Top Dentist Reviews in Kansas City, MO

Dentist Reviews in Kansas City, MO

325 East 135th Street
Kansas City, MO 64145

The dental hygienist was excellent as well as the assistant.

4268 N Oak Trfy
Kansas City, MO 64116

I love your whole office. Kim is the greatest hygienist ever!! It feels so happy, warm, and personal. I drive an hour to my appointment but it's worth it !! Carolou McCrite

6675 Holmes Rd
Suite 690
Kansas City, MO 64131

Larry H.
Me & My TEETH THANK YOU! You not only take care of my teeth, mouth, etc. You educate clients how to maintain the proper oral health care. I definitely feel & look better after leaving Dr. Jacobsons office than when I arrived. I look forward to my next visit! Knowledge is Power!

4701 Logan Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64136

Israel A.
It just wasn't my day and this staff did an excellent job in making it better.

460 Nichols
Suite 375
Kansas City, MO 64112

I enjoyed having my teeth manually cleaned. The vibration of the electric pick drives me crazy,so manual cleaning was very pleasant.

4605 Independence Ave
Kansas City, MO 64124

Greg N.
I have seen other dentists in my life before I found Dr. Kendrick, but I have never had better care. Not only is he an outstanding dentist, his entire staff is helpful and friendly which adds greatly to the excellent experience I have always had when I have needed dental care.

5501 NW 62nd Ter
Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64151-2412

Barbara Florentin
My visits to the dentist are always a pleasure, the needle and drilling become secondary. The staff is friendly and efficient. Love Dr. Bruns I would never consider going anywhere else.

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7229 North Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64118

Mark W.
Doc got me in for cleaning and exam on very short notice. 20 + years of care .

506 NE 107th St
Kansas City, MO 64155

Nancy F.
I was early to my appointment and rather than make me wait, she got me started early so I could get out early. Granted, I was the first patient after lunch, but she could have made me wait until my appointed time. I was due for x-rays and cleaning. Very professional and my mouth felt very clean w... see more

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3315 Gillham Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64109

Lakita W.
Always a good visit