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9 months ago
per month? 9 months back pay? The mortgage and debt, pain and suffering? The struggle of getting 2 kids to appointments via public transportation everyday, because I no longer had a car and insurance, but he was in a brand new truck. I had the responsibility of getting the kids taken care of, who's car should come first? Next court date arrives, I am ready to go. I have been up for 48 hours straight and double checking every answer, making sure I had back up attached. Yes, I DID ALL OF THE WORK AND DESERVE THE RETAINER! 45 minutes before court, after paying a sitter my last $30, I get a call that the attorney will not make it. Don't worry...it is continued, I was told. My thought's, "no problem, let's give him some more time to stash money, get health insurance, business and auto insurance, get all of the illegal literature and information off of his web-site. Not to mention the giant shoe box that I found when he left containing certified mail going back to 2005 from the IRS for not paying taxes. Yep, he even had time to pay someone to clear that up!" Needless to say, the continued court date is soon, I am assuming. Seeing as how I would have to call or text or e-mail to hound them for the date, time and room number...which I do not have...still. I was contacted by Anne (my attorney), not Alex(the attorney) who popped out of nowhere. Not only was I speechless because I was convinced that you didn't speak to your attorney, just the assistance. But, also after her stating that she did not feel comfortable representing me because she felt I was not truthful about the support I had been receiving from my husband. Not allowing any explanation, which I had already prepared notes next to each cleared check. Half of the checks not even being for the kids, but for me to keep my mouth shut about his substance abuse or I'd have a bullet in my head. Anne worried that she falsified information with her name on it, going off of my word. It didn't matter that my husband told my entire family, his attorney and the courts, that he had me arrested for domestic. I am pretttty sure that I would recall that. I took it upon myself to go have a search ran on myself for the last year and a half, just to make sure I had my back up. Again...me! My husband's attorney turned in that false arrest information to the courts, documented on page one...clear as day. Hey, what do you know...his attorney signed it!!!! I highly recommend if you chose to work with these amatures that show up representing you with skin exposed everywhere you look, that you be prepared to do the work yourself because that is what you pay for. Be sure to keep a copy of the agreement you sign before retaining them as well, "COMMUNICATION AND COMPLIANCE"! I made 3 copies the second I got home, and luckily, my new attorney doesn't appreciate people in need being taken advantage of and being told that their case was worked for free. They received a payment, failed to show 2 times, screwed me on my OOP, I did all of the work and research...insisting screens shots that were crucial evidence. AND, they would have received payment from my husband for what he paid his attorney. So, in the end... I worked for them, while paying them and getting screwed in the end. I will get my money back. I suggest they have someone a tad bit more knowledgeable re-word their post on "Craigslist" regarding payments, and above all, delete "NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL". They apparently couldn't handle mine. Although, they can thank me for being able to add that they serve DuPage County now...but it is embarrassing to watch as a client. TOO BAD, YOU HAVE TO GIVE A STAR.
