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3 weeks ago
Steer clear. Do not recommend at all.
2 years ago
Dr. Great too bad she doesn't have her own practice.
If you don't have insurance or if you're on Medicaid don't expect to be seen. I have had a stroke and suffer from brain damage. Still have a clot in my brain. I have an opiate addiction but that doesn't matter to them what your body is going through. I offered to pay cash to see my psychiatrist. I drove 3 and half hours to the office because I couldn't get someone to talk to me or call me back as they said they would. Opioid addiction is an epidemic in this country right now and driving 4 hrs while going through withdrawals is not fun but I didn't want to relapse by trying to take painkillers. Did it help to drive up there? No. Same thing, we'll give you a call. No call yet. I even offered to pay cash for an appointment. No you are on Medicare, we don't see anyone who is on that. But I suffer from an addiction, depression and thought about suicide. Sorry but your on Medicare and we don't see you people.
2 years ago
Excellent Psychiatrist 5 Stars
Excellent Psychiatrist. I recommend this Doctor. 5 Stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD
2 years ago
Happy Marine Vet!
I was referred by the VA over a year ago. Dr. Kazi saw me and talked to me. What a welcome difference from the VA! She then referred me to one of her PA's, Megan Kukielski. One of the best things that ever happened to an PTSD, ADHD, severely depressed Marine! Megan tweaked my meds for a couple of months. Through talking and tweaking, Megan has been a lifesaver. Truth in testimony-Megan is an amazing person to treat you. If you are mentally sound, Megan can be very type A, and multitasking. But trust me, she hears every word you say! If you are in crisis, her clinical compassion and treatment switch flips on and is overwhelmingly very welcome. When the VA adopted the Mission Act, I demanded to see Megan again. I owe a lot of my current success to Megan's therapy. The front office is sometimes in a bit of professional disarray. Good help is going to cost money. I'll leave that right there. Jacob in billing has been a big help getting things right with Trí West. The most important thing, however, is that Megan took me through a few dark places back to some normalcy. Thank you Megan and Dr. Kazi!
2 years ago
Finally someone who understands me
I am happy to have finally found a provider who listens to what I say and understands me.
2 years ago
Awful one appt and I had to find another Doc
Very unpleasant staff, curt and inefficient - they call multiple time to remind you about your appt and warn you not to be late or they will charge you but do not get back to me, when they did Meghan was rude and dismissive, even though it is only one of the 3 physiatrists my insurance will take I will never go back- very unpleasant place an unpleasant people
2 years ago
It can be complicated...
I see a LOT of people saying you see Kazi once, then you are handed over to a PA/NP/etc. You have the ability to specifically request to see Kazi again, just FYI. My first several months I did Kazi, then an NP/PA, then Kazi, etc. I went through two (or three?) NP/PAs before I met with one that I felt comfortable with. I was told if you aren’t seeing Kazi every visit, that it’s a good thing, as you aren’t in crisis mode. I’m so happy to have finally found one of the NP/PAs that I connect with, I didn’t think it’d happen. If I feel the need to see Kazi, at any point, I know I can specifically make my next appt with HER. All you have to do is ask. Don’t be aggressive about it, just be firm and say you want to meet with her the next time. Advocate for yourself! It’s a good strength to have. Kazi is knowledgeable and professional. I do like her, and she has always listened to whatever I’ve said or answered any questions I’ve asked. The front desk is usually fair, although I had an issue early on, and a woman came up to talk to me that I did NOT care for. She was rude and insistent that I was in the wrong. Come to find out, I wasn’t... it was a scheduling error in their system. Save your appt reminder emails and texts, guys. I don’t think that woman is with the front desk though, as the other girls have been helpful and nice. - Advocate for yourself. - Save any correspondence in case there’s a mix up of any kind. - Be kind, you may be having a really hard time and are frustrated or whatever, but you don’t know what goes on in their lives as well. For all you know, they leave work and see a mental health professional too. You know you’re supposed to “leave home at home”, but sometimes people can’t. Best thing to say is “I’m frustrated/upset with the situation, not you.” Projection is a real thing. They are not trying to make you upset, or invalidate your feelings. No, I don’t work here. Ha
2 years ago
I have left 2 voicemail messages seeking to find out if they are taking new patients and am left to assume they are not because they have not called me back in the two weeks since I left the first message.
Response from Mid Cities Psychiatry
We sincerely apologize that we were unable to meet your expectations on not calling you back. We are taking new patients and may you please call us at 817-488-8998 ext 2 and we'd be happy to assist you. Thank you..........
3 years ago
Just DONT trust their billing department!
