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6 days ago
Josephine is a wonderful person very warm welcoming and caring.I went one day to our session with a lower back pain and told her about it since she asked me how my week has been I told her about my accident so she made me sit in a confortable position she asked me to close my eyes and to focus on the pain to find the pain and focus on it so I did we did this several times and for my amazement the pain was gone. I was in like a trans and when I focused on the pain it felt warm then just like that it went away. Till this day I'm thankful because i haven't felt any pain since she's great !! She has very good and positive energy that you can feel when you meet her!! Thank you so much !!! I always look forward to our sessions !!
1 month ago
Miraculous transformation to De-stress
I am so very grateful that I found Josephine Laihin Cheung and my miraculous transformation that she led me to take control of my life again and to be the master of my brain again! I was going through a rough patch in life, I lost my father, my mom and then my sister in law subsequently from 2015 to 2017. At the same time, I was going through a stressful marriage, unable to focus on life and enjoy the little things that once brought me happiness and peace. To the outside world, I was struggling with emotional pains and they really made me sick every day. My brain body and spirit were in conflict with each other. While my spirit screamed to get out of my body, my brain forced it to stay back in. Before all of this happened I was this happy stress free person who always had my mind under my control walking away from fights rarely losing my temper. I had become emotionally dependent on my spouse after my parents passed away. Every time he did something that disturbed me, I was breaking down uncontrollably. I was getting disturbed by a lot of things he did. In fact so much so that my only options were either to walk away from my marriage or to kill myself. There was one emotional incident in my life that had made me so numb, motionless and unable to connect with my surroundings. It was as if my brain had shut down feelings to protect me. I still cannot recall the next few days. Apparently I must have been at work , drove myself back home ate and slept because I had gone into a deep shock , I was deprived of any feelings or sensation. I had finally fallen over the cliff into this deep valley of depression. By the time I went to see Josephine for marital counseling with my spouse, I was deeply distressed, emotionally exhausted and as she would call it all over the place. She had to be so very patient with both of us trying to connect us together getting deep into our minds to focus on what the issue was. She had separate counseling sessions for us and also joint ones. She was patient, a good listener and gave us simple tasks to do to connect as a couple again. About two weeks back, I went in for my session alone, in tears, unable to breathe, panic stricken, and could not even express what was going through my mind. Josephine asked me to sit down close my eyes and connect with my feelings and the pain I was going through. She asked me to close my eyes and guided my mind to the incident that had happened that several months ago that had caused me deep distress. I could see it being replayed in my head. I felt chest pain and stress headache. After a few minutes she would ask me to open my eyes and tell her how I felt. This kept going on several minutes. I had not even realized that I was not crying anymore, I was calmer and each time I met sadness head on I felt this strange feeling of being in control of my mind again. Josephine connected with my grief anger and frustration head on and asked me to focus on the feeling till it went away, till I felt no more pain in any part of my body. I was transforming right in front of her. It was miraculous what had happened. I cannot even express in words what happened during that session. I got my smile back, my composure my confidence all in a few minutes! I am once more the master of my mind, able to control it the way I want! A great counselor will be able to get into your mind and find out exactly what is going on and what can be done about it. They will guide your mind to liberation. Josephine restored my emotional sanity for me through psychoanalysis and therapy. She still trains my mind to tackle disturbing sessions head on, on how to say no to things and people that disturbs my sanity and more importantly she helped me regain my mental strength. She made me realize that I have my own personal space at all times and it is my basic right to protect it. I am the one who controls my mind and my feelings. I have gained the strength to tackle issues head on. I am writing this because it might help someone out there who might be going through a similar situation as mine. I very highly recommend and trust Josephine after all she is the one who restored the life back in me!
2 months ago
Empowering, Caring, Respectful Professional Therapist!
I think our 10-year old daughter got exactly what she needed from meeting with Josephine for short-term counseling. Our daughter has multiple sensory and learning differences, and is internationally adopted into our mult-racial, multicultural household. She faces ongoing social challenges particularly at school, but thanks to Josephine’s gentle counsel she is in a much better place to face them; choosing higher quality friendships, valuing herself and her uniqueness, and finding her inner voice. Josephine listened, made appropriate suggestions and helped guide her toward emotional independence. Going forward, if our daughter ever needs further professional support through the social challenges of middle school, or high school - we know she can go back to Josephine!
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your precious feedback.
6 months ago
Highly inquisitive, friendly and helpful
After working with Josephine for six months, I have learned more about myself, my psychological attachments, and how to formulate my best action plans on my own than I could have ever imagined. She helped me overcome my own self-doubts and insecurities, and taught me how to better manage my anxiety with mindfulness. Josephine is very friendly and professional, so make sure you are on time and disciplined about seeing her. She asks great questions to make you think and does it in a way that makes you feel supported, not judged. I recommend her highly to any client who is looking for a therapist.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your precious feedback.
6 months ago
Helpful and practical
I found my weekly talks with Josephine to be helpful and uplifting. She is practical and kind, and her ability to listen and understand is very strong. She was instrumental in my being able to change habitual responses to stressful situations, as well as develop tools for dealing with future situations. Her questions and feedback were excellent.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your comments. Your feedback is definitely helpful for me as a professional.
8 months ago
Quick response to crisis
I'm truthfully appreciated Josephine's help to accompany me to the ER. After staying 2 nights at the inpatient unit, I feel better and think clearer. Her professionalism goes a long way. Thanks again!!
1 year ago
Highly Recommended.
Hello, I'm a man of few words. Talking with Josephine was like talking to an old friend. The sessions went by very quick. I'll recommend her services to any friend or family member without hesitation. Thank you Josephine. Regards. Jose.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you Jose. Your feedback would make people feel comfortable talking to me, wonderful, thanks again.
1 year ago
Very helpful
Ms. Cheung is very experienced in helping my child with his separation anxiety (he was seven when he first saw her). We've seen improvements very soon. I found her opinion very useful especially when it comes to parenting. Soon we commited to bring my other child who had attitude problem to see her too. Her advices help me to become a better parent and provide me with a lot of handful solutions in dealing with my daily conflicts with my children. Very caring and always have a solution. Thank you.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Hello Renee: Thank you very much for your sincere and practical feedback, I will thrive on them.
1 year ago
Helpful for constructive approaches
Josephine was a great listener and always had constructive and helpful advice and tips. Her advice was useful in real-life situations, and helped me take a step back and consider productive ways to react (and productive ways to avoid stressful issues in the future). I'd definitely recommend her for anyone looking to productively deal with work stress.
Response from L. Josephine Cheung, LCSW
Thank you very much for your sincere and practical feedback. I will thrive on it.
1 year ago
A Skilled Healer
I entered therapy with Ms. Cheung in 2009-2010. At my request, we used the integrative therapy called AIT, using the theories of core beliefs and energy centers. Ms. Cheung always conducted herself with relaxation and compassionate friendliness balanced with a take charge professionalism and focus. I was experiencing periodic high levels of anxiety in the wake of a spiritual emergency experience. With Ms. Cheung's treatment I experienced certain relief, as old inhibiting core beliefs were cleared. Never again have I slipped into that old anxiety experience, and for that I am always grateful to Ms. Cheung and Asha Clinton, who developed the AIT technique. As a person who holds an advanced degree in counseling psychology, I am aware there are plenty of lame and even damaging counseling professionals out there. Ms. Cheung is a true healer, or healing assistant more correctly; we are all largely responsible for our own healing. Also, though AIT is a very effective technique, there are not many practitioners; Ms. Cheung is precious in that regard alone.