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9 months ago
took a Tahoe in back in 2016 close to the end of the year, a couple months later the trans went out . they did fix it yes but less then 2 years later something else went wrong , them having a 36 month warranty we thought this would be covered well we was told NO . we would have to pay 1200$ for them to fix it.
10 months ago
Horrible transmission work
add my transmission in my 09 Ford van we built on 716 of 2018 found 3 bellhousing bolts missing two of them not tightened went in to have owner Douglas Scott come out and look at the van you got up in my face and refused to even look at the van and take a look at the van or have somebody come out and at least tighten the bolts up and replace the ones missing now I've got about 10000 miles on the van in the van is vibrating real bad because of the transmission something is still wrong with it I'm going to have to take it to another shop and have them rebuilt properly Douglas Scott is a horrible person to deal with
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
We rebuilt the transmission on Mike’s plumbing work van, a 2002 Ford E-250 Econoline, on 7/13/18. A month later he called saying he’d been at another shop getting some other work done to the van and the other shop discovered some bolts missing or loose on the bell housing and he mentioned he had a vibration. We immediately offered him to come in and let us check it out and see what the problem was. Mike went on for about 15 minutes over the phone repeating the problem and we again several times asked him to bring by the van so we could check it out and see what the problem was. He never came by. Mike then called our Cottman shop in Independence and the manager offered several times in another 15 minute phone call to fix the van but he never brought by so we could take care of it. Mike then called our corporate complaint office and we had a 3 way conference call with our customer service specialist. The call lasted about 10-15 minutes with me offering again to look at the van/resolve the problem and Mike kept ranting to our specialist about the bolts and finally the specialist said if you’re just going to keep on ranting without resolution “I am trying to help you” the shop will fix your problem this call is over. Finally about 3 weeks later Mike stopped by our shop in Gladstone where the repair was originally done and walked in without introducing himself and started ranting about what we did or didn’t do while I was with another customer. I politely told him I’d be with him as soon as I was finished with the other customer and he kept going on. I more firmly asked him to wait for a moment and he continued. I then asked him to sit down for a moment and I’d be with him in a minute. He went outside and I assumed he left. I finished with my customer and never saw Mike come back in so I assumed he left, I didn’t know we sat in the van for about 15 minutes as I can’t see that part of the parking lot from my counter. We never heard from him again until this negative review. I’m sorry he had this experience. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and apparently something fell through the cracks, I apologize Mike had this problem. We certainly would of fixed his problem if he would of come in. Regards, Douglas Scott
12 months ago
If I could give them a NEGATIVE 5...I WOULD!
If I could give them a Negative 5 stars....I would! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!! The Husband is "suposedly" the Manager. The Wife owns the place. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! I brought my car here to get s simple Axle Seal Kit put on for $240. I had spent $250 to purchase a brand new Axle that I had another dealer install with no problem. The Mechanic DID NOT PUT THE AXLE ALL THE WAY IN!!! I picked it up thinking these are "professionals" who know what they are doing. I drove it and heard a loud POP! Then the car stopped moving! I was on my way to work on a deserted highway. Now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere calling a Tow Truck. I chose NOT to take it back to Cottman Transmission because I knew it was their fault and I did not trust them. I had my car towed to Ford. They informed me that the Axle was not pushed in all the way and popped out. They said the Cottman Mechanic did not install it correctly while installing the Axle Kit. They said it was his fault. So now I owe Ford $950 for fixing it. Cottman trashed my brand new Axle I bought so Ford charged me for another one. So now I'm out $240, $250, and $950. A total amount of $1,440. The so called Manager named Doug Scott was yelling at the Ford Mechanic and the Ford Service Writer. They were explaining to him how his Mechanic did not install the Axle all the way in. He was cussing and screaming at them in front of me. Doug told them the Owner would call me the next day. He said he needed to contact his Corporate office. We did some digging...there is no Corporate Office. He never called me the next day. So we went to Cottman Transmission to speak to the Owner. We spoke to "his wife". AKA..."The Owner". Rude and nasty toward us. We never yelled or caused a scene. She told me..."everybody has a bad day...nobody is perfect". So because your Mechanic had a "bad day"...I am now out $1,440. I was stranded at the side of the highway...had to pay for a Tow Truck...had to spend more money someplace else. She did not think she owed me a dime! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE...EVER! THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! When we came in...a man was yelling at them saying he is getting his Lawyer to sue them! They are Scammers! They dont fix your car...they Sabotage it!
