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7 months ago
They know what they are doing and the customer service was excellent!
We had some flooding in our basement and needed some repairs. UDK took such great care of us! They responded quickly and I was so impressed at how fast the work got done. All of the contractors were great to work with and Trace communicated with us throughout the process and made sure that everything went smoothly and all the work was high quality. Utah Disaster Kleenup knows what they are doing and helps you understand the process and what is going on with the insurance company. They made something that was stressful, messy and inconvenient go away quickly and with great skill. They went out of their way to make sure we were very happy with the results. Hopefully we never need to deal with a clean up again but we know who we are callling if it ever does!
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
Laurie, thank you very much for your review. Trace Larsen is one of UDK's best and we are glad to hear the process went smoothly. It's great working for customers that have such a positive outlook. I hope you don't need another big cleanup either, but know that we are here if you do. Thank you.
7 months ago
Fast, Friendly, Professionalism
UDK came recommended by our insurance company after an accident flooded our basement. They are awesome. They came out after hours, assessed our home, and got to work the same day. Within a couple weeks our home was fully repaired. The sales associate was very helpful and took the time to explain the extent of the damage and repair recommendation. Very professional and responsive. Hopefully we don’t have another issue that requires this type of help, but we will call UDK if we do.
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
Gary, Thank you for your feedback. We will pass these kind words along to the team that handled your loss. I hope you don't have another issue either, but I'm glad you know we are here to help if you do. Thank you again.
8 months ago
UDK is Awesome
We had UDK come to our house because we found mold in our cold storage area. UDK came in, helped us understand the problem, and explained the solutions they were going to take. They walked us through every step they were taking, and took the time to answer all of our questions. Their crew made sure to contain the area, so nothing spread anywhere else in the house while they worked there. When the team finished, the cold storage looked great and was totally clean! On a separate occasion, we had some flooding occur and I immediately called UDK to check out the flooded flooring. They were able to get the water cleaned up and were able to fix any damage that was done. I would happily use them again!
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
Catherine, thank you for your review. While we never wish multiple disasters on anyone, we definitely appreciate your repeat business. Thank you for putting your trust into UDK. We are always a phone call away should you need our assistance again. Thank you.
8 months ago
Life Savers!
I work for a local organization that provides lodging and other resources for families of pediatric patients who are traveling to seek medical care. Our building suffered from plumbing/flooding issues, and we called Utah Disaster Kleenup for help. The woman who took my call was able to assess my needs immediately, and we had a clean up crew on site in under one hour. The technicians who were assigned to help clean up our flood were courteous and professional, explaining the process from start to finish. I was very impressed with the precautions they took while bringing in their equipment. They spent time protecting wall corners, furniture and flooring from secondary damage during the clean up process. Due to the nature of the clientele we serve, the clean up crews were cautious to avoid contamination of unaffected areas, and took great care to ensure our building was disinfected and dried properly. At the end of the day, UDK helped get our guest rooms back in working order with minimal disruption to the families we serve. Their pricing was more than fair for the services provided and I won't hesitate to call again should the need arise. We would have been in quite a predicament without their expertise and prompt response!
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
On behalf of UDK, thank you for your kind words of praise. No one plans to have a disaster, but when they do, we are glad to hear ourselves called "Life Savers". Best wishes to you and the phenomenal organization your represent.
8 months ago
I have not been happy with this company.
My experience has been similar to the prior reviewer. They are not quite finished with my house. If the work ethic improves dramatically, I will reconsider my rating. Check out other companies before choosing UDK.
