Top Dentist Reviews in Seattle, WA

Dentist Reviews in Seattle, WA

11011 Merdian Avenue North
Suite 301
Seattle, WA 98133

Kevin R.
I have been coming here for over 15 years and love every visit.

5224 Wilson Ave S
Ste 101B
Seattle, WA 98118

Catherine L.
Dr. Lin did a top notch job filling a cavity where a filling had come out. He is so masterful at creating a tooth surface that matches the old tooth in a very short time. The team there is courteous, efficient and highly professional. Many thanks!

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600 Broadway
Suite 330
Seattle, WA 98122

rachel g.
Thankful to the hygeniest who walked my nervous son through each step. Dr. Mulick always great with the kids!

509 Olive Way
Ste 1438
Seattle, WA 98101

Dale D
courteous, vibrant and attentive. T.Y.

3221 Eastlake Ave E
Suite 130
Seattle, WA 98102

Brian S.
Gena, along with the rest of the office, provides a caring and personable atmosphere. Their genuine friendliness and attention to detail alleviates any anxiety you may have. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but it is always a treat to visit Wallace & Solhaug. I strongly recommend you give them... see more

1628 N 45th St
Seattle, WA 98103

P R.
It was a pleasure going in to have my teeth cleaned.

1119 4TH Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

All personnel did the job that I expect and enjoy.

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2101 N 34th St.
Suite 170
Seattle, WA 98103

Justin O.
Around 03-04, I decided I needed a dental cleaning. Didn't know where to go so I asked a coworker who insisted several times that I see Sue Vetter. I had never heard such a positive referral for a dentist so I had to go but was almost certain this referral was exaggerated. In over a decade of care, ... see more

4526 15th Ave., NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Carolyn M.
Dr. Ware is professionally cutting edge, makes repairs painless, is interested and interesting. Staff are adept, happy. Office is convenient and pleasant. Top recommendation.

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9730 4th Ave NE
Suite 209
Seattle, WA 98115

Dulce F.
My long time dentist recently retired. I had been going to him since 1978 when I was a teenager! Luckily, my mom was referred to Dr. Don Sing by one of her dear friends. My experience with Dr. Don Sing's practice is amazing! Everyone I have met associated with the practice has been exceptional... see more