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2 years ago
The most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with!
You cant make this up... my window for them to arrive was between 11 and 2. At 2:30 I call to get an update. Was told truck problems. OK, it happens. The "Manager" said she would keep me updated. Nothing. 4 pm I try calling again but they turn the phones off so no way to communicate other then text. She repeatedly ignores my texts. Now I find out they're in Fort Lauderdale finishing another move. So she lied to me. 6 pm comes around and another manager calls me and said because of my "tone" via text messages she doesn't feel it would make sense to send the guys. Well yeah, I was pretty mad but there was no cursing and no threats. She cancelled the move and refunded my money over 4 hours after they were supposed to arrive. Can you imagine waiting all day for supposedly professional movers and they call and cancel. This was one of the worst moves I've ever done. As a disabled veteran I can only hope that they don't ever do this to anyone again. I had to sleep on the floor for three days till I could schedule another company. PS, I requested the owners information and they refused to give it to me. I have to think that their complete disregard for customers starts at the top and rolls down. HIRE AT YOUR OWN RISK and be sure to have a backup plan.
2 years ago
Awful Management - Don't expect to hear back from them
Over the course of a week, I spoke with Charles in Orlando about my upcoming move. He seemed incredibly personable on the phone, so I decided to go with them. I am beginning to wish I didn't. When we booked the move, Charles told me that we would start my move between 10am - noon. He even told me that the movers would show up closer to the 10am side of the window because it was a slower day. I showed up at the house early that morning to get everything I could staged and ready for the movers. Charles calls me about 10:30am and tells me that the movers are at another move and my new window is now noon - 2pm. Around 2pm, I call back and Charles says the movers aren't finished with the 1 bedroom apartment yet. Then it's 3:30pm, and I start calling because I'm ready to cancel the move and get a UHaul and try to do it myself. I am a disabled vet and am willing to try to move a 5bedroom house myself because I feel like I could have it done by the time the movers even showed up. As I'm calling at 3:30pm, Charles stops answering my calls. In fact - To this day, I haven't had Charles answer the phone, call me back, or respond to my emails. The movers finally showed up just before 4pm, to START a 5 bedroom house move. When I talked to Charles on the phone to set this move up, I even upsold myself and asked to have another mover help because I knew we had a lot of stuff. I was weary because I wasn't sure that all of our items would fit on the truck and Charles over and over insisted that everything would fit and even went as far as to say, "This is the biggest truck you can drive before you need a CDL, We'll make it fit". So, the movers start moving our things and pack the truck to the ceiling - Come to find out, it doesn't all fit. We had an entire garage that was left at the house, the kitchen table, the master bedroom's furniture... At this point, it took 4 hours to get the truck loaded and we head to the new house. The guys are already tired. It's 8pm, they've been working since 6am. They are apparently become less and less careful with our belongings. Our coffee table was taken off a 4 wheel dolly, stood on its side, then swiveled to fit into the doorway, while scratching the face on the concrete. Our playroom shelves, are so wobbly, that we can't even put them up anymore because they'll just fall right down. Our dining room table, that was noted was probably the most important piece of furniture in the house, was walked right into the corner of the drywall, leaving a nice dent. The gymnastics beam was placed on top of everything in the truck, which then scratched and ripped the fabric on the roof, down the entire beam. These are the things we have found so far, but they will make sure to make you sign a release as soon as you want that clock punched stating no damages were caused from the move. This company is money hungry. They don't care about you and they don't care about your belongings. Just because you found a Groupon for them, doesn't mean that's what the cost will be. If you are looking to do a large move, 3 br house or more, this is not the company for you. You will end up spending over a grand like I did, and half of your stuff will be at the original home. Charles, when you read this, just know I don't want anything from you, but if I can help someone overlook your company and not fall for your lies over the phone, I'll be happy. You're a cheat and based on the reviews I see on this page, it doesn't seem like too many others are happy with you or your company either. TLDR; The movers will show up 5-6 hours late. You will pay FAR more than you expected. Your belongings will be trashed. Charles will simply laugh at your emails while he counts your money. Find another moving company, you'll be glad you did.
2 years ago
This company is nothing but a joke and a scam. With the way they treat their customers it's no wonder they get so many negative reviews! There are a lot of bad things i can say about this company, but the bottom line is they are liars and criminals who should be avoided at all costs. I could tell you how they charged us multuple extra fees, doubling the cost of what we originally agreed to pay. I could tell you how they lied about when our moving time starts, resulting in us 'going over our time limit' and recieving several more fees for that. I could tell you about how the movers themselves damaged my wall in multiple places and said nothing. I could even tell you about the illegal practices taking place at this company. However, i'm here to tell you about trying to get my wall fixed. First off, the owner threw a fit when i returned his call to schedule an appointment for him to come fix my wall because he didn't like the time of day i called him back, even though i had called him back shortly after i had originally missed his call. Eventually we schedule an appointment for him to come fix the damaged wall the next day. Surprise surprise, he never showed up to fix the wall. I called the owner a few times and left messages asking if they were running late and when can i expect them to show but recieved no calls back (aside from one call where he said nothing and just the sound of papers shuffling could be heard). I called the main number of the company and tried to leave a message only to discover that the employees purposly didn't answer my call because they wanted to listen to the message i would leave, they then accidently called me while i was in the middle of leaving said message but hung the phone up before before i had time to answer it. I called back right away and was met with the most horrid woman ever named April. I explained that it was well past my scheduled appointment time and wanted to know when can i expect them to show up. April imediatly began yelling at me saying that no one is coming to fix my wall because they recieved a negitive review online and how i need to remove it immediately. I told them i was not the one who posted the review and April went on a rant about how they were "suddenly bombarded by negative reviews" and how i should be ashamed of myself because they "can't afford to recieve any more negative reviews online" and that i have to remove it before they'll even consider fixing my wall. I told April again that i was not the one who posted the review and that i have no idea what she is talking about, she then called me by the wrong name (the name of someone else i'm assuming is unhappy with them), i told her my correct name and told her again i did not post any review which lead her to yell "Well if it wasn't you then it was your family! You need to call everyone and tell them to take it down!". I told her again the time of my appointment and she says they doesn't care and no one is coming because they are mad about the review. When you say you are going to do something and then you don't, that makes you a liar. She then transfered me to a so called supervisior, also known as the person i could hear mocking me in the backgroud while i was speaking to April. I told the supervisor my scheduled appointment time and she laughed and said she doesn't care, that the owner was never coming to fix my wall in the first place even though we had the appoint made. I could hear April in the background saying they need to post more postive reviews online to combat the negative reviews, the supervisor then attempted to lecture me on how can i expect them to help me and would not let me get a word in untill i was forced to yell over her asking again why i never recived a call to cancel, she said "consider this that call" and hung up. I tried calling back several times only to discover they blocked my number leaving me no way to get this issue resolved. This company is unbelievably ridiculous and should not be allowed to continue doing business. Oh, and i hope you like getting my negative reviews now!