Ive been seeing Dr Kazi for 4-5 years. At least every other month they are trying to collect money from past dates... dates they haven’t even filed on insurance. I remind them to file and it’s fixed. But it happens ALL THE TIME!!! Today I was DENIED CARE because of a billing error that they weren’t willing to fix. So if you are over $30 in debt with them (error) they will literally tell you to go back home and NOT HELP. I even told them about self harm and NO ONE CARED!! Didn’t even get a “sorry” for making an HOURS drive in RUSHHOUR!
3 years ago
Billing is beyond horrible.
10/23/2018 Where do I begin? I’ll begin with my on-going billing battle for now (I hate long post & usually don’t read them if they’re long). What’s the first thing they tell YOU when you begin your medication treatment? DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUSMTANCES STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATION COLD TURKEY. As I write this I am OVER A WEEK w/o my Quetiapine 200 MG dose. Here we go- I have 2 insurance & I am constantly told I don’t have to pay because of this by the front desk. I had to paid $159.84 for an appoint 7/11 or I wouldn’t have been able to be seen & that would have resulted in a $75 cancellation fee. An out of pocket appointment with no insurance is $150 by the way (keep this in mind it’s important for my rant). My HRA account request a receipt for the $159.84 which is usually no problem when there's a LIGITIMENT CHARGE. I submitted my receipt & unfortunately my HRA wouldn’t accept it because it was just a print out with no billing code. I went online like I always do to submit the EOB & there wasn’t one for my primary insurance which usually pays $112.02. There was one for my secondary for $45. I submitted this & now the charge that is unaccounted for is $114.84. If they would have ran my primary the unaccounted amount would have been $2.82. I figure what happened is they charged me $150 for the appointment & also charged my insurance. Would this qualify as insurance fraud? Just curious… I called & spoke with Dominique in billing because my card got suspended & I couldn’t go to my October appointment. I also let her know I only had 2 days left of my ant-psychotic that I am on a fairly high dose of so it was imperative I get my refill. She who admitted that she had no idea why I was charged as she did not see the charge &/or a reason I would be charged that amount. Lucky think I have a receipt, huh? She also assured me she would speak to the front desk so I would not be charged a no show fee of $75. I told her on this FIRST call I had an EOB from my secondary insurance but nothing came through on my primary. She just needed to charge my primary. She argued with me & told me I do not know how insurance works & she would escalate this & call me back the next day. She didn’t. I called her back a few days later & she had no idea who I was or what the issue was. I re-explained EVERYTHING. She said I was charged for previous appointments. I told her I have had dual insurance for the last 2 years. She then started what would be over an hour of me on the phone with my insurance companies. She called my primary who confirmed THERE WAS NOTHING RAN 7/11. Dominique assured her a primary was ran on her side. My primary then called my secondary who has the mental health carved out to another company- I have thoroughly explained this to Dominique who kept telling me I didn’t have 3 insurances… which I was well aware of. Primary insurance called secondary who h&les my mental health portion & they told her NOTHING had been ran as primary which is odd that my secondary paid but they did. Primary insurance lady had secondary (mental health) insurance cancel the claim so Dr. Kazi’s office would be forced to run the primary for the first time & then the secondary again. & she told me they would owe me a refund. Dominique was supposed to email me an itemized statement with the charged broke down for $94.84 I have no clue where she pulled that number from, but I do know my HRA isn’t going to care unless it’s the exact amount. She also said she would leave her name & number on the form- as if the HRA is going to call her! & the really bad thing is after they process through my primary (which is as of today STILL PENDING) it’s not even going to be the exact amount I originally paid! Again I am now over a week over not having my Quetiapine & going through withdrawals physically & mentally. I have called 3 times requesting a refill. I have reached out to my pharmacy (before I was out) 10/14 who has reached out EVERY DAY SINCE. I received a call from Dr. Kazi’s office from Margaret telling me I need to come in for my medication refill knowing I can’t because my HRA account is suspended because of them. I cannot even buy my meds (that are over $100/month) without my HRA card. I could honestly go on about other instances where their billing has been screwed up. Like how in January I received no less than 10 EOBs from my OLD mental health insurance for claims from the PREVIOUS YEAR. I hope everyone out there reads this as well as Mid-Cities. SHAME ON YOU FOR MESSING WITH SOMEONE’S MIND LIKE THIS. You suggest me taking these meds to HELP ME then you deny me knowing full & well I NEED THEM. This is a malpractice case waiting to happen. UPDATE 10/31/2018 After receiving this review Dominique from billing called and told me 10/23/2018 she thought I was supposed to pick them up at the front desk per a previous conversation. I told reminded her from the very first conversation I still have not received anything. I had a mental breakdown and demanded