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4 months ago
Don't let the good reviews fool you!
If you want to go to an unsanitary office, with horrible customer service, a place that doesn't have AC or heat and has dried blood stains, lipstick stains, etc on the blankets then this place is for you! The doctor does not clean the glass cups used for cupping after each use! After she's done, she'll leave them in a plastic container in the hallway and move on to the next patient. During your initial consultation prepare yourself to sit down for two hours with nonstop information plus an additional 3 hours to proceed with your treatment. When you've seen the doctor, she will constantly leave the room and get interrupted during YOUR appointment time. All she cares about is her money and wants you to get the $800+ package and her "oh so good reviews" on facebook (NO ONE CARES!), she does not care about customer service what so ever. If you disagree with her on something, she will talk back at you saying how she has more experience because she studied for all these years. WHAT PRACTIONER TALKS BACK TO A CUSTOMER?! >>>DU YU KANG<<< THAT'S WHO. Go to someone that is professional and not immature like her.
2 years ago
Acupuncture works for pain but you will be charged for every detail of the session.
Cons: Dr. Kang does not have any sense of time or your appt. Expect to spend from 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs for your session. She is usually going from one patient to the next which leaves you with a lot of down time in one of the cold rooms ...waiting. Also, she charges for everything including talking to you. Her initial consultation is $75. The acupuncture is $65 and cupping is $10. She may perform cupping on your back and not the front of your body, but you will pay the full price. Also, she charges $25 to WRITE you a prescription for herbs ( the Herbs will cost about $60 when you order the bottle for a 13 days supply). After the 13 supply is half used, she is eager to write you another prescription for another 25 fee, of course. Without verbally stating her fee as she talks to you, she charges $25 as she casually talks for 3 minutes about mediation. So, I will save you that fee--relax, close your eyes and think of energy moving from your nose flowing to your chest, your stomach, your groin area, under to your buttocks, flowing upward to your lower back to your upper back to your head. Concentrate on the flow for 6 mins. That is what your $25 mediation fee consist of. Next, she will casually tell you about nutrition. I can save you that fee which is $35. Eat fruits and vegetables 6 times a day. Eat 3 grams of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat you heaviest meal for breakfast, a medium size lunch and eat light for dinner. Include a cup of Greek yogurt and a protein afternoon snack. Eat eggs with spinach for breakfast. Ok, I just saved your $35 for her nutritional counseling. So, if she mentions mediation or what foods you are eating, please stop her and ask if you are being charged additional fees for her counseling you on those topics. Because, for each session, even when you think you are coming in for acupuncture, if she discusses your eating habits and meditation, that counts as a consultation and those individual fees are incurred. Now, just Imagine going to your doctor and you are being charged for a prescription to be written and for him to tell you not to eat bacon and to mediate at each morning for 5 mins. The fees are outrageous ...and of course she wants to see you twice week. Pros: The acupuncture and cupping will help relieve back pain. However, make sure you have about $900- $1200 to invest on this venture. Lastly, she pushes you to pay for it at once . She is nice...just very expensive and you will not know what hit you until the fees are added up. Her causal conversation has hidden charges in the words....
4 years ago
Professional and Flexible
I must write a review extolling the virtues of Medical Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic with Dr. Yu Kang. To say that I have found the right professional to suit my needs is an understatement. She is an expert on knowing the body and assisting her clients make decisions that will increase their energy, aid them to lose weight and improve their overall outlook. I came to Dr. Kang after being told my fertility concerns were insurmountable. Dr. Kang is the first person to give me hope. She prescribed a new way of eating (she has a degree in nutrition from Duke University) and has supported me during times I have not been as dedicated. In following her eating plan I have lost 11 pounds in five weeks! She has late and weekend hours and her staff are courteous and accommodating. If you want an experienced professional with a history of proven results, look no further.
5 years ago
Yang is a great nurse and knows her herbs and I enjoyed being a patient at her clinic it has been a very good experience and result. I would recommend other people as well.The only concerns is her not over being over work or open other day of the week because of wait time.Maybe hire someone else to help her out.
5 years ago
Effective treatment
Dr. Kang has done a great job addressing my health issues dealing with fibroid shrinkage and balancing my body for overall good health. I feel better, look better and will continue working with her to gain and maintain optimal health. The treatments have also worked to improve my fertility to help prepare us to conceive! I'm so glad that I found her and she's really been a godsend!
5 years ago
Thank you, doctor Kang!
Hello Dr Kang! I want to thank you again for all your help with my son Vadim! Thank you for your time, energy, knowledge and dedication! I talk to him every week and he feels much better after your treatment. I tell all my friends about you and your practice and recommend you as a very professional and experienced doctor. Just yesterday I gave your business card to our family friend who might need some help. Thank you very much for all your help! Victor Radinskiy.
5 years ago
A life saver
My wife and I have been going to Dr Kang for over 2 years. We initially considered acupuncture as an act of desperation after my wife was diagnosed with chronic vertigo, and I was diagnosed with sciatica and instructed to buy a large bottle of Tylenol, try a few exercises and learn to live with the condition. Dr Kang has been a life saver, my wife has recovered from vertigo and my back pain has been reduced significantly. My wife and I are firm believers in pro-active health management and visit Dr Kang on a regular basis for an evaluation and treatment, we think of it as preventive maintenance. On a number of occasions she has identified issues that required the attention of a MD and she suggested that I have them checked out. Recently my wife tripped over a loose shoelace, fell and fractured her upper arm bone into multiple pieces. With Dr Kang's help my wife's recovery has been excellent, the bone fragments are now perfectly aligned, X-rays show significant new bone growth and my wife has started physical therapy, all with a month of the accident. What is even more remarkable is the speed of my wife's recovery considering that my wife is in her mid 60s. Over the years we have found Dr Kang to be very knowledgeable, her treatment is effective and she offers sound and practical guidance and advice.
5 years ago
medical acupuncture
Dr. Kang is a very knowledgeable professional, and explains what she is doing and how her treatment can help you. She listens to your concerns. She is kind and unrushed, and takes her time with her patients. I had acupuncture for a back, hip, knee problem. It has taken several sessions, but I am encouraged and feeling better.
5 years ago
Dr. Kang gave me my life back !
I spent 2 years in doctor's offices - even twice at Mayo Clinic - with conflicting results and no clear diagnoses. All I knew is that I was throwing up countless times a day and had constant nausea with doctors telling me I just had to learn to live with it. It was no way to live!!!!!! I was frustrated and exhausted....and ready to give up. Dr. Kang assured me during that first 2 hour visit that if I would stick with it (no pun intended) that she could help me. And she has. I go to work, I have energy, I spend time with my friends and family, and best of more vomiting. I admit...I still have a little nausea now and again but only when I ignore the things Dr. Kang has taught me about my own body and what it is telling me. Thank you, Dr. did give me my life back.
Response from Medical Acupuncture & Nutrition
Thank you for the feedback. I will continue to do my best to help you stay health. I know you did your homework too :).
5 years ago
Dr. Kan is excellent!
Dr. Kan is treating me for menopausal symptoms and tension of my neck. She understand my condition and is the only one ( i have been to chiropractors, MDs, Holistic practitioners) Who uses the five elements of Chinese medicine. Tongue diagnosis, herbs, diet, cupping and acupuncture. She is very knowledgeable and approachable at the same time. I look forward to her appointment because I feel I am learning with her ans also feeling better after the treatment. Dr Kan made me feel I am a partner in taking care of my health instead of the standard modus operandi of Medical doctors or even other practitioners I have encounter.