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9 months ago
Most Amazing Treatment Ever
Starting around age 4 to age 17, I suffered unimaginable abuses including: molestation, beatings and cruelty from multiple family members. At age 19 I was diagnosed with depression and started psychotherapy. In later years, I was also diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder which stifles and cripples my life. I continued in talk therapy for 37 years with minimal treatment success. During the last five years, I searched for any type of treatment for post-traumatic stress without success. I was blessed when I met Laihin Josephine Cheung LCSW. Little did I know, Ms. Cheung would change my life almost overnight. She developed her own interventions known as: Trauma Cleansing Technique or Laihin Approach. Further explaining how this approach will address my post-traumatic stress and related trauma. The Laihin Approach focuses on past events and memories, cleansing the energy from the traumas stored in my body and mind. Treatment from her tested techniques, in less than two months, l noticed major positive changes in my mind and body. The traumatic memories have become unimportant to me and I am able to free myself completely of them. Pain, from a spinal injury, has decreased by 50%. I am amazed, in less than two months, I begin feeling like a completely different person. I can sleep better, have less intrusive thoughts and decreased night terrors. I accomplished more healing and recovery in two months from Laihin Approach therapy than in my 37 years of conventional psychotherapy. I only imagine for others’ suffering from post-traumatic stress and trauma, this Trauma Cleansing Technique could help them too. They can free themselves from pain and live full lives filled with freedom, contentment and joy. This Trauma Cleansing Technique or Laihin Approach changes lives in only a few sessions. It is an amazing healing approach. As a victim of trauma, I know the pain and suffering, I encourage people to come out for treatment. You can start living a new life today. Jeanette Jones
1 year ago
A very balanced, friendly person who is also a very good listener
I signed up with Josephine when I was facing a very difficult time emotionally. The emotional overwhelmingness was translating into my overall well being being impacted. Josephine diagnosed me with PTSD because of my difficult marriage and help me deal with the emotional trauma by carefully listening to my story and then helping me deal with each episode until I was fully over the emotional baggage I was carrying with it. She is meticulous, planned, patient and relentless in making sure to get to absolute root of the problem. She is helping me get my life back on track.
2 years ago
I came to this therapy paralyzed. Fear, depression, suicidal. I suffered trauma repeatedly back to earliest childhood. I had no joy, self doubt and lived purely to please others as I never wanted anything to get worse than what I experienced. I have now been freed of my trauma and the negative energy that diminished my choices and belief in my life choices. I now have hope after my trauma energy cleansing. I now have a future and don’t feel depressed. I have dreamed beautifully after years of not being able to sleep because of night terrors. I have now communicated with family I couldn’t face for the abandonment and rejection I endured at a very early age. I am free. I am peaceful. I am smiling. I am grateful. With this therapist I am now finally growing
2 years ago
Trauma Cleansing
I am very impressed by the trauma cleansing method. I have made great progress with removing negative emotions from a very traumatic year as a teacher and uncovering so many emotions I wasn't aware of. Great for open minded people who want to move forward passed trauma.
2 years ago
Very judgmental
I went in for about 2 months each time I went was worse. I went in for my social anxiety and she kept bringing up my weight and kept implying that I need to lose weight which had nothing to do with it. Would tell me it’s my fault why I feel depressed and told me being around me is draining. Made me feel worse about myself with her constantly making bad comments about me.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Hi Esmeralda. I read your review. I feel sorry you feel this way. Would you please give me a call to discuss our concerns. In recollection, I saw you for just a few visits, then you dropped out of therapy. You came in for social anxiety disorder. In order for you to get better, I had come up with exercise and homeworks for you to do to reduce the anxiety. They included taking walks in your neighborhood and called contacts and or meet with people you feel comfortable with. You did not do it. I even suggested you go see a psychiatrist for medication. I had never addressed your weight and body image. You stopped coming. I worked very hard to help you move on with your life, perhaps we are mismatch as a client and therapist because my approach is problem solution focus more than just talk therapy. I hope you find the right therapist. Please call and let me see what I can do to help you feel better. Thank you.
