Top Dentist Reviews in Denver, CO

Dentist Reviews in Denver, CO

(620 reviews)
1435 Wazee St
STE 102
Denver, CO 80202-1491

Osazuwa E.
Awesome cleaning! I feel good.

(620 reviews)
303 16th Street Suite 250
Denver, CO 80202-5666

Sheila B
words can not express this super experience. Having had the "cut and stitch" on the left side of my mouth,3 days in bed and after 6 months still not great....this has been wonderful.1st day was up and going, able to drink hot and cold (not the other side yet) and NO pain meds. Only wish I had done ... see more

4383 Tennyson Street, 1F
Denver, CO 80212

Dear Dr. Tim and staff, My daughter had a great experience at her appointment. She told me the other day (when I reminded her about our schedule, prior to the appointment) that she LIKES going to the dentist. Thank you very much!

700 Broadway
Suite 1133
Denver, CO 80203

Lorri S.
As a patient of Dr. Kreider's for a decade or more, I always enjoy my visits and the diligence each professional in the office delivers. I have to say, though, the changes the building owner/management has made to your building with paid parking at the same time as atrocious elevator service is en... see more

(372 reviews)
2696 South Colorado Blvd Suite 400
Denver, CO 80222

Carol was awesome as always. Get rid of the TV in the waiting area. It's not a sports bar!

(363 reviews)
7475 Dakin St. Ste 335
Denver, CO 80221

Brian and Beverly B.
Always great treatment

(347 reviews)
3480 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Michael A.
I started going to Highland Smiles 2 years ago and it was my first time at the dentist in 10+ years. They are helpful and actually have motivated me to put my dental health at the top of my priority list.

4500 Cherry Creek Dr. South Suite 840
Denver, CO 80246

Carolann S.
Friendly, knowledgable and efficient from check-in to check-out! Thank you!

3984 E 120th Ave.
Denver, CO 80233

Wanda M.
This was my first visit. They were highly recommended by family and I experienced why. The staff was honest, friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. Since the hygienist wasn't sure what my mouth looked like before, she held off on extensive work until I am seen again. I will be going back.

6850 E Hampden Ave
Ste 100
Denver, CO 80224

Annie S
Great as always!