be aware of what happened. So was ok at first saying she will have a talk with them and correct the problem. Then as I was checking out she came back over and I could tell she was upset with the whole situation. I then see something move on the floor and it is a dog. A full grown dog with a red and white shirt on and the lady that I'm talking to starts petting it. Don't get me wrong I love dogs but at the dentist office where it is supposed to be sanitary. I will no be returning and I would not recommend this office to anyone.
4 months ago
Very unprofessional and rough
I would not recommend this office to anyone!!! My son had his wisdom teeth removed this past Friday by Dr. Rani and it turned out to be a traumatic experience. I should have known when I heard him moan in discomfort, while sitting in the lobby talking on the phone, that things would turn out bad. He was miserable when he came out of his procedure, even after taking the prescribed meds ahead of time and the injection of the medication they used to numb him...I was furious when I saw him immediately following his procedure. My son is 22 and DOES NOT complain about anything, so to see him that upset and hurting was devastating to me...he was worse off then he was the day before with a toothache!!! I could maybe understand if it were an hour later and the meds were wearing off, but he we had not even made it back out into the lobby and he was MISERABLE. The front office lady had EVERY excuse in the book, she even lied to me when I walked to the back once I heard my son moan and attempted to tell me it wasn't my son but instead a different patient...I told her she was a lie and she was! Debbie is well versed in her excuses so please do not let her feed you the BULL! My son's tells me he tried repeatedly to tell them he could feel everything they were doing to him but nobody listened and that is UNACCEPTABLE!!! My son says not 1 person asked how he was doing during the procedure. Seems to me they like to give what they call 'happy meds' so they can have their way with patients, yank their teeth out, and then send them home confused and in pain. The front office lady made it a point to say that thier schedule was filled with wisdom tooth extractions this particular day and the lobby had people waiting. It is my opinion that she attempted to get him numb but didn't ensure it before starting, then rushed to get it done so she could move on to the next patient, a prime example of quality vs quantity care...Dr. Rani and Hoke Road Dental are absolutely in the business of quantity care, not quality!!!!!!!! Our appt was at 830 amd he was done by 9 with 4 extractuons, 1 of which was twisted and impacted...IMPOSSIBLE. I was told several times how important ice is following this procedure but they didn't even have disposable ice packs to give to patients afterward, said they used the last 1 the day before. So I had to go across the street to Subway, get a cup of ice and 2 gloves to get him relaxed enough for the ride home without me losing mind and causing a wreck because my son was in excruciating pain. I also had to argue with the front office lady to get more meds for son, told me he can go home and take more of what they had already given him. I'm no fool and have been in healthcare 20 plus years, I one wit I left there with my son on that condition and had to call back nothing would be done, not to mention it was a Friday and nobody would have been available in the office over the weekend if needed. So I demanded something be done and finally was given more meds. No way he would have made it with what they had given him a day prior for pain to help heal and soothe the trauma caused by Dr. Rani. It took me until approx 10pm the day of the procedure to get him comfortable and he had to wear ice tied to his face for 16 hours. My daughter and I both had our wisdom teeth out previously and it was nothing like this experience. Dr. Rani never once came up front to speak with me and I'm not sure how anyone could work with a provider that doesn't listen to their patients when they have a complaint. Pain is what the patient says it is and should be addressed matter what. And what works for 1 patient doesn't work for the next. Patients should be treated as individuals and not numbers which is exactly how the office made me feel. Unfortunately we have to return to the office to have sutures removed and God knows I don't any of my family back in there, my son absolutely does not want Dr. Rani to touch him and I don't blame. I just hope and pray it is a better experience than the extractions. I was gonna have him return without me but have since decided that isn't a good idea, so we rescheduled to a day I can be present and once done we will never go back. DO NOT USE HOKE ROAD DENTAL AS YOUR DENTAL PROVIDER!!! Signed, A concerned parent!
4 months ago
Great Experience
I have been going to this dental office for over six years. It has been a journey and by far the best experience I’ve ever had. The ladies who clean my teeth always make sure I stay on top of my dental hygiene and Dr. Rani is by far the best dentist I have had. She cares, takes care of me when I need something done immediately and always sends me away with a smile. It’s hard to find good places like this anymore. Debbie is great too! Romello
6 months ago
Been more than once to this office. Last week went in for ONE tooth problem and came out 7 fillings later, that I didn't know I was getting until the drilling started. Made another appointment for more work, supposed to be another root canal, but needed to reschedule (called the day before the appointment). I was told that I would have to call another day to see if an appointment would be available, they would no longer make an appointment for me. Very unprofessional in my book. I gave notice, but Debbie in the office said they require 48 hours notice. I know the dentist is busy paying for her new laser drill, but I was appalled at the "no longer accepting appointments from me" policy. Would not recommend.
6 months ago
Staff is friendly, depending on how far they are behind
I was all on board after Dr Snyder left me hanging! However, I soon found out that they seem to be all about money , Dr Remni is very sweet but never did any real work for me ( I didn’t have much left to do ) finally she told me to extract all my bottom teeth and get a fulll denture , all my upper upper teeth are implants after wearing dentures most of my life ! My heart sank ❤️ This is what led to to find another dentist, he is awesome and has stated that he can help me , I truly love Dr Remni and hands down a very sweet and compassionate woman + it’s sad that she over books and has little time for patients like myself and my husband . I do recommend her to those that are willing to wait and have serious work done , God bless and I wish her and Albert all the best
Response from Hoke Road Dental Care
Dr Rani feels the treatment you requested was unethical and not in your best interest. We wish you the best and please make sure your new dentist cares about your overall oral health.
11 months ago
So far my experience has been painful. I received a deep tissue gum cleaning before my bad teeth were extracted from my mouth. I'm currently experiencing pain from both teeth. I hope they can remove these infected teeth before it gets worse. I feel the receptionist cares more about money than my overall health.
Response from Hoke Road Dental Care
We are sorry you are still experiencing pain! Please call the office today to discuss this matter at 937-832-8000!
2 years ago
You have the prettiest receptionist - Jann. And she is so very kind. Laura did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and Dr. R was very thorough and informative in my needed later procedures.
2 years ago
High Hopes
thought everyone was very nice and courteous. very laid back vibe. can't give 5 star till I see my new teeth!