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2 months ago
Out of business
Good bye and good riddance. I'm sure Jay Citrin made a very nice profit selling the name and business, but the rest of us got ripped off and suffered poor dental health as a result. Thanks for nothing.
6 months ago
DO NOT GO HERE - worst dental experience of my life
DO NOT GO HERE. Dr. Jay Citrin (who my family has been seeing since I was a toddler) no longer owns and operates the practice. It is a new dentist - who I never got the pleasure of meeting, because he DID NOT COME to my last two appointments. Just "wasn't in" that day, with no prior warning to me. As I've just found out (after switching dentists), I have a cavity that has gone untreated for upwards of 6 months. I know this because, at my November appointment, the hygienist/dental tech who took my x-rays commented that it looked like I had a cavity. But she wasn't sure, and she didn't have the authority to say whether I did or not. But the doctor would take a look and probably call me within the next few days. He did not call. I assumed this meant he looked and everything was fine. But immediately upon looking in my mouth and poking around, my new dentist found a cavity (right where the hygienist said). I now have a filling scheduled for next week. But this incompetent, inexplicably absent dentist caused my cavity to go untreated for over 6 months. In addition, my most recent cleaning was the worst dental experience of my life. The hygienist (who was very nice) was brutal, put the sonic plaque scraper UP IN MY GUMS (my new hygienists were shocked by that), and just had poor practices overall. She never even asked me to turn my head to get a better vantage point, and just slathered the paint-on fluoride blindly across my teeth, leading my mouth and lips to be covered in disgusting, sticky fluoride afterwards. When switching dentists, they systems to transfer records were "down" for over 3 weeks. When they finally sent over my records they just... didn't have my full x-rays???? Which I know they took in 2018, as insurance paid for full x-rays in 2018, and won't cover them again for a good long while. So now my new dentists don't have my full x-rays, and can't, because Las Casas SOMEHOW lost these records. I cannot believe the incompetence. At my last appointment, they were SO excited I actually showed up, because, apparently, none of their other appointments had shown up that morning. I now know why. I'm so disappointed, and I know Dr. Jay would be horrified to see what this practice, that he put so much care and work into, has become. Do yourself a favor - find a different dentist.
6 months ago
Not impressed
This is my second visit with this newest dentist since Citrin retired. There was one briefly between the switch. I don’t know his name but he is rude and sarcastic. He barely looked at my teeth although the hygienist stressed how important it was to have a dentist evaluation more so than a cleaning when I told her my insurance was ending in a few months. Went on the Next Door app and found good alternatives!
9 months ago
Not so 'gentle'
We have been a patient of Dr. Citrin for many years. He retired, and we were saddened. We decided to stay and continue our visits with the new dentist. Dr. Dave took over and I have seen him twice in the past year. This last time was not pleasant. I was told when I arrived that the dental hygienist was out due to a family emergency. I was informed that Dr. Dave would be doing the cleaning and polishing for me. The assistant even 'warned' me of the fact that he did things more quickly than normal. She even seemed a bit hesitant, but I dismissed it. When he came into the room, he immediately went into an explanation of how this tool he uses for cleanings was so much faster than the old way of cleaning teeth. Doing a comparison of 20 minutes using the older technique vs maybe 10 with the new way. He began and immediately I could tell that this was not something he did every day. He movements were jerky and harsh. When I experienced some pretty severe 'cold' reaction, I asked him to stop. He did and I caught my breath. He asked me if I smoked and explained that the staining on my teeth appeared to be from that. I told him that I hadn't smoked wince 2012. He seemed confused and he continued. I had a few other reactions to his work and at one point almost had to push his hand away so that I could take a breath. He seemed to want me to 'deal with it' and that it would all 'be okay'. When he finally finished the cleaning, he began the polishing. This was also messy and abrupt. I felt that he worked far too quickly and it seemed sloppy. I found toothpaste (Polishing product) in my hair and on my clothes later. The entire cleaning and polishing took less than about 13 minutes. He did not use floss on me. When he left the room, I told the asst that he was awful. He pushed my face around and seemed uncomfortable with what he was doing. I told her that I was not trying to be rude, but he needed the feedback. I will not be returning.