2 years ago
Down to Earth
Josephine is a very humble and down-to-Earth practitioner. I went to see her weekly for a few months to overcome a period of great stagnancy and low-grade depression. She is very practical in the sense that she does not re-frame things by sugar-coating. Rather, she has a very pragmatic approach by helping me examine my options in pursuit of resolving my perceived barriers that are exacerbating quality of life. Honestly, I was initially hoping that she would give me some tools or exercises (like self affirmations) to help me overcome that period in my life. However, I'm glad that we had discussions where we dealt with my issues head-on with clarifying, in-depth questions that made me realize how many of my worries are inconsequential to my livelihood. She is very constructively curious, honest and direct. I truly appreciate that approach and she is very direct with her approach.
2 years ago
Helpful Recovery from Traumatic Experience
A year and a half after the traumatic birth of my daughter I was still experiencing intense flashbacks and having trouble sleeping. I couldn't even look at pictures of my daughter as a newborn without getting upset. I decided to go see a therapist and am so glad I found Josephine! After only a couple sessions I was able to think of those days without crying and getting upset. Josephine guided me through a process of thinking about the experience and focusing on the feelings it brought up. It worked wonders for me. I can feel my body is holding less stress and I'm able to enjoy memories of early motherhood now. Josephine is direct in her approach, and I really appreciated being able to get to the root of my issues and work through them in such a focused way. Thank you so much for your help, Josephine!
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your support and feedback which are helpful for my professional growth.
3 years ago
Real Results
I began seeing Josephine a few months ago to address issues that might be preventing me from sleeping, which I assumed was anxiety. Through speaking with her, I discovered that in addition to anxiety, I was suffering from almost two decades of untreated PTSD resulting from a childhood trauma. Her unique method of trauma cleansing has helped reduce my trauma responses significantly. As for my anxiety, I suffer from anxiety with excessive fear. I didn't realize this before therapy, but I was expending an enormous amount of energy overanalyzing day-to-day situations because of my excessive fear. It had just become second nature, so I didn't even realize I was doing it. After meeting with Josephine for about 2 months, I noticed a significant increase in my energy level because she helped me get control of those anxious urges. I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly I began to notice results, real results! And now, most nights, I can just fall asleep when I go to bed. It is an incredible feeling, after years and years of restless nights. I am thankful to have met Josephine, and I recommend her to anyone seeking real changes!
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your support and feedback which help my professional growth.
3 years ago
High Quality Service
After meeting with Josephine only a couple times, I have seen signifcant change that I have been looking for for a long time. For many years I tried to tackle PTSD alone but I am so glad I finally reached out for support. For a while I was unsure if anyone could help me get past the things I have experienced but Josephine has been such an amazing person to share my journey with and I couldn’t have asked for a better helping hand. She knows exactly what to ask and is able to help me find different ways to clear the trauma from my mind. I am beyond thankful for her. If you come across Josephine, don’t hesitate to see her.. she truly has changed my life in just a small amount of time.
3 years ago
Trauma discovery
I suffered from two episodes of breast cancer. After second episode, I developed PTSD and began having flashbacks from my whole life. I developed anxiety and depression. Going to Josephine for therapy I discovered I had deep rooted trauma from an abusive father where I experienced seeing brutal abuse of younger siblings and mother during childhood. I was in shock and learned at a young age I couldn't speak out at abuse I witnessed for fear of being hurt myself. I was molested by father which broke my trust with men. I always had a inner inflammation of my throat around voice box and felt constrained my whole life when speaking. Josephine reduced drastically my flashbacks, and showed me techniques to use when one would come back. My anxiety is gone and depression is no longer stopping me from living my life to fullest. I can't tell you how amazed I was to discover the buried hidden fear of my voice suppression and buried anger and it was like opening a door into sunlight. Her technique is amazing and helped me so much to open myself up to deal with day to day living experiences. I was amazed how the tools and techniques of breathing etc. worked and each session I slowly learned to peel back like an onion the layers of events that caused my PTSD. Josephine knows how to ask the right questions that led me to discover the real issues. I am so thankful I found Josephine and highly recommend her. Treatment for trauma should not be feared but sought out for healing. Go to Josephine and you learn how to live a fuller life.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you for your support and feedback which really help with my professional growth.