Top Dentist Reviews in Denver, CO

Dentist Reviews in Denver, CO

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1435 Wazee St
STE 102
Denver, CO 80202-1491

Amanda P.
I’ve been going to LoDo Dental for several years. It’s a clean and modern facility. Any dental concerns have been thoughtfully addressed. In addition to standard cleaning, I have had bleaching (in office and trays) as well as a mouth guard. I have been very pleased with the products and follow up ca... see more

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303 16th Street Suite 250
Denver, CO 80202-5666

Bert R.
I have been a patient of Barotz Dental for 25 + years. Never kept waiting for my visits and the dental work is always been top notch. Dr. Barotz performed implant surgery 22 years ago and the implants are still functional with no problems to this day.

4383 Tennyson Street, 1F
Denver, CO 80212

The visit was great! Dr. Tim and Tasha have a wonderful way with little kids, encouraging them to be careful with their teeth using a very sweet and gentle approach. Thank you!!

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3300 East 1st Avenue #500
Denver, CO 80206

Sheryl R.
Dr. Whiteley has been a competent and gentle shepherd of my dental health for many years, all the while being a delightful friend as well. He will be missed beyond measure. Bree as always, proficient, friendly and always full of energy and smiles. My gums thank you. Welcome to the 'hood, Doc Herm... see more

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3480 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Curt K.
The front desk was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in providing info on costs and my insurance. She did more in a couple minutes than I was able to do in an hour on my own. The technician (not sure of her name) was excellent. She was energetic, efficient and detailed as she took x-Rays and exami... see more

700 Broadway
Suite 1133
Denver, CO 80203

Tracy K.
I have been going to Dr Kreider for about 10 years. Hey and her team are always friendly, professional, and gentle. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

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7475 Dakin St. Ste 335
Denver, CO 80221

Sam G.
The dental team at this office is very helpful and extremely professional. They make the whole experience very easy and I really look forward to seeing them again in the near future.

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2696 South Colorado Blvd Suite 400
Denver, CO 80222

Sue D.
Mindy is always so focused in orchestrating appts, insurance, and excellent public relations. Dorothy as always is a veritable Sherlock Homes when it comes to detecting problems. John is caring, professional and a star dentist.

4500 Cherry Creek Dr. South Suite 840
Denver, CO 80246

Lacey G.
We have been seeing Dr. Lisa for over 15 years now and my 18 year old "graduated" from the pediatric dentistry practice and Dr. Lisa made it special. My kids always looked forward to seeing the dentist!

1905 Lawrence Street, Unit C
Denver, CO 80202

The staff is outstanding and I think Tom should take you all out to lunch.