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10 months ago
Helping me through my darkest days
When I lost my husband to Brain Tumor Cancer, my entire life changed. We married when I was 30 years old, and I never dreamt “until Death do us part “would hit me at 55 years old. As I maneuvered my new path without my soulmate, it was apparent I was not ready for the difficulty of the trail. I have been a scrapper all my life, so I took a deep breath and tried to manage it head on without a game plan other than keep going forward. I started incorporating books, and resources along the way. Eventually, it took a toll on me Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I was encouraged to find a counselor to add to my “Wellness Team” as I called them. Like many people, I began an intensive search for an authentic, no BS therapist, that could help me find the tools and resources to incorporate into my life. When I first met with Dr. Gab, I knew I was in trouble and scared to death. My grief was just the tip of the iceberg as I now was struggling with depression and lost my “fighting spirit” that has served me for 57 years. Dr. Gabriele has been a gift from God for me. She is honest, compassionate, and present during our time together. Dr. Gab has provided a safe and supportive place where I can dive deep into my struggles. She has been patient and offers a variety of exercises and tools to use in my healing. She listens, gives honest feedback, makes me laugh at myself at times, and holds me accountable for my actions in a tough love, no BS way. The assignments she gives me not only challenges me to dig deeper but reflect and integrate tools I am learning to apply to my life. I came to Dr. Gabriele when life was slipping away, and I could not stop sliding down, and had lost hope of gaining my footing again. Today, I have restored Faith, Hope, and tools to use along the way. The work I do with Dr. Gabriel, has had an indelible impact on my life. She has allowed me to bring my Empowerment forward and find my inner strength again. If I had to do it over again, I should have started with Dr. Gabriele in the beginning of my Grief journey. My unsolicited advice, call her, and remember it is a partnership. She cannot help if you do not show up! Do it even if you are scared. You owe this gift of love to yourself.
10 months ago
Hello, Before meeting Dr.Gabby Goodman. I was a very shy and anxious person who struggled a lot with going to public places, meeting new people, walking around in crowds, and even talking on the phone. I would get a lot of anxiety. I met Dr. Gabby Goodman in 2020 when I was 19 years old so I have now been with her for over a year. I had begun attending Sonoma State University in 2019. Going to college was something I was looking forward to for the longest time but throughout the couple of months that I had attended I struggled with anxiety and that affected my eating habits because I was too afraid to go to the dining hall to get food so I stopped eating as much. Also I would go the longest way possible to get to my classes just to avoid people because my anxiety had gotten so bad I had to take a leave of absence from Sonoma State.That's when the search for a therapist began, my parents have tried contacting several but we wanted to make sure we found the right fit. That's when we found Dr.Gabby Goodman. I remember the car ride when my mom first talked to her on the phone and I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation but I remember my mom telling her I was too nervous to talk on the phone and Dr. Gabby Goodman immediately understood. I remember being very nervous but then as soon as we met her we were welcomed with open arms and she is not only the most welcoming person that makes you feel accepted but also very kind, funny, and relatable. I am very grateful to have met Dr.Gabby Goodman because not only is she my therapist but she is also my friend. She has helped me in so many ways and I am forever appreciative. Before it was really hard just to speak on the phone but not only because of Covid did we have facetime but also because Dr. Gabby Goodman never rushed me to having to facetime. At first we talked on the phone but slowly we changed to facetime and now I really look forward to our meetings. We also did many meditations and she would write and read them herself and they always made me feel way better and that was also the time where my thoughts we slowed down and put at ease. While in college. I was so nervous about almost everything and now I’m just really excited to go back and eat in the dining hall and do things that I was so afraid of before. I was also really nervous to join the Cross country team but she had helped encourage me and now I am doing something that I love to do. She helped me not only face my fears head on but also has helped me challenge my thoughts instead of accepting the negative thoughts I would have. Even though it can be really scary to talk about your feelings or sometimes to even know what you are feeling it is always nice to have someone to talk to and to help not only calm your thoughts but also to learn how to slowly turn those negative thoughts into positive ones and that is what Dr. Gabby Goodman has done. She is not only very kind but she is also honest in a way that sometimes you don’t want to challenge yourself but she helps with going at your own pace but also a pace that is helping you grow. I am very appreciative and thankful to have met her. Thank you very much.
2 years ago
Dr. Gabby came at the perfect time for our son
This past summer 2019 is when Dr. Gabby Goodman came into our lives. My husband and I searched and called several psychologists hoping to find the right psychologist who has the expertise to train people on how to strengthen the mental and emotional skills for competitive sport. Our son is a competitive athletic who struggled with confidence when competing. Dr. Goodman was the answer to our prayers. She truly helped our son to recognize the person he is as a talented, skilled young man with a priceless future ahead of him. Dr Gabby reached our son in a manner that allowed him to see the potential of greatness because of his attitude and the humility that he possesses. She reached him at a time in his life (tough teen yrs 15 -16 yr old) when he didn't quite understand how or where he fit in. Dr. Gabby worked with our son to enable him to understand the importance of building strong mental and emotional skills as an athletic who wants to potentially compete on the college or professional level. Dr. Gabby's was able to reach him in a short time and my family witnessed the change in his attitude and his demeanor when he is competing and his overall life. Dr. Gabby is truly a professional with a personal touch that has made a positive impact in our son's life. We appreciate Dr. Gabby's support, concern, genuine kindness and love that she demonstrated to help our son be the best person we know that he will be as a young adult. Thank you, Dr. Gabby for coming into our lives; we are forever grateful.
