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6 months ago
Unprofessional and will not replace broken items
Super stressful day with this moving company. John, the owner, was great when I first contacted him. I explained we were selling a lot of our furniture to the our home buyers but that we had a very large home, full basement, full garage, front porch and back patio furniture (both large wicker and large metal) and all the boxes that come with moving at 5,000 square foot house. He said it was no problem and said he would call to confirm the day before the move. One month later, no call the day prior so at 4:00pm I called him. John seemed surprised and I am pretty confident he did NOT have us on the scheduled. Three men showed up right on time and got started right away. I showed them around and said that John said we could leave up our art because he said they would take it down and wrap it before putting it in the truck. About an hour in, one of the Rick, started to get really angry. He was swearing and barking orders at the other two (the other two gentlemen were great). Turns out, John told these guys it would be a quick move and Rick was absolutely furious. Swearing and throwing our things around. I asked him why he was so angry and he said, "Because John is a fuc*!%ing liar. When I see him I am going to kick his a#$%!". I can handle some bad language - but I also have a daughter - and he continued to have an adult tantrum the entire 8-hour day. We moved just a mile down the road and John said if it took two trips, then no problem because we were so close. Nope. Rick was beyond angry that they had to go back. First he said he was not going to. What?! We still had items at the house. They did got back but still left soooo many things at the house (items clearly marked to be moved like two window air conditioners, our shop vac, paddle board, poker table, two lawn chairs as well as ALL of the art still on the walls). All in plain sight and all marked with tape as to where they should go in the new house. At the new house, Rick dropped our artificial X-mas tree down the stairs, threw it in the corner of the basement (right on top of my boxed wedding dress) then covered it up with a golf bag carrier. John first said he would reimburse me at a fair market price, but today he refused to pay to it - saying they had to come back the next day for the items the guys forgot so I got that for free. Really? He also said WE told be guys the house was empty - not true. It had rained the night before and they did not cover any of the carpet or rugs and tracked dirt all over and did nothing to clean it up. After a full day of moving, I had to sweep and mop so as not to destroy our new place. I was halfway through cleaning the basement stairs before I realized I should take photos - it was way worse and when all over the basement - to to a lesser degree, the entire house. DO NOT hire this company and if you do and you get Rick - be sure your small children are not around and don't expect to get reimbursed for anything he throws down the stairs. This was the last text I just got from John: "You know people have problems sometimes. They have meltdowns. Everyone has them. Everyone. I try to work with people to help them. It's the only way anyone can grow and change and evolve. This was a really lousy day for Rick. I'm keeping him to smaller moves going forward. He doesn't seem to have any problems with smaller moves. Your move was very large we should have had 4 workers in it. That added to the stress." Notice nowhere in there is an apology for the lack of professionalism and it appears it's my fault he didn't send enough guys...
8 months ago
Not located in Minneapolis
Went to the address in Minneapolis and the business there did not know of them.
1 year ago
Disrespectful Unprofessional Owner
I used Lighthouse Moving 2 weeks ago for my move. They were not the cheapest, but when I called for bids the owner, John, seemed like a nice professional guy. I was wrong, John was unorganized, unprofessional, and disrespectful. I called the day before like he asked, and he had no idea who I was and doubted I even had a move the next day. I was a little shocked, because he seemed so organized when I got the bid from him. The day of the move I called 15 minutes before they were scheduled, and was told the guys would be on the way. He proceeded to ask me how much stuff I had in detail, he asked me all these questions a month ago, when I got the estimate from him. I answered all his questions again, and he told me his guys would be leaving any minute. I called 45 minutes late, now 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and he explained that his guys were running late, but they’d leave any minute. I called 40 minutes later, now 1hr and 10 minutes late, and he says the guys should be there any minute. They arrive 5 minutes later, now worries sometimes delays happen, but more organization would have been nice to plan my day as my cleaner now had to work around my movers. The movers are very nice, move decently quick (not the fastest movers I’ve used, but not the slowest). Everything gets packed up, and I let them know how to get to my new places- it is 7 minutes away. I leave and arrive at my place, 40 minutes later I called John and was inquiring in the guys were lost. John is immediately defensive, saying his guys don’t get lost. I say you might want to call them just to check. John then proceeds to ask why it took 2.25 hours to load up my stuff. I respond saying I don’t know, and I thought we would have had it done a little faster than that. He then says I must have a lot of stuff- I say I don’t really think so. He then says I must have slow elevators, I tell him the 2 elevators in my building aren’t really slow. John says, it is not my guys, because they have been with me a long time and they work quick, I reply with okay. He gets really defensive then and says he is going to drive over and see how much stuff I have. I tell him he doesn’t have to, but he can if he wants- it is a Saturday evening. The movers call me, because they can’t find the place, and I guide them in. They get about 3 loads of things in when John arrives. He takes 1 look a meet, a person of color, and demands payment immediately. Now I have already paid the deposit like he asked for. He demands $800, which is more than the amount should be, right now or he is taking the rest of my stuff and leaving. I’m shocked. He continues that it is MN law that whenever a mover demands payment you need to pay them immediately. He continues, that I was deceptive about the amount of stuff I had and that he was burned by someone last week, and it is not going to happen again. I tell him that his is being incredibly rude and disrespectful, he doesn’t care, he just wants money. I walk silently to my bag, fuming I count out 8 100 bills and explain again, how unprofessional and in poor taste this is. He doesn’t care. The move continues. I’m internally upset, embarrassed, humiliated, but the move continues. They bring in 2 bags of clothes, that aren’t mine, and a chair that also isn’t mine. I tell them these are not my things and they say sorry. Given this current time of Covid, not cool. They also lost a screw to hold my TV on my mount. They told me they will find it in the truck after the leave, and set my TV down against the couch so it doesn’t fall down. They finish the move and are getting in the truck to leave, when I realize they never brought the screw up. I run just before they leave and they tell me they didn’t find it, and intentionally didn’t tell me and was just going to leave. I ask John if he was just going to leave me a TV that doesn’t work on my couch. He said no. I said okay what were you going to do? He says, well we can go get you a screw- it is 8pm on a Saturday. I explain that is unlikely, he then shrugs and says you can get a screw tomorrow and starts to leave. The other mover who has watched John treat me badly this whole time tries to fix the problem, but John tells him to stop and says we are leaving. -Michael M
3 years ago
Great service.
4 years ago
Lighthouse and Crew
Lighthouse moving was the best choice for my move! I wanted a small local business for my move from Minneapolis too St. Paul. John was very professional and the pricing was reasonable. The two man crew were not only highly efficient, they were courteous and seemed to care about the work they were doing. I would recommend Lighthouse anytime! Meghan
4 years ago
Very highly recommended!
Had to move last minute and were available fairly quickly and very reasonably priced given the driving distance of the move. Very friendly and were extremely careful. All done in one day! Thank you!!
4 years ago
Professional for a reasonable price
Lighthouse Moving moved me from townhouse to townhouse last fall. Moving is so stressful but Lighthouse made it a good experience. They were efficient, professional and very reasonable priced. I highly recommend taking the stress off yourself and hiring Lighthouse.
4 years ago
Excellent service!
The movers were exceptional. They worked non-stop all day under difficult weather conditions and were good humored and very easy to work with. We were so impressed with how hard they worked and never complained about the challenges they faced. We will definitely recommend Lighthouse.