9 months ago
I will admit, when I reached out to the company on a holiday weekend, I believe. The assistant or paralegal called me back within minutes. For the first 4 of the 6 months that I retained them, this lady was my backbone and my only support and bit of hope. Even bringing my children toys and listening to my tears for sometimes close to an hour at times, brought more warmth in my hear than she will ever know. However, from the very beginning when my case was taken on by Anne Leone, it was regarding an Emergency Order of Protection. Even after having sat with them and discussed in detail the events, I appear in court only to be embarrassed 30 minutes later after the judge asked me to go and contact my attorney. I was told by Anne that Mary Ellen (the assistant), contacted me and told me not to even go. That NEVER happened! Not via call, text, e-mail, etc. So, I did what she said and left. This dismissing the entire OOP after my husband physically, mentally, emotionally and financially abused me numerous times, in front of my 4 year old daughter and 18 month old disabled son. Putting me in the hospital 2 times and falsely admitting me stating that I was threatening suicide. Had phone records been pulled and doctor's been contacted, this would have proven to be false. That was ignored. After he threatened to kill my 3 month pregnant sister and her fiancé in front of my children and threated my parent's that their house would be burned down, my family pressed charges. Nothing done in this matter also. Over 50 texts of my husband mentally and emotionally ripping me to shreds about being on anti-depressants (this being from burying 2 infants in 2008 and 2009) was also ignored. Because I was a successful accountant for years and while pregnant with my son, I purchased a house, had it completely renovated, purchased a family vehicle, every utility being in my name, my paying for my husband's auto insurance and having him and the children on my policy. There was an agreement (also stated by my husband in a text as proof) that he was soly responsible for the mortgage and daycare. Well, soon my son came, he was born disabled and needed 24/hr care. My husband giving up his business what not an option, so I put my career on hold to be able to tend to him, be at his surgeries, appointments, therapy, etc. He was later diagnosed hearing impaired and had to have another immediate surgery that while doing so, they had to do another procedure. Not only was he hearing impaired and could not speak, but was still having to be casted from toes to thight to correct his defect to be able to walk. My husband owning his own company and making $10-$12K a month, left and never attempted for 8 months to be a part of the kid's lives, but fighting me for custody. Having absolutely no income and everything being in my name while he attended fishing trips in Canada, bank statements showing $700 cash withdrawls every other day, his only bill being his car payment up to date. Mommy pays his cell and he lives with his sister and her boyfriend, which the FOIA I had ran on that residence for only a one year span, had a rap sheet consisting of three pages of domestic violence. Now my house is in foreclosure, my car that I needed to get my son to appointments daily has been repossessed, and all utilities were turned off. I sold all of my brand new kitchen appliances, brand new washer and dryer, brand new furniture and bedroom furniture, antiques, etc. Sitting and sleeping on the floor, and only purchasing enough food to fit in a lunch sized cooler and that could be cooked in a toaster oven, apparently wasn't enough of the damage my husband had done for my attorney to pounce on him. So, we then are set for another court date where I was promised that "SUPPORT WAS PRIORITY"! We attend, only for Anne to attempt to fill out paperwork that needed to be electronically filed, being in DuPage County and so, again we were continued. The next date came and documents were NEEDED ASAP...and I mean MASS DOCUMENTS! I continuously asked for these the entire time, but would get them a week prior to the court date...impossible with my situation. But, if I had any questions I was to call. Of course I had questions, I am no lawyer. I would attempt to contact my attorney to be texted and instructed to call her assistant. I would do so, and get a text from the assistant telling me to contact the attorney. Then a day before the court date....they wondered why nothing was completed. When that court date for "SUPPORT" came around, I did not have a car. Did not have a sitter and my phone was turned off. I walked with 2 littles ones 30 minutes away to the library to e-mail the assistant. No worries, it was continued...I was told. Alex was able to get a "VERBAL" agreement of monthly support in the amount of $1,120.00. Yes, verbal. You think my husband remembers that??? Well, the judge sure can't enforce something he is unaware of. And is $1,120.00 near 20% of his average $11K
2 years ago
High quality service! Professional and friendly.
The lawyer I was able to work with at Leone & Kosyla was completely helpful in fulfilling all my legal needs. I would absolutely choose this law firm again and would advise anyone to do so. Thank you Leone and Kosyla LLC!
2 years ago
I worked with Mr. Kosyla with help with our community based organization. Alex was easy to work with, diligent and knowledgeable and helped us greatly. Would definitely recommend to others!
2 years ago
Excellent, professional service!
Alex and Ann did excellent work handling my case! Very knowledgeable and professional. Enjoyed working with them!
2 years ago
Down-to-earth and hard-working lawyer
I contacted Alex Kosyla for help with a situation involving my roommate, who was being forced to move out by our management company because of a technicality. Unfortunately, he did eventually have to move out, but Alex made the transition as smooth as possible for us by making sure the company followed proper procedure in serving him notice, which bought my roommate a week of extra time to find a new living situation before he left. If Alex hadn't had our backs, things would have been very different. Also, Alex always made himself available to answer my questions, and since I'm a nervous wreck, I had quite a few. He never made me feel like I was imposing at all. It's a sure bet that he's going to be my attorney from now on whenever I have a housing issue, and I hope you consider making him yours as well.