2 years ago
The best
I've been seeing Dr. Goodman for coaching and general therapy. She's so caring, compassionate and relatable, and I feel completely at ease with her. She's flexible in her approach with me and able to pair her work with my needs which move around from session to session. She works hard to help me discover solutions and alternative paths forward. I wish I'd found her years ago!
2 years ago
Great speaker for our dancers!
Dr. Goodman came as a guest speaker for our teenage dancers to talk to them about anxiety and performance anxiety. Our objective was to open a conversation with our students about something so many teens today struggle with. Her presentation style was casual and comfortable, and they were engaged and asked great questions. Dr. Goodman was clearly an expert in this topic, and provided information and resources that will be invaluable for those who participated. We sincerely look forward to a relationship with her in the future, and greatly appreciate her sharing her expertise and time with us.
2 years ago
Dr. Gaby Goodman is AMAZING!
We are forever grateful for finding Dr. Gaby Goodman! She has successfully helped both our girls through periods of darkness. She first helped our older daughter, who was struggling with anxiety/depression. After several months of failed therapy sessions with another therapist. Dr. Goodman was was referred to us. Within a very short period of time, Dr. Goodman was able to get to the root of our daughters anxiety/depression, coaching her through, giving her life skills to help her navigate through stress. She is now thriving!! When later, our younger daughter had a choking episode, leaving her fearful to eat. Dr. Goodman took special care, going way above and beyond helping our daughter overcome her fears of choking. She too is now thriving! Dr. Goodman has left such a positive impact on both our girls. She has such love & care for her patients, helping them, making them feel comfortable and taken care of. She’s a true Gem!
2 years ago
Has given me life again
Dr. Goodman has been a God send, I am a chronic pain sufferer,, I also suffer from anxiety and depression as a result of multiple surgeries from on the job injuries. Her knowledge, skill set and compassion for her patients is impeccable, she is absolutely amazing and she cares, I'm not just a number. Dr. Goodman has helped me manage my pain symptoms mentally through therapy, using multiple therapeutic techniques. She is my peace beneath the storm that I weather on a daily basis. She has thought me to fight everyday to live with pain and to enjoy the life that I have been given although I will never be pain free. I look forward to seeing her for every session, and I dont know who or where I'd be without her in my life. Sincerely K. Wright
2 years ago
Helped our whole family
Members of my family at one time or another have visited dr Goodman. Our eldest daughter started seeing her during high school to help with navigating friendships and general stress of school. As her visits went on it became very apparent that our daughter became much more confident, communicative and able to manage all the stresses of high school. Even more evident was her improvement in her sport. She is involved in a competitive sport and we have seen her not only drastically improve but she also rediscovered her love for the sport. Dr Goodman gives her very tangible and useful tools and techniques to apply what they talk about. While we thought she would attend a few visits we quickly learned that Dr Goodman was available for all of the family at various times. Our youngest saw her to help with grieving. My husband saw her for how to communicate with teenage daughters and I saw her for adapting to a new job. Dr Goodman is easy to talk to, provides real solutions and checks up on you. In our house we think of Dr Goodman as a therapist, sports psychologist and all around life coach.
2 years ago
Gabby is Amazing
Dr. Goodman is truly an amazing woman who is a master at her craft. I started seeing her almost 2 years ago and starting therapy with her was one of the best things I’ve done. Not only have I noticed a change in myself, but my closet friends have commented on the positive change Gabby has had on me. She has helped me navigate my mid 20’s whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, my family dynamics or even my career moves. She holds me accountable and is an amazing sounding board for tough conversations and figuring out next steps that I’ve struggled asking for help with. She’s challenges me, she’s holds no judgement and I feel safe turning to her with everything. She has given me permission to grow in ways I didn’t know I needed. Thanks Gabby :)
2 years ago
Dr. Goodman Is A Gift To My Daughter
In my daughter's Freshman Year of high school, I could sense that my happy, out-going, social and conscientious girl was showing signs of withdrawal, sadness, pessimism and lethargy. I had shared my concern's about my daughter's troubling demeanor with a friend whose daughter struggled with similar symptoms. My friend advised me to reach out to the therapist who had helped her daughter to manage her similar feelings. Within seconds of their first interaction, my daughter immediately felt connected to Dr. Goodman. Dr. Goodman (Gabby) empowered my daughter with strategies to help her to acknowledge her feelings, to identify the sources behind her feelings and how to navigate through these unwanted feelings. My daughter shared with me that she felt that Gabby is a safe place for her to share her thoughts without the fear of judgement or shame. My daughter also feels that Gabby is relatable, trustworthy, kind, humorous and honest. My daughter appreciates Gabby's unique ability to always make her feel special, heard and important. Gabby is a true gift to my daughter. Under Gabby's guidance, I have watched my daughter's confidence soar, her smile get brighter and her belief in her abilities heighten. Gabby has an innate ability to help my daughter to realize the depth of her potential and to accept that she deserves happiness. As a mother, you want your child to feel happy, connected and self-assured and, with Gabby's support, my daughter has found her smile, again. :-)