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
Ms. MacNaughtan, I have reviewed all communication logs and asked for a detailed report from our estimator and project manager on the work that that was completed for you. We have documented each of our conversations with you as well as the numerous attempted conversations. Our business is very demanding and time sensitive and your limited schedule has made it difficult for us to not only communicate with you, but to arrange simple processes such as picking up equipment that is no longer needed on your property. We did successfully complete the first stage of your project and therefore I feel your review on our company is unfair. The mitigation and mold abatement were tested and cleared by a third part industrial hygienist. All the work performed was done to industry standards. As for the additional phase of work that you mention in your review, our decision to decline doing any additional work for you is well within our right as a private organization and one we take very seriously. We wish you the best of luck on your repair project in finding a contractor that will be able to meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk to us about that is in regard to the first stage of the work that UDK completed, please reach out to me personally. Thank you Keri Jones UDK, Management Team
2 years ago
Zero Stars
If zero stars available, that's what I'd give them! First few days were fine, but after 8 days of running 15 fans, it felt they were wasting time and in an attempt to save the insurance company money by not tearing down the ceiling, walls and flooring that were damaged. If they had taken a couple of walls and a ceiling down the first day, it would have cut the dry-time in half or more. Also, on the first day, I talked to them about the possibility of "remodeling" a part of each of the two bathrooms had damage. Said they could fit that into the schedule with "no problem". After 6 days of 15 fans running 24/7, I was more convinced than ever that they were just trying to conceal additional damage to the floor and walls of the adjacent bathroom - so that the insurance company could claim they weren't damaged. So, I removed the tub and shower walls from one bathroom and the tile walls and shower pan in the adjacent bathroom. (This 'opened-up the floor and walls of both bathrooms and allowed air to circulate, as opposed to their trying to blow air into a sealed-off space (Like putting your finger on one end of the straw and trying to blow air into the other end....sorry, it doesn't work!) As part of the remodel, I wanted them to install a new shower into both bathrooms (another reason I removed the existing tub/shower and shower). The plumber said his delivery time for a new shower was 4-6 weeks! (I found a shower and had it on-site within 8 days!) UKD said they couldn't put in a new file floor until AFTER the shower was installed. (I spoke with the tile floor company, they told me they could install the tile up to within 4-inches of the shower pan, and then come back and put in the 2"x2" accent tiles I wanted next to the shower pan! So the floor installation WAS NOT preventing other work from proceeding - especially in the larger rooms below the bathrooms that received most of the damage. Instead, UDK used that excuse and didn't do ANY work for over a week. Next, the plumber starts installing the shower (4-piece). Installs the shower valve with nothing to support valve, and wedges a section of 1/2" copper pipe behind the 2x4 studs and valve to hold it to the shower wall panel. (there's partial access from where I'd removed the shower wall in the adjacent room. I wanted to say something then, but didn't. A couple of days later (after the tile floor had been installed) I stood in the shower and pushed on the shower walls ----whoa, they moved in and out (an inch or more), and rattled like a freight-train. Called him and complained, and quoted the manufacturers installation instructions: "Additional stud may be required for vertical backwall flange....on both sides." To his credit, he said that 'I was the customer, that he'd been doing this for 30-35 years, had installed 5 or 6 of the very same showers, that he took great pride in his workmanship, and that he would take care of it'. Let me tell you how he "took care of it": Instead of removing the side panels, and installing 2x4 supports for the side wall flanges, he wedged pieces of 2x4's and foam backer-rod between the 2x4 wall studs and the shower panel walls! (There was partial access to both side walls and the back wall.) Some much for the 'pride in good workmanship'. Next, the tile guy starts laying the tile directly on the plywood flooring - no subfloor! (how long would that tile last?) Fortunately, I stopped him just as he started the tile layout. Called his boss and complained, and they agreed, and DID install a sub-floor (cement-board) over the plywood. Next, the acting 'general contractor' for UDK, emails me and tells me that he's received calls from his subs, and tells me that I'm not allowed to talk to his subs anymore, but to go through him. This from a guy, who in 4 weeks, has been here, maybe 3 times, and NEVER to inspect or check on his subs work (of course, there hasn't been much of any actual work going on, but...) Should I charge UDK for acting as the general contractor, saving them money, and protecting my own house from contractors who continually want to cut-corners? It'll be four weeks tomorrow since this started, we've been out of the house for 3 weeks - stayed in a hotel for 7-8 days, and currently staying in a sisters basement). And no end in sight! Right now, we have one useable toilet (downstairs in the laundry room), and clothes washer & drier, but no bathroom sinks, vanities, or bathing facilities! Besides the two bathroom being un-useable, we are not able to use our; living room, family room, wives office, master bedroom, or back bedroom - because toilets, vanities, vanity tops, etc. are stacked into those rooms. And the Insurance Company (Adjuster) says they won't pay for any more hotel stays. We do have: a useable Kitchen and computer!
Response from Utah Disaster Kleenup
Mr. Hammond, On March 28th, 2017 we sent out a communication to you regarding the issues you list in your review and how we would resolve them. Trace Larsen, our VP of operations met with you in person and felt that resolution was met. At this time, would you consider removing your review or reevaluating UDK based on the resolution that was met? Thanks again for your civil manner in this situation and I apologize that UDK let you down.