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Rose C.
moments ago
Professional Servuce
Had a pleasant experience at my visit today. They went over different options that might work best for me. Didn’t criticize my care of my teeth.

Gregory J. Ocampo, DDS & Thomas L. Legan, DDS

Michelle S.
5 minutes ago
Always great!!!

Bend Family Dentistry

Mark L.
10 minutes ago
Best Dentist Ever!
Dr Li has been caring for me and my teeth for over 8 years since I moved to the area. He is the most patient, thoughtful, and skilled dentists (actually ANY doctor, not just dentists) that I've seen in my 50+ years. My teeth are complex, not just the routine cleaning and cavities. When talking about my implants, crowns, bridges, etc. he always balances his profession opinion with my personal needs at the time. His office staff are wonderful and highly experienced. Despite all my dental issues, it is always a pleasure to see Dr Li, because I know that whatever happens, it will be the best thing to do.

Roger Li, DDS

10 minutes ago
The best in town !!
Awesome !!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist ...

Vasavi Chinnam, DDS

Karpagam L.
11 minutes ago
Extremely professional and helpful team
I had both my kids in for an appointment and did not realize that they had started to fill my daughter's cavity while my son waited as per the appointment schedule. I realized that my son would be very late for his soccer practice if he waited for his turn. I requested that he be allowed to go first so that he could be done and make it to his practice on time. They were so understanding and helped us out ensuring we made it to son's practice on time. After that I went back to get my daughter. Truly awesome team of professionals!

Everyone By One

Lorraine W.
11 minutes ago
My appointment with Kathy was very thourough and informative. Kathy gently took care of my dental needs and explained the proper way of brushing my teeth with both the Oral B and the Sonicare. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks, Kathy

Tarpon Shores Dental - Venice

Jan V.
14 minutes ago
Personal adjustment with some presenting body stiffness, upper back pain, overall achy-ness!
Always Dr Erik checks with me as to what I feel my current status is. Then after his personal inquiry, the professional adjustment/ treatment, followed by his verbal recommendations as to ways and means to give myself added takehome advice he offers suggestions as to an overall mental picture by which I can help create my own “out of the office” program of progressive daily effort that will help ensure staying on course and maintaining the adjustment given! This doctor is the most thorough and caring as well as professionally capable chiropractic doctor I have ever had the privilege of receiving adjustments from to date!

Genesis Chiropractic Health Center

Timothy D.
15 minutes ago
Wonderful, professional staff
From the moment I entered the office, I received excellent care from a very professional staff. I would suggest that anyone who needs advanced dental work to let this office perform the procedure.

Blue Ridge Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A.

Peggy P.
23 minutes ago
Staff are always professional, friendly nod competent

Fitzpatrick Dental

Don B.
25 minutes ago
Highly recommend
Very professional everyone new their business .

Jay C. Adkins, DDS & Summer C. Ketron, DDS

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