10 months ago
Not the same practice... beware! Dr. Citrin and his staff are GONE.
Dr. Citrin was the best dentist I ever had, but he spent the last few years waffling back and forth between retirement and practice. During that period, the first replacement dentist, Dr. Johnson, was basically window dressing, as he gave me a clean bill of health, all the while the perio and cavity problems developed. He left in short order and Dr. Citrin had to come back and fill in. He immediately had to extract a tooth, the cavity was suddenly so bad. I paid $450+ (out of pocket) for the bone graft to prepare the site for an implant. On the follow-up visit, he told me the bone graph looked "perfect". He assured me he would be around to finish the job and I signed the implant treatment plan. Shortly thereafter he "hit a wall" and retired for good. Thanks for nothing. So here comes his second replacement, Dr. Sadeghinia, and on my next cleaning, tells me he doesn't do implants and doesn't recommend I do my implant. He tells me the bone graft is no good. He also tells me the regular cleaning cannot be performed, instead I must receive a "deep cleaning" for like $500, and regular hygienist can perform this. Seeing that Las Casas is offering all these on-line "specials" to drum up business, I seek out another dentist for a second opinion. I also consult with a real periodontist. What I found out is that not only do I need root planing, but also a root canal treatment on another tooth and also, by the way... I have 4 more cavities. So all the while Dr. Citrin was waffling back and forth, I received crappy care with no feedback on my developing problems. And they left me with a missing tooth they think I should just live with...
1 year ago
5 Star Service!
I've been using this same dentist for the past 14 years. Never any problems, they are gentle & considerate. Also as friendly as can be. Highly recomended!
Response from Las Casas Dental Office, P.C.
Thank you Vito! It is always a pleasure to see you!! We welcome the opportunity to take care of your dental care for the next 14 years and beyond!!
1 year ago
Very apprehensive about Dr. Dave since i have been a patient of Dr. Citron for over 30 years. Not to worry. Dr. Dave is very good and gentle with his skills. His Technician was extremely effecient and soothing with her approach. Overall, very satisfied!!
Response from Las Casas Dental Office, P.C.
Thank you very much for the review! We are very happy to know that Dr. Dave is carrying on the expectation of excellent dental care for the patients that Dr. Citrin has entrusted to his care.
1 year ago
Unimpressive, bad experience
I arrived about 15 minutes prior to my visit of 11:00 am, I was called in at 11:30 (30 minutes delay). The dental hygienist was not acknowledging the fact that I had to wait for 30 minutes and when I mentioned the 30 minutes delay she simply said "you know how it goes sometimes" without any apologies. The new physician in the office examined my teeth for about 3-5 minutes and ultimately decided that I had several urgently needed crowns. Needless to say my previous visit in the same office with Dr. Citrin was always without any problem and never had any mention of cracked teeth or other issues that this new guy found right off the bat. The constructed plan of care with approximate $1700 and $2700 cost was given to me for the next 2 visits and they insisted that I have to sign to acknowledge the receipt of the statements. To make sure you understand my great previous dentist is NO longer practicing at that office and I will NOT go back to that office again. I will make sure others know about these changes before they get the first visit shock.
1 year ago
After being a patient for 28 years, my crown fell out. Happens... So went in & had it re-glued. $69.50 was my charge. I never before had to pay to have my crown glued in place before. Is it my fault? Seems too much to pay & I have insurance. Disappointed & dismayed. Going to re-examine my options for future dental service.
1 year ago
Gentle, professional, awesome!
I picked Citrin dentistry when we moved to Tucson in 2016 because it was rated the best in Tucson, and because I am phobic of doctors in general and injections in particular. With Dr Citrin not seeing patients any more, I was apprehensive to find myself in the care of Dr. Dave who I'd never met before for something as major as a crown. Turns out I needn't have worried. Dr. Dave with 20 years of dental experience scored #1 on the gentlest delivery of injection, and worked fast and efficiently, handling three cavities in one visit to reduce the need for office visits during Covid. Since I have a very small mouth, precision shaping for a gold crown was not an easy task, and one that was expertly executed. I am so relieved the excellence we're used to continues with the friendly and caring support staff greeting you with a smile.