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
The customer came in with a leaking axle and was upset because they had already been to another shop for the same thing. The other shop put in a new axle citing a worn bearing surface (which might/might not of been true) but didn't put in the whole repair kit so it was still leaking. We offered to put in a axle saver seal kit for $250 which was approved. We were able to reuse the same axle as it was still almost new, the repair went as planned, the leakage was stopped and we delivered the car to the customer. About 5 days later apparently the axle came out of it's housing and instead of the customer calling us and let us rectify the problem under warranty for FREE, they elected have their car towed to a Ford dealership. We had no knowledge of the issue until the customer called us from the Ford dealership and wanted for us to pay for the repair. I talked to the mechanic and service writer and was just interested in getting to know what happened, why it happened, and how it could of been prevented. I NEVER yelled, screamed, or cussed at anyone during this or any other conversation during this time. When the customers arrived at the shop we decided it was only fair to refund the $250 we had charged them but not the money they had paid to the Ford dealership as the elected to take their vehicle there for repairs, when again we would of fixed the axle for free and paid for the tow charge also. My wife was certainly not rude, she was firm and polite but certainly not rude. When the customers left they seemed to understand and I certainly regret this unfortunate turn of events. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, workmanship, fair prices and have been in business since 1985 with thousands of satisfied customers. We do not scam people and do our utmost to repair peoples vehicles and get them back on the road. What the customer really should be upset about is the 1st shop didn't fix the problem to start with, if I'd been the customer I'd went to them first before hopping shops, or perhaps the Ford dealership for charging them 35% more than a independent shop would of. Again we regret this unfortunate problem and apologize to the customer for this happening. Regards, Cottman of Gladstone
2 years ago
Liars and thieves
These guys did $2500 body damage to my Jaguar while working on the car and are refusing to pay for it. We had worked out a settlement and Doug Scott put a stop payment on the check. Under no circumstances should you have anything to do with Doug Scott or Cottman Transmission. They are liars and thieves. I am still having problems with the car. I am suing them to collect damages. I would not give them any stars but it won't allow that.
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
Dear Mr. Wheatley, we are sorry you experienced disappointment with us, and for the various miscommunications that occurred over the course of our interactions with you. That being said, we appreciated the extra time you gave us to sort this out to your satisfaction, following the posting of your review. After all, we will always do whatever we can to make our customers happy. Please reach out to us here at the shop if you have any other questions or concerns. Respectfully, Doug
3 years ago
Well done work
Took my 2006 Tacoma in for what I thought was a clutch replacement. The technician checked it out and determined the clutch was fine but the shifter was shot to pieces. The quote for the shifter repair was going to be about half what the clutch replacement would have been. When they called with the final bill, it was about $100 lower than the original quote for the shifter. The bill just kept going down. Shifter works great now and I'm very pleased. They did great work and didn't try to push any unnecessary repairs unlike several other repair shops I have used in the past.
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
It's always a great feeling of relief when a repair costs less than you expected, John; thank you for offering us a chance to save you some money, while offering great repairs for your Tacoma! Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone
4 years ago
I was treated with respect! My car had a no crank no start issue. It had been towed 3 times to a Chevy dealer where I had paid over $1,100 with no results. I had been without my car for over 3 weeks. Cottman did a diagnostic test on it, for free, and said that we should take it to a different Chevy dealer, that they recommended, as they felt this dealer could serve us better. Because of their honesty, 2 days later my car is fixed, A big thank you to the guys at Cottman. Because of this experience, I took my van to Cottman to have the transmission serviced. They did a great job. They go above and beyond to give you the best service available, very appreciated and refreshing!!! From now on Cottman will service all my vehicles.
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
We always do what we can to help our customers, even if that means recommending another shop that can better suit their needs. Thank you for offering us your trust after we did this very thing for you, and thanks for coming online to tell the world of your experience with us. Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone
4 years ago
You can't go wrong going to Cottman Transmission for getting your car repaired. I took my car for a water pump replacement and they did a great job and it was very, very reasonably priced. I would recommend them for all types of mechanical work. Plus they are fast and very friendly. I would give them 10 stars.
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
We agree, Rick! You definitely can't go wrong with our team, here at Cottman. It makes so proud knowing you trust us, and we were very grateful for the opportunity to assist you with your water pump. Thanks for the "10 stars"! Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone
4 years ago
I had a problem with my transmission and tried to fix it myself and failed. I had my vehicle towed to one of Cottman's competitors for a diagnoses. They told me that it had low fluid pressure and it was likely that a pump was bad and if the pump quit working the whole transmission was probably damaged and should be rebuilt or replaced. They recommended that I have them install a re-manufactured transmission, $3,000 to $3,200. I decided to get a second opinion and had it towed to Cottman. Cottman's mechanics were able to find the true source of the low pressure problem. I had improperly installed the transmission filter when I changed the fluid. The problem was solved for less than $300. I am very happy with the service I was provided by Cottman. I am really glad I found a trustworthy mechanic that I can bring all of my future vehicle problems to.
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
Our team was happy to help you find the source of your transmission problem and get you back on the road, Bill! It means a lot knowing this has earned us your future business, and we want to thank you for your time and patronage. Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone
4 years ago
I have taken my vehicle twice for a check up and they have done with out charging any money. This make me believe that we would get right service at reasonable rate. I would definitely take my vehicle to cottman for service/repairs in future. I would definitely recommend this place to others
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
Your review means the world to us, Adarsh! Equally meaningful is the knowledge that you will be choosing us for all of your future vehicle needs. Thank you! Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone
4 years ago
The people at Cottman treated me like I had been a loyal customer for years! They are kind, honest and concerned people...hard to find in the car business! They will be my "go-to-guys" from now on! Thanks all!!
Response from Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
Whether this was your first visit, or your 100th visit, we value your business. It makes us proud knowing this was apparent when you came in, and we want to thank you for your review. See you next time. Gratefully, Cottman of Gladstone