2 years ago
I had a great experience with Jochas moving company. They came on time , the guys were very professional , pleasant, they were very careful with everything they moved, wrapped the big items. Took their time for every piece of furniture. I highly recommend this company. The staff also were friendly, when I contacted them , Joann was great. I will use their service next time I need them...
3 years ago
They automatically add 30 mins of so called “drive time” to your move NO MATER WHAT. If they tell you you they are giving you 4 hours of move time it’s really 3 hours and 30 mins. If you use 4 hours (which is what is in writing) they will AUTOMATICALLY charge you an $75 EXTRA for so called “drive time.”
3 years ago
BEWARE!!! The worst moving service out there. They use newbie movers who are extremely clumsy and uncareful who broke my $1500 TV, two picture frames and lost a couple items. They have the WORST customer service!! The owner of the company is so rude!! She didn’t care less about my damaged and lost items. She took no responsibility. They did nothing to help reimburse me to fix any of my broken items or lost property. Also beware when they quote you. They tell you a price over the phone and when they get to your residence they ask you for more money. You are left extremely vulnerable.
3 years ago
I would not recommend JoChas Moving Company. The company damaged our $1400 dining room set during our move and did nothing to compensate us for the damage. A claim was filed promptly as per directions from the movers, whom did not want to take responsibility for damaging the table. After weeks of unanswered calls and unreturned voicemails, JoChas finally spoke with us and told us they would give us $30 to repair the table ourselves, assuming we had the tools and experience to do so. We were told a check in the small amount of $30 would be mailed to us. Weeks later and we still have not received anything. Our move was in April and it is now August. This company is unprofessional and lacks the communication skills required to run a company. It is apparent that they have no respect for their clients and are only interested in completing a move, taking your money and moving on, whether or not you are satisfied with the job they have done. I will not be using this company again for my moving needs and will advise friends and family against using such a careless company.
5 years ago
Friendly, accommodating, efficient
The door to my storage was stuck shut, so Bedson and Stanley went out of their way to get the door opened which was no easy task. I appreciated the extra effort they put forth to finish the job in the time frame that I had paid for. Come to find out I hadn't received all my furniture as planned so I called JoChas again in a panic that I needed them to return the next day to help me unload the "forgotten" delivery. They were very accommodating and were able to book the guys to come out once again the next day to help me finish with my move. They went out of their way for me and for that I will always call them for my moving needs. Thanks to Bedson, Stanley and Daryl for quick, no stress move into my new home. If there's any one negative, is that I was told after the fact that they don't set up. I really needed my beds set up so unfortunately I had to call someone else for that task.
5 years ago
Marsha Great experience.
Two great guys moved me today. Friendly, professional, was at ease immediately. They were recommended by someone I knew and they were great. This is the Ft. Lauderdale team. How nice to work with congenital people. 😁👍
5 years ago
BE WARNED - this company is a threat to your TIME, MONEY, PROPERTY, and SAFETY. Do. Not. Hire. Them. I purchased 4 hours of moving services to move from a studio to a 2 bedroom, no couch, no entertainment center, no dining room table with elevators at both apartments. I ended up having to pay almost double what they quoted me. They took 4 hours just to pack the truck. They took 50 minutes to drive 20 minutes but were miraculously able to unload 4 hours of packing in less than 1 hour in order to make their next appointment. The reason the move took so long is because one of the movers spent much of my time hitting on me, asking me increasingly personal and inappropriate questions, asking me to meet up with him later, and hanging out on my balcony. After the move was complete I walked out of my apartment and walked back in to find one of the movers digging through my purse where my credit cards, license, passport, and checkbook were located. I then had to confront a grown man and criminal in my home, by myself while he tried to steal from me. The company issued me a laughably small refund - not even covering the unexpected extra money that they forced me to pay for going over my time and then refused to speak with me. To this day they refuse to give me the employees name so that I can file a police report to protect myself and my personal information. They say on their website they hire "family and friends of family." They have no interest in protecting you or your property only their employees. This company will send CRIMINALS into your home with your personal belongings and your family members – DO NOT HIRE THEM. Whatever you receive as a quote – double that to account for the time their employees will waste hanging out in your house and making you feel uncomfortable. I cannot imagine the time and money you would spend if you were moving more than one person’s belongs. If you value your time, money, and safety STAY AWAY.