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4 years ago
In Good Hands
I've been on Testosterone for about 5 months now and have seen some good results...and while I'm still on the fence on whether or now TRT is for me and the right treatment to go with, I am not on the fence about the great people at Low T99. Bo, Dr. Ryan, Ahmed, and the rest of the staff have been nothing but helpful, attentive, patient, professional, and most of all caring. It's a scary thing to start such a treatment, but the people at Low T99 really walk you thru it and make sure you are comfortable with everything you need. I was really impressed with my first one on one consult and how they have you do bloodwork before then so they can go over those results right then and there. They are always just a phone call or email away and while I can't speak for everyone else's experience, they never ever have made me feel like "just" a client, and always take their time talking to me. I decided to give TRT a year and then make my decision about whether to stay on it or not. If I do stay on it, I know Low T99 will continue to give me quality treatment and care. If I decide not to continue, I also know that they will help me come off smartly and safely. Anyone out there thinking about TRT...go to Low T99. They good people.
4 years ago
Amazing Results, Amazing Staff!
I didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt sluggish, depressed, ED, and didn't have energy to do much of anything. I asked Bo if those were symptoms of low t and if they could help me out. The process was quick and easy. Bo, Dr. Ryan, and the team were splendid to work with and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I was having. Dr. Ryan and Bo are very knowledgeable on the subject and the Doc gave perfect instructions on how to administer the meds. If your experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned above, it won't hurt to ask and get tested. I feel amazing! You can find many people telling their story online about TRT and how much it helped them, and how their cheating old age, and there's no better team to work with than this team! Thanks guys! You guys are a life saver!
5 years ago
Great care!
As a partner to someone who was experiencing the effects of low testosterone I can attest to the fact that when this happens it happens to the partnership not just to the male alone. I found this company online and from the very first they were compassionate and caring. I felt my partner was treated with dignity and respect. We became a team and found solutions to many of the issues we were facing. I can't thank them enough!!!!!
5 years ago
This gave me back my desire to enjoy my wife again.
I started low t treatment with another company. They provided bare minimum supervision. I felt their interest was primarily in my money, not my well being. Low t 99 monitors and cares about the results and keeps me informed about what is going on. The staff at Low t99 care and are friendly and anxious for their treatment to provide you the results you desire. In the office the staff is friendly and strives to make a person feel as comfortable as possible in that setting. The improvements with testosterone treatments have been a higher sex drive and more energy. I have also been treat for the dreaded "ED" and they have made that something that can be easily mangaged.
5 years ago
Low T was not the answer for my low energy situation,But I had to at least ✔️ it out.🤔- What I did find is the difference between this awsome place and another one I had tried 2yrs ago was night and day🙃. Low T99's name is actually in the cost of services as well.The other one was $450 a month and would come at you like a used car salesman,it was ridiculous.Needless to say but who the hell can afford that.LowT's cost of services at least allowed me enough time (6 months)to realize I've got something else going on. I would say it also gave me a little peace of mind and that I could move on.😊 I can't say enough about their genuine concern 4my situation.The owner 'Boe and his staff are the real deal-Knowledge of lowTestasterone,there professoinalism and always ready with an answer to any ?'s you may have.They just flat-out treat you like a real human being. If you think Low testasterone is a concern for you I would highly recomend you give these people a call.-Mike Reynolds
5 years ago
8 months ago, I started on Sermorelin therapy with a clinic in Florida. When I found out that Low T 99 could provide the same therapy for less money, I switched my treatment to them. I read online about all the positive things Sermorelin therapy can provide. I had accumulated a lot of the dreaded age spots on my skin on my legs and ankles. I tried a couple of the lightening creams available without much improvement. 8 months after the start of Sermorelin the skin spots are GONE! Pretty cool stuff. Along the way, I managed to damage the nail beds on both of my thumbs. The nails were deeply grooved and grew in waves and wrinkles for years. 1 month after starting Sermorelin, I noticed that the nails were starting to grow normally again. 8 months into therapy, the nails have grown out all the way and are completely normal again. Healing of old wounds is another feature and selling point of Sermorelin. I'm happy and satisfied with the results of Sermorelin therapy. It provides the benefits of human growth hormone at a fraction of the cost and without the pitfalls of HGH. The folks at Low T 99 have treated me very well. Happy I came to them.
5 years ago
Professional / Dedicated Team with a Personal Touch
I met Bo a long time ago when he was a member of another well known clinic, I stayed at that clinic and Bo moved on. I recently found that I needed more personal help to keep my hormone levels at their peak. Man am I happy I found out Bo started a new clinic. He and his staff are very professional and personable with your health as their #1 priority. You will not be disappointed with the care and understanding this clinic will give you with 5 star treatment and great follow up advise. The cost of his services are the most reasonable in the pacific northwest. Thanks Bo !
5 years ago
Great Service!
I came to Low T 99 because I no longer responded to Viagra. Also, I was putting in up to 20 hours a week lifting weights in the gym and seeing very little progress. The harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. I suspected something was wrong. The Low T 99 medical director ordered a blood test. The results showed that my testosterone level was at 269! 300 is considered low. The director ordered a starting dose of testosterone cypyionate. With further blood tests and prescription dose increases my T-levels are now over 900 and I feel so much better. Viagra is working again. My muscles are enlarging and the weights I can handle in the gym are increasing. My recovery time for workouts on a muscle group have lessened to 4 days, down from 7. Before therapy began, I was basically just treading water in the gym. All that effort with little to show for it. Without proper hormone levels a man cannot be sexually functional or have any success in in weight training. I have read articles that state male hormone levels in the world are falling by the decade because of estrogen mimicking chemicals in the food chain and environment. My son , who is half my age, had his T-levels checked and he is lower than I was when I started therapy. I believe any guy who is over 30 should have a blood test to see if he needs help. I was prescribed shots for my therapy. I found on-line videos that demonstrate how to give a nearly painless injection. The injections have become routine and must only be done once a week. I actually look forward to them now because I know how much they are helping. Bo and his medical staff are all first rate. They have provided excellent care and followup. I would recommend them to others.
5 years ago
Modest cost clinic! BEST service in Puget Sound area for sure!!!
After being advised by our MDs to take anti-depressants, I was "done" with "regular" approach to my issues with sex drive, wasting of my muscle mass and increase of belly fat. I have become a "lazy cat" with no desire to work out at my gym. After finding a few companies in Puget Sound area and comparing their costs/methods, I had no doubt I was making right choice with LowT99. Two months later... I feel like a young buck with all this energy and "bed-time abilities" with non-stop workouts at my gym for hours! My muscles are back. My belly fat is almost gone! From 145 lbs with 15% body fat back to 170 lbs with 6% body fat! At 45 years old I feel all this energy back again as I felt back in my 20's! I cannot recommend enough this clinic to my friends! All of them are now with LowT99. And have GREAT results from the therapy! Thank You Bo! Thank You LowT99!!! Your service is FAST and AFFORDABLE! Your respect for patients is truly appreciated! No more anti-depressants and Viagra. But solid health and CLEAR mind! No more brain fogs or laziness in my life! And, most importantly, my wife is happy too!!!
5 years ago
Extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable.
I have definitely seen the positive effects of the LowT-99 program. The doctors and staff and in particular Bo have been outstanding. They have always been there to answer any questions for me and make sure that every order was delivered perfectly in a timely manner. Another important factor is their pricing which is more than competitive in relationship to another firm I was working with. I would recommend this practice to anyone considering help.