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3 years ago
Cylinder teplaced
I had my 2010 Nissan Sentra towed there as they were convenient cost me $405 for one cylinder I just had all three replaced last weekend for $100 boy did I get ripped Unfortunately it was a lesson learned I just don’t have that kind of cash to write it off as a lesson I got screwed
Response from Karl & Son's Auto Repair Inc
Hey Renee, I'm sorry that you feel like you were ripped off. I took a look at our records and that bill included more work and parts than just an ignition coil to fix one cylinder. The price was reasonable for the work preformed. If you would like to call or come by and talk about it some time you're more than welcome.
4 years ago
reliable and trustworthy shop
Not sure about the other review on here, but I took my car in because it had a check engine light on and a hesitation. Ed diagnosed it and fixed it all in the same day. Karl was very helpfull he even gave me a ride home so I didnt have to wait there. I had the car to 2 other shops the previous days who couldnt figure out the problem. Couldn't be happier with my experience at Karl and Sons.
4 years ago
Overpriced Shady "Mechanic"
My girlfriend and I do not consider ourselves as car experts, so when we started to have car troubles we were hesitant to find an honest mechanic. After many of my co-workers recommended Karl and Son's I decided to look into them. At the time they had 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, now 4.5 probably due to an equally unsatisfied customer. Being a young couple we do not have a ton of money to waste on a shady mechanic so we clearly wrote down all the issues on a paper to make it obvious what we requested to be fixed. Some being the car not shifting automatically and shaking violently when idle to the point of nearly stalling the car. My girlfriend who drives the car had to Uber to work and back so I could take the car to Karl's shop. They are open 8 am to 5 pm Mon-Friday so we couldn't get it done on the weekend. This cost us nearly $40 dollars there in back in Uber. I dropped the car at 7:30 am and went to work, after nearly 6 hours waiting to find out the issue with the car Karl calls to inform me our transmission fluid was low and he could flush and refill but because our car is a 2006 Saturn Ion 2.2 Liter we had to buy the premium fluid, not sure if this was true or not. Then he claims I needed a new air filter even though that was replaced less than 2 months ago when we got the oil changed. Last he claimed I needed an Induction and Air intake system clean because I was gunked up and it would fix all my issues. Rather this was true or not I am not sure but my total came out to $466.37! I attached a picture of the receipt with my redacted personal information. After agreeing to do the work being told this would fix the shaking and near stalling of the car, the car stalled less than 4 days after the repair. I called Karl back and acting surprised he said I could come back again at no charge and he would look at it again. After another $40 dollar cost in Uber for my girlfriend, I returned the car to Karl. After another 4 hour wait, Karl said his son drove it around and it appeared that nothing was wrong. By this time I told him at least twice that I had a check engine light which he just disregarded. Claiming to me he plugged his analyzing computer system twice now not finding anything. My girlfriend at this point didn't want to return to him if the issues continued. We paid Karl only $430 since we paid him, cash out of our personal savings, money we didn't have, but unconvinced Karl was scamming us I went back a third time. At this time the car worsened and stalled twice on me. After another $40 bucks in Uber and another 2-hour wait, Karl called me to tell me the car stalled on his son and that they noticed the check engine light and looked at the engine to find its the ignition coil. I asked Karl would he charge us since the issue was never fixed to begin with he said: "Since you already gave me $430 I won't charge you for labor but the part is $190." After telling my girlfriend we did research to find out that an ignition coil is on $60 to $90 at most. I understand up selling parts but a 60% mark up is just shady. Especially when he lies to me that I won't pay him labor, I am paying him labor through his up charge. After speaking to 3 other mechanics I found out the issue was simply that I need a new O2 sensor, hence the stalling when we were idling. With Labor and the part cost online I will have to spend another $90 dollars to get my car fixed. I believe completely I would have spent $190 to have a new ignition coil replaced only to have Karl tell me that I then need a new O2 sensor. I spoke with Advanced Discount Auto Parts and told them my story and they agreed that Karl charged me well over $150 more than the most mechanic. The manager at the auto parts store even laughed and said: "We refuse completely to do business with them, they are not mechanic they just 'Part' Replacers."
Response from Karl & Son's Auto Repair Inc
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us, we try our best to satisfy every customer, but I must address some false statements in this review. 1st You did not clearly write down all your issues on paper, as a matter of fact you didn't write them down at all. You came to me with a pile of problems that you yourself said you should not have let build up. 2nd my hours of operation are clearly stated your Uber fees are not my concern. 3rd Yes we did a transmission service per your request, the induction service was to fix a low idle condition, which it did and an air filter is standard when doing an induction service. You also leave out other concerns that we fix for you, convenient don't you think? 4th You were informed that the stalling concern could not be duplicated in our shop on your first and second visits (I cant fix a problem that doesn't present itself). As for the check engine light, you were informed on your first visit that the O2 sensor was bad and you declined repair, WE didn't disregard the check engine light, YOU did. 5th on your third and final visit I was finally able to catch the car stalling on my scan tool, after quite a bit of testing I found the ignition coil to be bad, I even went so far as to purchase a new ignition coil just to test on your car so I knew it would be fixed. 6th we have never done business with advance or autozone we refuse to do business with parts suppliers who also scan and attempt to fix customers cars. You will find that out soon enough when that O2 sensor doesn't fix your problem, I wonder if you'll be man enough to apologize for the outright lies in this review. And finally on the "60% mark up is shady" comment, you are obviously young and naïve as to how the world actually works. I'm sure some people would say I shouldn't respond to you like this, the customer is always right, but you outright lie in this review. For your sake I hope you grow up one day, cause the worlds going to bite you in the ass if you don't.